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  1. Caudata

    Show off your freaks

    An Icaros peruvianus I started from seed last year.
  2. Pachycereus marginatus
  3. Caudata

    Fastest Growing Pachanoi

    What grows fastest in my garden may not grow all that fast for you as it depends on climate/light/nutrients. My fastest growing plants in general are all pachanoi and scopulicola cultivars.
  4. Caudata


  5. Caudata

    Peruvianus Rahuapampa crest

    no photos?
  6. One of my lc scop seedlings dropping ribs and then terminating. Might get a weird sausage plant out of it.
  7. Caudata


  8. Caudata


    It's been another month and a half, and a third seedling has sprouted a freaky nipple. I'd love to see some more mature plants. I'm guessing the 5% mutant rate in Ben's description is an underestimate.
  9. LC scop x scop BB x TE Let's see some updates boys
  10. You might want to take them out of the corner into an area that receives more sunlight
  11. Caudata


    A month on. I'll keep updating as the one in the back gets more interesting Any updates on your crest Cacteye?
  12. What will happen in the upcoming growing season? Will they move to accommodate each other or will pressure keep building until the base splits?
  13. Love your setup Thunder, but how do you explain it to guests? I get enough awkward questions and phallus jokes and my cacti are all outside. Yes, uno.
  14. Is this from Ogun? I think that mother plant looks intermediate between pachanoi and peruvianus just like many of the plants growing wild around Ancash. This plant certainly doesn't look like a Lima pachanoi but it also doesn't look like a Matucana peruvianus (which is the reference point most people have when talking about that species).
  15. Received a nice little package from Ogun containing