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  1. Philocacti

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    I've never seen so many Trichocereus indoors. I solute you sir.
  2. Philocacti

    Most of my collection

    Nope, it doesn't really rain here. It's like 5-7 times a year. They're also grafted so I treat them according to the stock not the scion. I only take in the 2 A. kotschoubeyanusthat aren't grafted, along with a L. diffusa.
  3. Philocacti

    Most of my collection

    Thanks buddy, I'm somehow wishing that one of them would start creating. But that's some wishful thinking
  4. It's grafted to Stenocereus. I think grafting on these kind of stocks makes the scion display adult characteristics. At least this is what I'm seeing on Zeus. Here is Ogun's pic of it in Peru....it has longer spines than mine http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/uploads/monthly_12_2013/post-11286-0-73342600-1386791205.jpg
  5. Philocacti

    Sun damage ?

    Not really, I have a few bridgesii & bridgesii hybrids that do that in winter. This is an SS02Xpachanoi.
  6. Philocacti

    Most of my collection

    Here are the damaged Aricarpus' (Ariocarpi ???)
  7. Philocacti

    Sun damage ?

    If what you have is the same as this Then, according to EG, it's some sort of virus infection, not sun damage.
  8. Philocacti

    Most of my collection

    Thanks a lot buddy According to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone, I'm in zone 14. Also we have dust in air, which might makes them look like this. Maybe it's my camera. I really don't know. Hahaha, yeah I had to improvise. I already caught and killed the rat. Only after it ate all the growing tips from all the Ariocarpus', except 3 that were grafted higher stocks. Last year, I was gifted a small cutting of a bridgesii monstrose from a local friend and he told me it's a different clone than what we have here, but I still can't see any difference yet.
  9. Yup, Ogun sent me a pup, and what you say makes more sense. Hahaha, yeah I read this term before; "wild" pachanoi. Does "wild" describe the spination? Or is it just a term to distinguish it from other "common" pachanoi. I've had this clone for a little more than 2 years now. The original pup has 2 offshoots and is in a more shaded place than the graft (the pic in the 1st post), which is in full sun. Non of the 2 is showing any glaucinous ;) It's a unique and beautiful plant, but I just wanted to understand what makes cactophiles label it as pachanoi or "wild" pachanoi.
  10. I'm so confused why this clone is considered to be a pachanoi. It has long spines, V notches and large areols. All these characteristics describe a peruvianus. However, it's rich green with no glaucinous (at least in my environment). So why is it seen as a long-spined pachanoi? Is it the length of its flower tubes? Enlighten me please.
  11. Philocacti

    Most of my collection

    Thanks a lot TH
  12. Philocacti

    TBM shooting roots from above soil

    I would leave it as it is. The bigger the tbm the faster it grows.
  13. Philocacti

    How to Save this Fellow

    Just cut it where the union is and plant it.
  14. Philocacti

    Most of my collection

    Thanks a lot olive.
  15. Philocacti

    Most of my collection

    I had to move some of my Lophophoras and Ariocarpus in this depressing cage as a temporary solution, cuz I have a rat that ruined a lot of specimen.