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  1. mira

    The Nook is rebooting

    Is the old site still around until the 15th? It looked like it was gone.
  2. mira

    Tiny tricho flower

    It looks like a Ligustrum flower that has landed on a Trichocereus.
  3. mira

    MSS Signing Off

    This discussion is pretty depressing. The truth is that no one here knows exactly what happened. And Inyan frankly your comments are pretty disgusting. Are you giving up grafting to be judge, jury, and executioner now? It's really not that hard to imagine several scenarios where one could end up in this situation. Download a misnamed or ambiguously named archive, unpack it and realize what it is, and proceed to delete it and you too could have 800+ pictures of a criminal nature on forensic analysis of your hard drive. Or download a torrent with multiple folders and a folder containing such images. If all they found was 800 images that were not self-produced on forensic recovery without any additional evidence of harm or another stash, I would be inclined to give anyone the benefit of the doubt.
  4. mira

    Khat like plant in Kenya locals call muguka

    Very definitely khat based on the photos in OP.
  5. mira

    Hass avocado from seed

    It is really hard to beat the Hass if you can grow it in your climate. Grafting is the way to go. Avocados are easy and you get get an auto-grafting tool to save the time if you are planting out a large number.
  6. Found the long lost label to the SS hybrid parent of this cross. It was: T. andalgalensis X T. grandiflorus v. crassicaulis Edit: So full label of the progeny is: (T. andalgalensis X T. grandiflorus v. crassicaulis) X T. arboricola
  7. mira

    Nook down? gone?

    It is working for me right now, but I have had problems in the past few days connecting.
  8. mira

    GONE-Free Bridgeii Cuts US

    I'm in as well. Thanks!
  9. I just harvested seed from a cross I made of a red-flowered clumping SS Echinopsis hybrid (forget which one exactly, but one of the parents was T. andagalensis) with Trichocereus arboricola. I have some seed available for trade and for people who will definitely grow them out.
  10. I can send fresh or perhaps freshly dried Zanthoxylum hirsutum if you are interested.
  11. mira

    Wanted: Catha edulis seeds

    Some very generous members responded to my request. Thank you, all.
  12. mira

    State of the Cactus Scene - rant

    You probably aren't contacting truly wholesale operations if they'll even talk to you when they find out you don't have a business license. It's that sort of place that you want to contact once you have a business license. Then you can buy Trichocereus in bulk and quite cheap. Even in the wholesale nursery trade TBMs for example do get snatched up as soon as the lists are published though.