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  1. Mr. Bowser

    Indole-3-butyric acid to get Tricho to pup?

    I spray at night but let me back up a second. The liquid kelp made the bridges pup basally. The other cactus had no basal pupping effect.
  2. Mr. Bowser

    Trichocereus Pachanoi Seedling Over Winter

    Personally, I like to keep mine outside during the winter and if we get a hard freeze cover them with a blanket until the sun comes up. To me the benefit is they go into full dormancy and don't etoliate, as they might if kept too warm inside. That said, if you plant enough seeds, you could simply let nature take its course - and will be left with the most cold hearty seedlings surviving...
  3. Mr. Bowser

    Indole-3-butyric acid to get Tricho to pup?

    I found liquid kelp fertilizer as a foliar spray works well to encourage basal pupping, as well as enhanced growth rate overall.
  4. Mr. Bowser

    New Epidermis Regeneration

    I have several t. peru and t. bridge that were neglected a few years ago and got sunburned. I noticed this week that some of the sunburn is flaking off and the green epidermis is showing again! Has anyone else noticed this with sunburned epidermis regenerating after a period of time (years)? I'll try to upload some pics soon
  5. Hey, I'm looking for some suggestions for cacti that would do well in a hanging basket. I've got a bunch 6+ of ceiling mounted hooks by windows in nearly every room of the house and want some unique and interesting cacti that will flow down over the edges of the basket. Most are brightly lit with most of the light being indirect. Cacti that flower easily indoors are also a plus, although this is only a secondary consideration. So far on my list I've got: Selenicereus Anthonyanus (Fishbone Cactus) and other species, like Mutant's Selenicereus (forget the species) that is really cool Hylocereus Undatus (Dragon Fruit) and other similar hylocereus (already have these) Schlumbergera (Christmas Cactus ... not especially unique or interesting to me ) I've seen in a cactus species reference book a long time ago, what looked like hanging cacti that had wooly looking spines that covered most of the skin of the cactus. They looked kind of like dreadlocks. Any thoughts? Thanks!!!
  6. Mr. Bowser

    Sleep patterns

    kava works great for relaxing me before bed... especially with a beer (although i think the kava warning label recommends against this). chamomile tea can zonk me out pretty quickly and gives me some very vivid dreams. benedryl is the same active ingredient as unisom and works great in a pinch... but seems to be habit forming for me within a week, so I stick with the herbal teas. like scarecrow says, exercise (especially higher intensity or longer duration) does wonders for recalibrating the internal clock, its better to do this at least a few hours before you go to bed... sometimes you can get wired from working out and it could keep you up later.
  7. Mr. Bowser

    Enjoyable non-sugar drinks. Are there any?

    I drink an herbal kava tea (sold in supermarkets here in the US) that is sweetened with stevia leaf. It is so sweet that adding honey makes it too sweet for me! We also sell a bunch of sports drinks at my work that are sweetened with stevia, which is supposed to have a low glycemic index. I always prefer naturally sweetened beverages, since I believe that aspertame and other artificial sweeteners have not been adequately proven safe for long term consumption, and at least in the case of aspertame, was approved by the FDA rather unscrupulously (link here for more info) And huffington post reports that diet soda drinkers are at greater risk for diabetes than regular soda drinkers... go figure (link here)
  8. Mr. Bowser

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    My trich scions grown on trich root stocks do very well in full sun, and its easy to grow them quite large before degrafting. Also, the scions grown on trich stocks seem to be much thicker than when grown on peres stocks, perhaps because the root system of the established trich is larger than the peres. Usually I'll pick the most interesting scion from the peres grafts to regraft the tip onto an established trich for enhanced pumping power and scion girth. Also I've gotten quite sick of all the peres glochids, so hylocereus and selenicereus seem like other good candidates for seedling grafting, but haven't tried them yet to compare speed and girth of scion growth.
  9. Mr. Bowser

    What weird things do you collect

    my g/f collects all my bottle caps... even she isn't sure what will become of them... probably another upcycle project
  10. Mr. Bowser

    Relative Sun Tolerance of the Trichocerei

    Interesting thread... from experience with pach, peruvianus, and bridgesii, the pach seems the heartiest when going from indoors to out, whereas a couple of my very blue peruvianus and bridgesii are much more easily sunburned. Then again, other (greener) peruvianus and bridgesii seem to do better. I have best results moving them out into full sun by giving them a week or so with a few hours of filtered/direct sun (morning) and acclimating them from there, making sure to rotate them every other day or so.
  11. Mr. Bowser

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Taking a break after transplanting -72- SS02 x SS01 seedlings and -72- T. Peruvianus Los Gentiles seedlings. Next up -72- T Peruvianus Serra Blue x SS02 seedlings. After 6 months in their seedling containers, they were getting pretty cramped.
  12. Mr. Bowser

    Cacti under lights.

    I've also grown under 450w MH, mostly grafts and seedlings, both grew really well. Like Space Cadet mentioned, I've found there to be a 'sweet spot' in terms of distance from the bulb. As for over-wintering mature cacti, they will need a cold dormancy to flower. I've overwintered inside under the MH ( about 1.5 meters from the bulb) and with holding water at 15 - 20C . They didn't etoliate, but they didn't flower the next summer either. If you can drop your temps in the grow room to 5 C or so, you might be able to flower them. Good luck!
  13. Mr. Bowser

    Hylocereus undatus

    Hey, those babies look pretty cool... good work!
  14. Mr. Bowser

    Happy Birthday Evil Genius!

    Happy Birthday! You're expertise and warm advice is always welcome! Thanks!
  15. Mr. Bowser

    How to choose seedlings to graft?

    Nice seedlings SC, they look really happy! Probably easier to graft the seedlings to the branches of the peres than pachanoi... Plus it'll look pretty crazy! If you're grafting the butt end of a seedling, make sure there are at least a few intact aeroles on it! I'd wait til they are a bit bigger to try that.. atleast when I graft, the interface can get a bit squashed, and I'd want to be sure that there were plenty of non-squashed aeroles available to grow offsets from. Also IME upside-down grafts take almost twice as long to show real signs of plumping and growth, so they'd need enough water reserve to survive that. Agreed! I've been faked out by yellow runts that green up when they get bigger. I guess if they're true albinos they'll stop growing after a while... Update: Grafted the one head of the two headed freak on peres and its just now throwing some new spines! Just grafted a yellow seedling that remained unusually light even after throwing a couple dozen aeroles... keeping my fingers crossed! Stopped paying close attention to the seedlings and all of a sudden, the shriveled runt plumped up and looks like it'll be graftable after all!