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  1. Many of them have, its just that negative results dont get the attention positives do.
  2. Link Your face isn't the only thing that needs a mask, people.
  3. Auxin

    Gallery Error code: EX1062

    The nearest thing to a workaround I've found is when I find a gallery pic by search to go to that users member gallery and hunt through it to find the pic, then right click and 'view image' for full size. Doing 'view image' from search results only gives thumbnails. If you have to do it that way, holdinjg ctrl and hitting + zooms. ThunderHorse's gallery is golden, lol
  4. I cant view anything in the gallery any more, anything I click on just gives an "Error code: EX1062" Up to date Win10, using current firefox with standard security addons but also tried with a 100% insecure browser (Chrome)
  5. Thanks for pointing that out, when I started this thread Strictly Medicinal didnt have seeds! And the trash sold on ebay turned out to be thistle seeds By default I expect most ebay seeds to be fraudulent. You just have to look at whats offered: mushroom seeds, saffron seeds (saffron has never been capable of making seeds), seeds of rare and photoshoped hybrid roses and glow in the dark blue watermelons. Ebay seeds are always a gamble, and ebay seeds from asian sellers are always a bad gamble Edit to mention the Centella asiatica seed I got from Strictly Medicinal were viable ...and naturally the ones from ebay were fraudulent.
  6. I invited him, hes not a bot, its cool to approve him for posting and PMing ;)
  7. Auxin

    The Nook is rebooting

    oops, lol You may have hit a brief down time as work was being done, The old site will remain there as an archive so none of the old content will be lost. The new forum is running pretty well. If any down time occurs it should only be brief.
  8. Auxin

    The Nook is rebooting

    Our old sister site, the nook, is undergoing a long due overhaul. In order to do the massive upgrade that it needs, and migrate to https encryption, the site is being restarted from scratch at a New Address. On the 15th the old site will become a read only archive. Any nook members [or those who would like to be members] should register at the new site.
  9. Traditionally I've only seen this plant traded as clones. Lately there have been seeds on ebay, so I got some out of curiosity. The seeds I got were obviously thistle seeds and didnt even remotely look like the seeds of a Polygonum, and I'm guessing that as usual all sellers on ebay are buying from the same source. My question is, has anyone ever seen genuine seeds being sold? Or even produced on plants? I've seen the seeds in botanical drawings so I know the plant produces them, even if it is generally propagated by cloning, but as with any very commercial and trendy plant its been hard to find any solid information on the plant itself.
  10. [Link] Of course, in addition to larger confirmatory trials, a few questions remain. Such as is saffron as effective as methylphenidate, or is saffron as ineffective as methylphenidate? Still, interesting.
  11. Auxin

    desmanthus leptolobus

    Put the seeds in a ceramic cup and pour 60-80ml of boiling water on them. The next day plant any that swelled up and repeat the treatment on any that didnt. The ones that swell germinate very fast.
  12. Hunt around your area. My area is geologically boring but I've still located deposits where I can harvest two distinctly different kinds of sand, gravel, shell, red stone, I even found talc and limestone deposits. When a wind storm blew over an old tree by the river I found rocks the size of kiwis that I could crush into sand in my fist because of the decades of root exudates dissolving the stones support structure. Mineral substrates surround us in fair variety, once we learn to see them.
  13. Auxin

    Post your track of the day

    Ha! I finally figured out who thunderhorse vaguely reminds me of, shes the cousin of Liv Jagrell from Sister Sin In sweden it is legally required to turn this song up very loud.
  14. Auxin

    Prickly Pear

    Yes. Different species might be more or less sour and lemony and you might even find some with crunchy calcium oxalate druses, but all are technically edible. And the reports of mescaline rich Opuntias are myths borne out of a quickly retracted typo, so you dont have to worry about turning the corner and being surprised by God ;)