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  1. Got mine a week or so ago and planted them last night! Thank you soooo much EG!! So excited!!
  2. Wow Mysubtleascention! Very nice and detailed list of KK numbered cacti! Thank you for posting it!
  3. CactEye

    Tbm & Tpm from seed

    I've had plenty of snail attacks on many plants. So far they have not caused any mutations. Perhaps the snail that attacked Nitrogen's plant slithered over from some toxic waste somewhere? ) I have one mutant that came from Sacred Succulent's "los gentiles" peruvianus seed. I consider it to be a real rarity as I've not heard of anyone else that has this crest. My understanding has always been that mutants are fairly rare in wild collected seeds, but I had a cross that I sowed last year from Zelly with about 10% albinos. I believe it was ss02/01 x lumberjack, none of which are mutants.... ???
  4. CactEye

    Giveaway: Loph & Ario seeds

    Wish I was in AU right about now. I'd be happy to pay for shipping though, if there's a chance of getting in on the action!
  5. CactEye


    Here's the crest
  6. CactEye


    Hey yall, I started these up too. Still very small also but here's a pic. Snails took out a good amount of them in early spring, but I kept 9 alive. Here's six of them. I have another little pot with 3 more. One of the 3 is a mutant. Will post pics of that one when I find it. I'd love to see pics of yours Ohlone! Beautiful plant Huachuma!!
  7. I noticed my first few popped today. A few TPM X Huaraz and Sharxx x TPM Only 7 days and I'm sure not the most ideal germinating conditions...but here they are!! Hello little ones! Here's a few of the Sharxx X TPM pushing their way out edited to add photo
  8. Planted them up last night. I'm on it Nitrogen! I'll update when blobs appear!
  9. I am crying tears of joy after opening my mailbox this evening. Thank you so much Nitrogen!!
  10. CactEye

    The Sowing Out Thread

    Thanks Change!! I will keep that in mind for the future. Since I'm posting, this is what I've got so far. I'm prepping the trays for them but awaiting others. huanu x psychoo huaraz x clyde huaraz x leyenda huaraz x oscar huaraz x psychoo huaraz x scop huaraz x sharxx blue huaraz x TPM Juuls x PsychoO Oscar x huaraz peru2 x huaraz clude x huaraz clyde x psychoo clyde x sharxx blue scop x huaraz ss02/01 x huaraz validus x huaraz
  11. CactEye

    The Sowing Out Thread

    I know this thread is for listing what you are about to sow out and I will do that soon. I will be sowing another 20+ hybrids in the near future. I wasn't sure where else to post this. I just wanted to share a picture of my PsychoO X Yowie seedlings that I got from Zed earlier this year. Looking pretty so far! Thanks again !!
  12. CactEye

    Check out these FREAK Tips

    Cool! I have a couple seedling crosses with TPM as the father. There are a few freaks but I'm assuming not as many as would be with TPM as the mother. I wonder if the TPM genetics will eventually show in mostly all plants no matter if the TPM was mother or father. I suppose it's a little too soon to say but this gives me hope. Thanks for sharing!
  13. CactEye

    Check out these FREAK Tips

    These are sweet looking!! What crosses are they?