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  1. nagual78

    Ephedra sp. cultivation notes and discussion

    Hi just reading the thread.This was one of my favourite herbs. Id love one for my collection, e. sinica was the one. Any leads to buy established plants? Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Grown from your seeds. I passed some on to some other old age wattle fans!
  3. nagual78

    Surplus cacti seeds - swap for prints?

    I can send you a coupla psub prince
  4. I have some more photos i can send you they are not uploading. cheers
  5. Looking to trade anything for the above Trichos hard grown in Melbs growing roots, big 30cm+ cuts and rooted cuttings. Also have some meter long san pedro cacti roots n all. Make me an offer I love all plants/seeds/cacti. love ya's all X
  6. nagual78

    Cactus for trade for brug cuttings

    I will strike a cutting of my sanguinea for you no probs mate. Ill hit you up when shes ready. Great plant really vigorous genetics. Im done with fb now so back on here where i belong.
  7. nagual78

    Acacia courtii giveaway

    88 heres some jams i grew
  8. I was on oxy for 2 years and still had a great time with all kindsa. diazepam seems to take anxiety away and smooths out the edges, if thats what you are after. It usually helps to face the monster more. Each unto his own.
  9. nagual78

    The ability to teach?

    Commercial cookery, electronic music