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  1. magical9

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    obtained this cutting and will be grafting a ton of the bottom portion ;)
  2. magical9

    beware of verne

    my avatar is a Browningia Hertlingiana . i mostly have large over 3ft specimens available iirc
  3. magical9

    beware of verne

    stay away from RIVER SOURCE BOTANICALS if you know whats good for you. the dude is just as nutbag as verne. RSB owner cancelled my 25 cuttings order because he didnt like another tricho collector that he felt i was associated with and therefore refused service lol. This tricho collector he thinks im associated with was simply a customer of mine a year ago, thats it. the RSB owner had it in his mind that I/we were out to rip him off so he would not even talk to me. was sureal. and completely baseless.
  4. magical9

    beware of verne

    tell us more zelly TELL US MOAR! hi
  5. magical9

    beware of verne

    LOL zelly .... that is effing gold.... i WISH i woulda thought of that. I at least managed to get my VERNE + CUZCO post to show up quite regularly on google now ;)
  6. magical9

    beware of verne

    HEH take a look at this post and know you are not alone http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=38614&hl=
  7. Here are my taq's. they are seed grown hard grown in AZ, some in shade, some in full sun. The potted ones were in full sun. I have lots available.
  8. magical9

    Crested Terscheckii?

    wow, sic pics. thanks peeps. so what i gather is that a dichto tersch could possibly go crested later on or at the very least continue splitting and looking generally ridiculously badass?
  9. Not to beat a dead horse but I saw i was mentioned and thought it was hilarious! http://www.sacredcactus.com/cuzcoensis.htm (updated for magical9's ebay comment in 2014!) and I quote "Why I have never (yet) sold cuzcoensis. They are my personal reference specimens; I don't want customers confusing them for T. Peruvianus. " mmhmm....must have had a change of heart on sellin' cuzco's. Good to see the customer base is getting intelligent enough for him.
  10. magical9

    Crested Terscheckii?

    does anyone have a picture of a dichotomous tricho of any sort? would it branch all narly still?
  11. sounds like i should go back and grab it
  12. magical9

    Crested Terscheckii?

    dang. I thought i found a find!