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Found 41 results

  1. Hey folks, I bought this cactus a while ago from a private seller but at the time I didn't think to ask where it was sourced. Looking for any advice to see if it's an active species. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Some measurements I've taken to help ID: areoles: 3cm apart, prominent V shaped ridge above each, 3-7 spines in each. spines: base yellow-green and tips reddish brown when young, up to 4cm long body: 5-7 ribs
  2. Hey all! I picked theses guys up in Bunnings not too long ago and they seem to be coming along well! Im sure they're quite specific cultivars but was wondering if i could get an ID 1. 2. Cheers guys!
  3. TheMooseZeus

    Garden centre ID

    Hello all! Found these lil guys on my most recent garden centre visit! I would love an ID -Cheers! 1. 2. 3.
  4. TheMooseZeus

    Psychotria Sp. ID

    Hi! Found this today, Is it Psychotria sp? - Thanks all! EDIT: Coffea Arabica... maybe... maybe not
  5. TheMooseZeus

    Acacia ID website!

    I just found this website for identifying acacias in Aus. I don't know how accurate it is or how popular it is among people on SAB http://keys.lucidcentral.org/keys/v3/wattle2/
  6. Hi all, just trying to id some wattles. I am in melbourne south eastern suburbs. Any help feedback would be lovely.
  7. Heyo y'all, been doing a bit a researching on the acacia species but I'm just "stumped" trying to find out which type this even is. These shots have been taken in the darling downs/south east Queensland near the Toowoomba region. thanks for your time.
  8. TheMooseZeus

    Cactus ID

    Hey! Could i please get an ID on this lil guy? Looks a little beaten, I might ask the owner of the house if i can take it for a small price
  9. TheMooseZeus

    Please ID :)

    Hey! A friend of mine picked these up not long ago. Was just wondering what it is? -Thank you!
  10. TheMooseZeus

    Good ol' Acacia ID

    Hey! Found these in a coastal NSW national park this weekend! Pretty sure its all floribunda but i want to get the opinion of the masses If close ups are needed i got a few cuttings
  11. TheMooseZeus

    Coleus confusion

    Hi, i've experimented a little bit with coleus and I have definitely experienced dream potentiation with whatever i have growing in my garden. Even in small infrequent dosages i have experienced pressure between my eyes which i can imagine would be a nice, grounding thing to focus on during meditation. Its a bit of a funky colour at the moment. Anyone with experience with coleus know whats going on with this plant?
  12. TheMooseZeus

    Curious about acacias

    Hi! I alway pass these acacia near my house and would love to know what they are! Found in coastal NSW 1. 2. 3. Thank you all so much!
  13. I always see this cactus on my way home and it's always flowering and looks amazing! I was wondering if someone might know what it is? Sorry for the terrible photo quality :/ Thanks all! Much love
  14. Good afternoon everyone! Firstly i would just like to thank the kind human for accepting me to this great community! So i was wondering if i could get a possible id on some acacias growing around my area, I have been searching up a lot about acacias and trying to id these variants myself, i even have the book "Acacias of Australia" but i cant succesfully id any. Guess i dont have knack for it yet. all of these plants were found in a paddock with a riverline close by in brisbane, qld about 64m altitude above sea level. I have uploaded all the photos through an external source so I'm not burning precious bandwidth! thanks Acacia 1 - taken on 20 JUL 17 Acacia 2 (Acacia Phlebophylla?) - taken on 20 JUL 17 Acacia 3 (Acacia Maidenii?) - taken on 20 JUL 17 Acacia 4 - taken on 20 JUL 17 Acacia 5 - taken on 20 JUL 17
  15. Im 99% these are t. Pach. Be great if they are as its just growing randomly near the train tracks at the side of the road (two massive trees). So looking for 2nd and 3rd opinions. I want to grow from seed, though l dont think l would pass up a random cutting that no one owns. This would get me some valuable experience grafting. Though lm not looking to butcher the two trees (looks like someone has taken a cutting or two, but only small and careful). Photos look poor while creating this message, so once posted if still poor once posted message me. Guessing l can upload easier via message. Cheers!
  16. bogfrog

    Garden insect ID thread

    Hey all, thought it would be good to have a general insect identification thread where we can all seek ID's for the creepy crawlies we find in our ethnobotanical gardens. Hopefully over time this thread could become a reference point so we can all get more familiar with garden insects. Sort your friends from your foes here. A couple of examples... Just found out the identity of this little dude today, many thanks to Tripsis Friend: Brown lacewing - Hemerobiidae. "Hemerobiids, like chrysopids, are predatory, especially on aphids, both as larvae and adults" So I'm quite happy to see them in the greenhouse Foe: Prominent damaged caused by (i'm pretty sure anyway) Asian Citris psyllids on a peach tree.. No sign of the offender, I got told its really really small. Sooo yeh! Feel free to bring your bug ID requests here and hopefully over time we will build up a pretty comprehensive set of garden insect IDs
  17. Darklight

    When's chanterelle season NNSW?

    A mate has made an outdoor edibles patch, and I gave him a spawn bag to fill it Now either I've mismarked the spawn bag ( possible ) and not recorded it on the spreadsheet, or he has Golden Oyster mushrooms growing wild up his way Golden oyster is about the only thing it could be hey, especially if they are fruiting directly off the spawn from the bag. He couldn't get a spore print as the mushrooms were too wet Is too early for Chanterelles isn't it? They're more a cooler season mushroom and his microclimate is quite warm Normally I'm 1) way more careful in the lab and 2) way less paranoid about ID, but my mate has a family and I'd hate to recommend feeding him something I wasn't 110% sure of the ID on. I have too many species in the culture library these days as I'm isolating local fruits, *sigh*, it's a wake up call for sure
  18. rottenjonny


    I am posting several different kinds of what I am assuming is wild lettuce although I could be wrong. There are 2 distinct varieties here one that grows flat and fits the description of Lactuca Virosa as far as google shows and the other grows taller with little yellow weeds. Where I grew up the farmers called these fireweed and hated them as it was not good for the cows. The taller specimen lactated instantly and profusely however the flatter specimen only a clear liquid. What do you guys reckon?
  19. a few others in the same location less then a k away in town.
  20. p1 senery 2 from a distence 5 the long pod is 2 seperate ones its nere a machienry yard, wherehouses, mangrove an a road.
  21. hi ever 1. Last plant for a while, thanks for all the help. is its flowers toxic or bush tucker?
  22. I was going on a walk and found these. Some of these images are bad; I had the wrong lens on me. Not sure what any of them are:
  23. rottenjonny

    Auricularia ?

    Hello everyone, These have sprung up along the branches of a mulberry tree in my backyard. I think they might be Auricularia this photo shows powdery white spores that have come off when touched, the whole thing is like a velvety texture.
  24. Is this Mugwort?Just popped up under cherry tree. I can get more photo's if these ones aren't up to scratch. I really hope this is mugwort(and think it is) I think its mugwort but wanted a genuises point of view.
  25. tipz


    A friend of mine is looking for an ID for this cactus. I'm actually wondering if it is a trich ?? What do people here think ?