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  1. steveoi812

    Looking for cubensis prints for mycology study

    Pm me sir
  2. steveoi812

    Looking for microscopy prints - Yarra Ranges

    Pm me sir
  3. steveoi812

    New cactus seed webshop

    cant wait!!
  4. steveoi812

    thenook.org down

    anyone know what the hell is going on???
  5. steveoi812

    New cactus seed webshop

    good deal my friend! Thank u so much = )
  6. steveoi812

    New cactus seed webshop

    wonder if they deliver to the USA...cant find out. does anyone know?? Just wanting seeds = )
  7. steveoi812

    texana seeds

    willing to split any up zelly?? or only doing the thousand??
  8. steveoi812


    super happy dance...wake up...
  9. steveoi812

    p cubensis prints

    just wanted to say thank to MagusTasmanicus for the successful transaction and tell you that I appreciate a smooth transaction my friend.. Hope you enjoy them = ) <3
  10. steveoi812

    Some of my plants

    HC first and foremost I LOVE YOUR NAME lmao...oh my lord its funny as hell brother/sister(?).and for two amazingly gorgeous plants you have there...quite a nice collection!!
  11. steveoi812

    JDR's cash

    cant frigging wait to see the new green house flourish brother.....you have been one busy motha....love you brotha
  12. steveoi812

    JDR's cash

    whats up sexy <3