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  1. shonman


    I have it in usa
  2. shonman

    spiderscape #2.jpg

    Cool! i have actually started to raise tarantulas, land other unusual creators. Have been wondering about what actual live plantsmot use. can you pm me suggestions of terrarium and aquarium plMts that might be suitable for pet stores and maybe some for people personal terrariums / aquariums? nice!
  3. shonman

    Chupa Cabrerana

    Perhaps a clue to this Cabrerana ID? Info and wisdom From our friend the highly esteemed venerable Keeper of the Trout.... coild it be........the one? .............. Other Diplopterys employed The Siona are familiar with P. viridis which is used by their neighbors the Kofan but use it only occasionally. They normally use D. cabrerana.Two major classes of yajé agua are differentiated (by the Siona) based on their leaf size. One may prove to be another species of Diplopterys but more field work is needed.yajé agua de pájaro: smaller of the two,yajé agua de jaguar: the larger of the two. Langdon 1
  4. shonman

    Mitragyne propagation

    You were PlantHelper before? what happened?
  5. shonman

    Mitragyne propagation

    W.C. you are quite correct about cloning things in the right season.
  6. shonman

    Chupa Cabrerana

    Watering the plant less really made a difference ! next, some pix of new growth. these plants were propagated like caapi from a section of vine maybe 1 cm thick , with bark on it. any suggestions on cloning from smaller sections of new growth or...... micropropagation ?
  7. shonman

    Pics of Urmenetea atacamensis (coca of suri)

    It does seem interesting.....whatever became of this? did the seeds grow? any reports on the plant, or its fx?
  8. shonman

    Chupa Cabrerana

    Here are the pictures of the motherplant, this year....latine yesterday! notice how the leaves are wide, and not narrow like the leaves on the video left by Meangreen...
  9. shonman

    Chupa Cabrerana

    Ok, maybe the problem I had last year....was the soil was too wet. this year, I got more motherplants/ cuttings. planted them in five gallon pots to give the roots space. in the bottom of the planter, I mixed in additional sand for drainage. used a forest potting soil, mixed in a bit extra sand, for the potting soil. on top, I used peat moss as a sort of mulch. ...this might somewhat replicate the forest environment, and keep the soil from drying out too fast. i want to get this plant into sterile culture. this time, I am going to be very carefull. i would like to kill any potential bugs or pathogens, any suggestion? Stone of Thor, you mentioned something about how to do that...any suggestions ?(Torstein) Darklight? Or anyone? I have ideas too of course, but am never native learning more.
  10. shonman

    Chupa Cabrerana

    Someone very experienced, mentioned this as the cause : Edema Plant Disease – Causes Of Plant Edema And How To Treat still, if it were a blister mite....would I see mites on the leaf?
  11. shonman

    Chupa Cabrerana

    What are these spots ? some sort of pest ?
  12. shonman

    Chupa Cabrerana

    Here is one . this time I am going to put them through procedure to kill any pests and pathogens .
  13. shonman

    Chupa Cabrerana

    I planted up nine Cabrerana yesterday . this time , used sandy soil in the bottom of planters , pitting soil made from forest compost and inoculated it with other potting soil that had beneficial fungi and etc then mulched a bit with sphagnum moss on top.
  14. shonman

    Mitragyne propagation

    Yes, that is the easy way . i am talking about propagating 365 days / year ! however, there is also great wisdom in your advice.