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Found 16 results

  1. TheMooseZeus

    Psychotria V. problems

    Hey all! This is my first winter (now spring) with this little Psychotria Viridis so i'm not too sure what to expect. The new emerging growth seems to show browning on the tips, is this due to low humidity? Will it cause problems in the future? Also! The older growth seems to be falling off quite easily in the wind leaving only a few leaves on the plant I have salvaged about 3 leaves and am trying to clone them at the moment. Thanks so much everyone!
  2. TheMooseZeus

    Psychotria Sp. ID

    Hi! Found this today, Is it Psychotria sp? - Thanks all! EDIT: Coffea Arabica... maybe... maybe not
  3. thoughts

    P. Viridis Help

    Hey guys I'm wondering if you can give me a hand my p. viridis has started to develop brown patches and a yellowish fading of the leaves the past week. It is kept in a hot house (shaded area) and misted regularly for humidity. Any ideas what might be happening?
  4. This is just to give back (in a small shitty way) to the community that I've lurked in for so long. Don't worry about postage guys it's sweet, I reckon I should split the syrian rue/nicotiana seeds for 2 people & there's enough viridis for like 4 people? Just PM me with whatcha want. Cheers guys!
  5. So i dont know how the shamans in south america go about harvesting psychotria viridis, but im wondering if it would be safe for me to harvest all of the leaves off of my 3 psychotria nexus plants. I dont want to hurt the plants obviously. Has anyone harvested all the leaves off their plant(s) before? If so was the plant ok. Im fairly new to growing plants and dont know all that much about it.
  6. Is this picture Psychotria Viridis? or some relative? I appreciate any help..
  7. I have a bunch of Psychotria carthagenensis/ alba plants I'd like to put along a fenceline in NSW There's a small chance that cows could get to them when they're taller ( the plants, not the cows ) Google has some loose insinuations that some Psychotria species could be potentially toxic to cattle, however most of the search results don't mention species and Psychotria is a large and varied genus B&T World Seed has a reference saying P. viridis is toxic to cattle, but I can't find the study reference for that. And I'm planting P. carth Has anyone here had P. carth within range of cattle reach? What were your experiences- cows OK? If cattle are known to be affected by it I'll plant them somewhere else
  8. Hi, I just went and bought a psychotria alba plant, because my viridis isnt doing too well. actually to be honest its been slowly dying since i got it. I dont know whats wrong, it took a turn for the worst when the cold set in, but otherwise it should have been awsome, leaves were all wrinkly and of the few healthy leaves i got off it they rotted away before doing anything, the leaves were too small though. Anyway, i feel as though i used a bad soil when i potted it after it started to look bad after spending a few months or so in the original container. Right now its a shrivelled stalk but its budding new leaves, if i play my cards right, it may well come back to me. what are the ideal soil conditions for viridis and what should i do, do i take it back inside in a smaller pot? add some seasol or something? How do i make it come back to life so to speak? in its pot i used a standard premium potting mix with a bit of the garden soil (clayi-ish but very very nutrient rich, is ex cow paddock soil), should i dig it out and change the soil? Now, about alba, i want to grow it in a pot outside, what are the ideal conditions and what kind of soil should it have? i want it to stay in that pot and grow big and strong enough that i can make heaps of clones from the leaves.
  9. Hey guys, I love how generous this community is, so I thought i'd throw some love back at ya! I've got about 40 fresh P.carth berries up for grabs, but i'll part with 6 packs of 5[berries] for now until certain. I'd like to send them out as they mature on the plant, which should be within the next week or so. I'll also have a ton of cuttings up for grabs come springtime, which brings me to my question... anyone have any experience with grafting psychotrias? any preferred methods? cleft/ bark/ whip and tongue? Should I be waiting till spring or should I be doing this now? Anyways... First 6 posters send me a PM and i'll get them out as they mature
  10. shonman

    Propagating plants from leaves

    I noticed the other day, that one of my Mitragyna Speciosa cuttings had grown roots from a leaf! Does any one know if it can generate plantlets in this manner, like Psychotrias , or African violets do? Any other suggestions for plants that can be propagated this way?
  11. Hey guys, I have a bunch of P. viridis seeds, and mature plants I can easily take stem or leaf cuttings from. PM me if you're interested, trades appreciated but not expected. gem
  12. planthelper

    psychotria nexus seeding

    i received this nexus plant, and thought by mistake, it was raised from seed. so the people here and the nexus crowd told me, no nexus has set seed yet. this was a while ago, anyway here is a pic of my nexus setting seed, i took today. this psychotria produced fruits, very late in the season.
  13. endorfinder

    Whole Bunch of Seeds on Offer

    Hey y'all - Firstly, I know I have 25 odd PMs to reply to, some which have been waiting for a week or two. It's been a hectic time so my apologies, but for the sake of the freshness of these seeds I need to get this post out. I have just landed a bunch of seeds from a range of sources, most have cost me $ but some were kindly donated by planthelper (these are to give away). So... woo me, make offers for trade here preferably or by PM. Those I have promised seed in advance to will get first priority obviously, and those of you who have been promised first dibs - you know who you are and I have a few more seeds set aside for you. Freebies from planthelper, these will go to people who trade other things preferably but any left over I'll send out for free: Heimia salicifolia x 1000+ Mimosa hostilis x 20 Psychotria viridis very fresh berries (2 seeds each) x 20 Anadenanthera colubrina var 'cebil' x 15 Seeds to trade (preferred) or sell: Pau d'Arco (Tabebuia impetiginosa) x 5 Passionflower Official (Passiflora incarnata) x 10 Skullcap - Baical x 20 Skullcap - Barbat x 20 Skullcap - Official x 20 Chamomile German (Matricaria recutita) x 400 Comfrey True (Symphytum officinale var patens) x 5 Tulsi Vana (Ocimum gratissimum) x 20 Lettuce Wild (Lactuca virosa) x 80 Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) x 20 Krishna Tulsi x 25 Rama Tulsi x 25 Kapoor Tulsi x 25 Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha African Type) x 10 Arnica chamissonis x 30 Belladonna Official (Atropa belladonna) x 50 Anadenanthera sp. "Yopo" unconfirmed species x 10 Cramp Bark (Viburnum opulus) x 10 Dragon Tree (Dracaena draco) x 10 Jatropha Coral Plant (Jatropha multifida) GONE Foxglove Wild Oregon (Digitalis purpurea) x 200 Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) x 5 Lavender Broadleaf (Lavandula latifolia) x 30 Mandrake officinalis (Mandragora officinalis) x 6 Mormon Tea Green (Ephedra viridis) x 50 Mormon Tea NV (Ephedra nevadensis) x 50 Fresh from SA: Hoodia gordonii x 150 From kiwi about 3 weeks old: Tabernaemontana undulata x 2 Tabernaemontana sananho x 2 Psychotria colorata x 2 Alicia anisopetala x 4 Let me know what you're interested in folks, I have more seed than I could ever sow here. cheers -ef Edit: numbers are total approx available, I will break packs. All seed from kiwi and viridis berries are sitting in sphagnum on mild heat. PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW MANY OF EACH YOU'D LIKE! As well as what you have to offer in trade and I'll get back to you with confirmation etc. please put anything unrelated to these seeds into separate PMs too This is obviously gonna take a while to sort out... Thanks for your patience.
  14. Savage Gardener

    Chacruna growing conditions

    Anyone care to share some advice regarding optimal growing conditions for the Psychotria Viridis "Shipibo" cutting I recently obtained? It is doing fine after potting up, I'm just wondering what others have found to be most successful from experience? My Caapi is going absolutely nuts! I keep them in a little greenhouse or under a pergola in partial sunlight during the day and take them both indoors at night to avoid any potential frost... Anyway, if any of that sounds wrong or if there is some better practices I'd love to hear from you! Thanks Stevie-leigh
  15. That went well! I'll get them all posted off on Monday so they don't spend the weekend in the post. I hope they all go well for everyone!
  16. About a month ago I took 3 leaf cuttings from this nexus plant: The leaves were cut in half; the bottom halves were dipped in rooting powder and placed in soil with zip lock bag coverings (I gave one of these away at the last QLD meet - whoever has it, check for roots!): The pots were placed in a plastic dish and about 1cm of water was maintained in the dish. The soil would soak up the water and humidify the leaves, never had to mist them. Here are the roots emerging from these bottom sections: The top halves of the leaves were dipped in rooting powder and placed in moistened tissue in a big zip lock bag that sat on my desk inside: A bit of water was poured in every week or so, again no misting require. Roots emerged from these cuttings at exactly the same time as the bottom cuttings: They still have a way to go, but I was surprised that my first attempt at rooting cuttings seems to be successful so far. Guess it helps to live in a relatively warm climate, no artificial heating and misting was required. Seems like a good time of the year to do this if you have psychotria plants!