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  1. sascacheuan

    Seeking lophophora and peganum seeds

    I can get fresh peganum seed in July. What seeds could you offer??
  2. Cows, Pigs, Wars and Witches: The Riddles of Culture. Marvin Harris. It taught me the materialistic origin of human cultures. The Selfish Gene. Richard Dawkins. It taught me nature is brutal and ruthless.
  3. sascacheuan

    psychotria viridis identification

    I contacted with drDali of plantasenteogenas long time ago, asking for some trade, but he didnt want to do any trade :S. The strains of small leaves, "caboclinha" and "Orelha de duende" seem pretty interesting. And I post a thread talking about this post long long time ago too http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=30446
  4. Hi, I tested two species of ephedra in simple infusion made using something like this: I dont know english name.... "plunger infusionator"?? Used volumen of ephedra stem powder was more or less one cup of coffee in both bioassays. I drank two pots like above, using the same powder for extracting all "substance" of quantity used. Similar way as argentine mate. The species tested was E. fragilis and E. distachya (It could be major but I am not sure of ID). http://www.floraiberica.es/floraiberica/texto/pdfs/01_031_01_Ephedra.pdf E. fragilis was no active and I was able to sleep without any problem. One month later I tested E. dystachia /major. Definitely this specie was active. I felt my heart flapping and I was not able to sleep at night. I haversted both in October. I hope you find my short report interesting ;).
  5. sascacheuan

    A. phlebophylla seed giveaway/trade

    Thanks Compost. This little seeds have made me so happy.
  6. sascacheuan

    South America Questions about Ethnobotany

    I think you have no idea about Latinoamerica.
  7. sascacheuan

    South America Questions about Ethnobotany

    I think the most interesting cultivar of "ery" is "Truxillensis" from TRUJILLO in Peru. It is cultivar adapted to arid regions.
  8. sascacheuan

    A. phlebophylla seed giveaway/trade

    I want seeds too!!
  9. sascacheuan

    Cuttings from Chavin de Huantar

    Last pics are plants collected from your trip??.
  10. sascacheuan

    Viable Syrian Rue seeds...

    If you want ultrafresh seeds, I could get them for July of this present year. "Spanish ecotype".
  11. sascacheuan

    San Pedro x Cereus hybrid update

    It sounds really interesting. Which are cereus mother x tricho father??.
  12. sascacheuan

    Pics of Urmenetea atacamensis (coca of suri)

    I have only 25 viable, the rest of them arent well developed. Polinization problems I suppose.
  13. sascacheuan

    Pics of Urmenetea atacamensis (coca of suri)

    Yesterday, I have received seeds from Chile of my friend. Perhaps the first image of urmenetea seeds posted in internet .
  14. sascacheuan

    Zelly's trich crosses, got pics? post here please

    Selenicereus works fine as rootstock. Great pics, Huachuma!!.