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  1. Kykeion

    B5HO QFCcAAqsbr

    Are you sure? https://pansyassceramics.bigcartel.com/product/fuck-bud-vase
  2. Kykeion

    TBM Flowering

    Sexy, melty MAGIC!
  3. Kykeion

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Anyone in Arizona interested? https://westslope.craigslist.org/grd/d/totem-pole-thornless-cactus/6529572370.html
  4. Kykeion

    Cactus Arizona Nursery Upgrade!

    Nice looking collection and setup! I am curious about the long-term durability of the fabric bags, especially UV degradation. I'm interested in them just for the weight and space factors (most of my collection is on shelves in my greenhouse so that I can overwinter other plants under the shelves), with drainage benefits being a bonus. Anyone out there have any longer-term experience using these? Any ideas on what brands are better, or what to look for?
  5. Kykeion

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Look at these beauts https://www.ebay.com/itm/trichocereus-bridgesii-variegated-monster-crested-grafted-12cm-no-ariocarpus/232639319646?hash=item362a624e5e:g:udMAAOSwqaJaZfDL https://www.ebay.com/itm/extra-rare-Trichocereus-MONSTRUOSUS-chimera-from-Thailand-No-variegated-Z85/192435220334?hash=item2cce086f6e:g:i6UAAOSwlxRaZj-N
  6. Kykeion

    My Trichocereus collection

    Love these! Are all three of them the same clone, or did they come from different mothers?
  7. Expand! More land, more greenhouses, more time, more help... and acquire every single piece of grafting stock possible!
  8. Kykeion

    Share your cactus thrips experience

    Potentially. Similar looking damage as spider mites cause. They seem to love the new tip growth. At least that is what i have experienced in my GH.
  9. Kykeion

    Young colorful Trichocereus grafts

    OK, that's what I thought you meant. Whats going on with whitegold and pinkgold?
  10. Kykeion

    Young colorful Trichocereus grafts

    As in there was green with the pink/orange, which is now gone?
  11. Looks a little thin to be a tersch to me, and spination doesn't look quite right. Maybe a cross? Don't take my word though, can't say I'm a terscheckii expert. Beautiful specimen either way.
  12. Kykeion

    Rooting bridgesii

    Depends upon who you ask, but from what I have seen there has been movement towards referring to the variations as long/short rather than A/B. This is partly due to the fact that there are probably more than two clone lines currently in existence. I recall someone around here getting a "TBM" from seed, and it is likely that other growers have done so as well but simply attributed them to an existing "clone" rather than calling them out as a new specimen. T. bridgesii seems to be pretty prone to various levels of freakishness (various true monstrose types, variegation, crestation, semi-monstrosity/melted wax and numerous combinations of these). For more info than you probably want check out this thread: http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?/topic/41050-monster-and-semi-monster-bridgesii-s-general-phenotype-discussion/
  13. Kykeion

    Show off your freaks

    Interesting you mention this. There was just a story on the radio the other day about the virtual non-existance (relative to the US anyway) of German comedy, both in terms of TV sitcoms and stand up. I was only half listening, but I believe they attributed this partially to the German work ethic (basically if you are being funny then you are not working hard enough), and to the Nazis control of the country during WWII (something along the lines of it being too dangerous to make jokes about the Nazis, and folks not wanting to do comedy in support them - again only half listening). Anyway, sorry to derail... back to on topic posting...
  14. Kykeion

    Will Trichos Grow Here?

    Man Skellum, I feel really bad for you. That looks like an absolutely terrible place to live. In all seriousness though, your collection looks great. I hope you never have to move though. Moving after contracting the trichovirus is a huge pain in the ass.
  15. Kykeion

    The colored San Pedro Flower Project

    Wow Z! Thanks for sharing this! I saw where some of these we added to your website, but I appreciate hearing more about how you developed them. I am stunned by the color variation all coming from that cherry red grandi!