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  1. kadakuda

    Wanted: Kava plants

    Just a bump in case. still in search :)
  2. kadakuda

    Caapi vine plus Anadenanthera culubrina bark

    Beautiful plants! I have no help for your question, but may I ask if you have ever seen seeds from your plants?
  3. kadakuda

    Wanted: Kava plants

    Very cool, thank you Kindness, appreciate your search! That may explain why it has been so hard to find properly identified and honest kava plants over the past couple decades :( The search continues!
  4. kadakuda

    Wanted: Kava plants

    We have a location set aside for them, very suitable and tropical. but we are international. Still looking if anyone has any. if other nurseries see this, feel free to message me or email. can pay for phyto certs etc no problem.
  5. kadakuda

    Wanted: Kava plants

    Looking for kava plants for many years. always end up getting P. auritum as misidentified. Looking for true kava plants. Buy or trade, international shipping. I only check in here once or twice a month, so please be patient if i dont reply to PM right away :) Thanks!
  6. kadakuda

    Words about peyote

    Thanks for your work Trucha.
  7. kadakuda

    When caapi flowers? and is it self pollinating?

    my peruvian black flowers like mad, but has yet to ever make a seed. had about 1 acre of random scrub covered in it and a brazilian type which never flowers. i am leaning towards they need a buddy to set seed. anyone else confirm?
  8. kadakuda

    Fresh Leonotus leonuris alba flowers

    have pics f the plants? everytime i sowed seeds i never got 1 to sprout :( the white type has been THAT one thing i am just too retarded to grow out...
  9. kadakuda

    Wanted: Piper methysticum plants

    have been wanting them forever. always get hoja santa for some reason. if SAB has some for sale will put in an order. or anyone who wants to sell. if you can do phytosanitary and we do it legally i can order a bunch :) or trade, i am easy.
  10. kadakuda

    Indoor Ethnobotanical Plants

    bathroom plant seems like the ideal candidate! coleus probably isnt that useful, but is pretty. it can do some shade but doubt its long term chances in a bathroom. coffee is also a common houseplant. some vines might do well for a bit as they tend to come from forest floors and stretch up to light. so they will grow all stretched out for a while indoors quite nice probably.
  11. kadakuda

    yopo seed pods

    looks great man, jealous! out of curiosity are in a dry climate? or do they set seed in dry season? they flower here but never seen a pod once.
  12. kadakuda

    Is B. caapi self fertile?

    the peruvian black type growing here is flowering profusely. There are other types growing there as well, but they are not currently flowering. will they set seed on their own? do they require a specific polinator?
  13. kadakuda

    Harvest Ethics

    phyllodes barely jsut like young stems. nto only weak, they ar so filled with oils its next to useless. distribution should for sure play into ethical, so if its native it becomes a greater thing. though where AC is native, the concern isnt killing it so much as its very common and planted by the government, but it stops soil erosion. so teh real issue with harvesting it is landslides, not killing trees. in OZ, Hawaii etc its a pest, and could justifiably be killed without thought and they do. in these cases, perhaps the most important issue is land management, as one needs to protect the ecosystem. so how you kill them, remove them, in what densitiy and how you are planting after/during is the main thing. making a slope bald to get rid of an invasive tends not to work out well for the mountain.
  14. Anyone know much about this and how it may be used in which cases etc? is it really just a precursor for the M word, or is there something in there that could be used raw?