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  1. Hi All, More petitions to sign for those who are keen. NSW residents here: https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/la/Pages/ePetition-details.aspx?q=KuLkNQ93wTbaGTWOKjJCCA== Federal here: https://www.aph.gov.au/e-petitions/petition/EN3044 Peace, RC
  2. Remember the petition you signed regarding changing cannabis laws in QLD? The one that ended up with almost 15 000 sigs? If you don't that's probably because the QLD government basically said "Cool story bro, now fuck off. That's a hard no!" Sounds legit? Perhaps not, which is why there is another petition underway, this time instigated by Debra Lynch of the LCQ party (Legalise Cannabis Queensland). You can sign the petition here: https://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/work-of-assembly/petitions/petition-details?id=3411 It states: Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House: The objective of the Drugs Misuse Acts is to target drug-traffickers, however over 90% of cannabis arrests are patients, carers and other consumers, adversely impacting their wellbeing, employment, education and travel; and that "medicinal cannabis" laws have failed patients, as witnessed in Senate inquiry into the Barriers to Medical Cannabis. The inquiry recommendations directed toward the States, have not yet been acknowledged or actioned by the Queensland Parliament. Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to address these injustices by amending laws to ensure consumers have safe access to cannabis via: an immediate moratorium on arrests for personal use; the removal of restrictions on the cultivation/production, possession and supply of cannabis plants, cannabis, cannabinoids via amendments to Drugs Misuse Regulations 1987, Schedules 2 and 3; and the Health {Drugs and Poisons) Regulation 1996, 270A; the making of new regulations to allow consumers to cultivate six plants in flower at any one time and possess cannabis, upon the person accepting all risks and responsibilities for usage and storage of their cannabis; a two year trial, to be undertaken to assess the outcomes of decriminalising cannabis including harms or benefits of a licensed, taxed supply chain with home grow option; and the establishment of an independent body inclusive of all stakeholders, responsible for overseeing all aspects of regulating cannabis and hemp, including issuing licences for microbusinesses and non-profit organisations to produce affordable cannabis for local supply within Queensland. Get into it!
  3. -RC-

    Watch this space

    http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-05-10/medicinal-cannabis-bill-to-be-introduced-in-queensland/7399794 Some Queensland doctors could be prescribing medicinal cannabis to patients from as early as next month, the State Government says. i.e. this month. However, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk warned this was not a first step toward broader decriminalisation of the drug. "This is in no way a green light for the recreational use of cannabis nor for people to grow their own cannabis, even if for therapeutic use," she said. To that I say, hmmm, not buying it Anna. You and I both know what comes next, don't we love? AND THIS http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-05-10/medicinal-cannabis-bill-to-be-introduced-in-queensland/7399794 Health Minister Cameron Dick will introduce the Public Health (Medicinal Cannabis) Bill 2016, which he said would create the most progressive laws in Australia and set up a robust framework to ensure it was prescribed safely. Please keep your eyes open for this type of comment. "Progressive". Oh, we're progressive with cannabis now are we? Well lets just see how 'progressive' the until now quiet ACT and SA get by the end of the year. Yeah I reckon every state will start getting a whole lot more 'progressive' as the next 12 months roll on. Goddamn, that was fast. Still, gotta stay ahead of the competition. One-upmanship I think it's called...
  4. Only 2665 sigs so far... Legalising cannabis Eligibility - Queensland residents https://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/work-of-assembly/petitions/petition-details?id=3217 TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House that: Criminalisation has not prevented or reduced cannabis use, and has instead resulted in further harms to drug users forced into interaction with dealers and the criminal justice system; Drug use, including the use of cannabis, should be treated as a health issue rather than a criminal one; and This has been recognised in various other jurisdictions, including most recently in the Australian Capital Territory which has decriminalised cannabis growth and possession for personal use. Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to legalise the growth, possession, use and supply of cannabis for adults in Queensland, provide amnesty for people with current cannabis-related convictions and increase funding for drug support services.
  5. The award-winning documentary, ‘From Shock to Awe’ shines light on the use of cutting-edge psychedelic medicines to treat mental illness in war veterans. The Australian Psychedelic Society (APS) is premiering the documentary across Australia with a panel of guest speakers, thanks to sponsorship from Vasudhara, Psychedelic Research in Science & Medicine (PRISM) and Aadii Mesh Foundation. BACKGROUND In 2018, an alarming report published by the Department of Veterans Affairs shows the impact of service on the mental health of veterans, with 46 percent of veterans who left the Australian Defence Force (ADF) experiencing a mental disorder within 5 years. The most common problem is anxiety, with one in three veterans saying they experienced symptoms. The other common illnesses were post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD; 18 percent), panic attacks (17 percent) and depression (12 percent). Suicide also represents a major issue, with one in five veterans experiencing suicidal thoughts, plans or attempts. For males under 30, the completed suicide rates of veterans who left service are 17 percent above the national average (graph taken from the ABC). PSYCHEDELIC MEDICINES - A NEW FRONTIER IN MENTAL HEALTH After more than 50 years of dormancy, a new psychedelic revolution is taking place. Initial studies show that psychedelic drugs, including ayahuasca (traditional amazonian brew), psilocybin (magic mushrooms) and MDMA have profound effects in alleviating mental illness. They also work in a vastly different manner to traditional psychiatric medications. Neuroscientist, Dr Dean Wright states that “Traditional psychiatric medications, such as antidepressants require daily use, have many side-effects, and are not much more efficacious than placebo. In contrast, psychedelic therapies require between one and three doses in total, with effects lasting up to four years after the final dose.” St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne and Psychedelic Research in Science & Medicine (PRISM) have launched an Australian first clinical trial using psilocybin to treat anxiety and depression associated with a terminal illness. In the USA, MDMA-therapy for PTSD has been designated a “breakthrough treatment” by the FDA. It appears imminent that these therapies will be approved as medicines. FROM SHOCK TO AWE The film follows veterans, Matt Kahl and Mike Cooley, through their challenging post-war lives, shattered by the trauma of war. It also explores the impact on their wives, Aimee and Brooke. The vets struggle with anxiety, fear, depression, anger, unable to find equilibrium with society and with their families. After confronting death multiple times, our heroes set out on a journey to treat their mental illness with Ayahuasca and MDMA. “I tried everything...all the medications, EMDR, exposure therapy, talk therapy, group therapy and the truth is, none of it worked. It was ruining my family,” says Veteran Matt Kahl. Brooke Cooley goes further stating, “Ayahuasca and MDMA saved me, my husband and my family. Had psychedelic therapy not come into our lives, not only would Mike and I be divorced, but there is a solid chance that one or both of us wouldn’t be alive.” FILM SCREENING & PANEL DISCUSSION The Australian Psychedelic Society will host the Australian premier screening of ‘From Shock to Awe’ across 5 cities. Following the film there will be a Q&A with Mitch Schultz, the film’s Transmedia Producer and Major Steve McDonald, an Australian war veteran who utilised psychedelic medicines to successfully treat his depression and PTSD. EVENT DETAILS BYRON BAY: Sunday August 18th, 2.30pm The Byron Theatre Facebook event Tickets = $30/$25 concession BRISBANE: Saturday 24th August, 1.30pm Kindler Theatre, QUT, Brisbane Facebook event. Tickets = $20-$25 ADELAIDE: Saturday 31st August, 2.30pm Mercury Theatre, 13 Morphett St, Adelaide Facebook event Tickets = $20-$25 SYDNEY: Saturday 7th September, 12.30pm Giant Dwarf, 199 Cleveland St, Redfern Facebook event Tickets = $20-$30 MELBOURNE Saturday 14th September, 12.30pm The State Library Theatrette, Melbourne Facebook event Tickets = $20-$25
  6. Erowid just posted an article on their Facebook page talking about a California researcher discovering CBD in a variety of Hops (kriya humulus) https://www.westword.com/marijuana/cbd-derived-from-the-hop-plant-not-cannabis-now-offered-by-peak-health-foundation-10578719
  7. Sorry if this is duplicate post, but please proliferate to everyone you know and please sign! Let's get this on the Federa ballot! https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Petitions/House_of_Representatives_Petitions/Petitions_General/Petitions_List?id=EN0596
  8. 3rdI

    Green Friends!

    Hey guys, I recently moved to a new area, and don't really have any friends with common interests in my area. I know this is a thread for trading but I guess, most friendships start by trading! PM me you questions! I have some interesting plants and hobbies, Im sure we will make great friends:)
  9. Some one flicked this by me this evening through my site. I copy and paste it for your consideration... There is a very interesting new Senate Committee championed by David Leyonhjelm (LibDems) that covers a range of issues that infringe on the personal freedom of citizens. - e-cigarettes ban/tax - bar lockout laws - recreational cannabis - bike helmet laws - video game censorship This link is his press release on the subject… http://www.watoday.com.au/comment/voters-are-adults-and-dont-need-a-nanny-state-to-make-choices-for-them-20150716-gidlwa.html The committee is accepting submissions until the 24th August – at the below link http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/Economics/Personal_choice Probably a rare opportunity to have our voices heard on this subject that I think we all feel pretty strongly about (or at least should feel strongly about) This only opened for submissions yesterday and by last night about 90% of the 34 submissions made are by the bike helmet crowd - lets make sure that the cannabis aspect is well represented and get some submissions in!
  10. Nicolas Trainerbees, the Beekeeper That Has Managed to Get His Bees to Make Honey with Cannabis ResinThe French beekeeper has self-medicated with cannabis since a very early age and he defines himself as someone that is passionate about nature and training all kinds of animals. Both of these factors have led him to spend years researching how to combine the properties of the plant and the insects that he dedicated his life to. The result is “cannahoney”, a delicious nectar that has not gone unnoticed by anyone and that has to confront the restrictive laws of his country. 22/02/16 He is an artisan, locksmith and above all a beekeeper, although he does not carry out the last profession like others. His more than 4300 Facebook followers and 700 Instagram followers are looking for something that nobody else can offer: marvellous photos where cannabis plants receive an agreeable visit. Although most of us would be scared to find bees on our crop, that is the main goal of this 39-year-old Frenchman who describes himself as an advocate of medical cannabis and of legalisation. He is called Nicolas, although he is known as Nicolas Trainerbees, a nickname that is not a mere coincidence. He has been using it for more than 20 years because he has always liked to spend time with all kinds of animals, especially insects, and above all, bees. He observes them, and according to him (although without revealing his tactics), he trains them so that they behave as he wishes. “I have trained bees to do several things, such as collect sugar from fruits, instead of using flowers”. In addition to beers, he has also worked with tarantulas, lizards and ants because, as he explains, he has “been passionate about nature since childhood". This has led him to learn about the world of animal biology, entomology, cannabis growing, improving all kinds of plants and everything related to the world of beehives. For a while now he has been working with bees that produce “cannahoney”, the name he decided to give to his peculiar cannabis honey. However, he modestly says that he has not created honey, “but rather a training technique whereby the bees collect the resin and use it in the beehive”. Afterwards, the final substance is the sole work of the little insects. How did a beekeeper decide that his bees should obtain nectar from cannabis? Firstly, due to personal experience. Nicolas has been hyperactive since the age of 7, and that along with an educational system that labelled him as “unsuitable”, soon led him to leave school. At a young age he discovered that the plant helped him to channel the problem and, therefore, “I began consuming before the age of 10”, he states. Years later, many people that know about his abilities raising and training bees began to ask him why he would not start applying them to the world of cannabis, and get the insects to create a kind of honey with the cannabis plants. He had realised that, by uniting the properties of both things, and if the animals managed to use the resin correctly, he would obtain a great result: “For some time I had known about the health benefits of bee products such as honey, propolis, pollen, wax and royal jelly and also about the benefits of cannabis”, and so he decided to take notice of the requests. Also, “everything that passes through the body of a bee is improved”, he says, given that their enzymes make the nectar turn into the desired honey. The resin obtained from willows, poplars and other trees is turned into propolis, which is an antiseptic, antibiotic, antifungal, antibacterial and also has healing properties. “So if the bee took the resin from cannabis it would also be very beneficial”. “The aim arose for me to get the bees to obtain this resin”, he comments. From that moment onwards (back in 2006) he spent time observing them, examining the hives and the behaviour of their members and thinking that there had to be a way of attracting a good group of insects to the resin. “That was the starting point for my investigation”, he explains. When he began his inquiries he found that up until then nobody had brought together both worlds, and the most sceptical people even told him that cannabis was not a typical plant for obtaining honey, therefore it would be impossible to get the bees to go by themselves to collect its particular pollen. Nicolas has shown the most simple-minded people that they were wrong. Following several tests and lots of observation he managed to get results from his training in 2013, “with the enormous surprise that the bees used the resin as propolis” and also to create honey with the same effects as cannabis. Its terpenes have “a delicious and pleasant taste” that are reminiscent of the fresh plant, although its taste changes slightly from one crop to another. “Cannahoney” normally has “quite a floral” aroma and a colour that slightly changes depending on the varieties, although it usually ranges from light green to white or yellow. The substance “is not smoked, it is ingested and it is good for health”, explains the creator. Nicolas uses varieties of cannabis that he has created. He says that, “the bees accept any strain”, therefore he also uses already existing types. In fact, the last batch of honey was created using Californian Orange. Before he obtained his first results, some people dared to say that cannabis was harmful for bees. He was totally convinced that was not the case, but he had to wait two years until the project was well consolidated and he was able to demonstrate that the plants had no negative impact on the insects. “The bees that produce the cannahoney are not affected by cannabinoids because they do not have an endocannabinoid system”, he explains. He now has 30 beehives, and he uses many of them for his cannabis honey project. However, he faces difficulties living in a country that puts up a lot of barriers in relation to all cannabis matters, therefore he is forced to grow his plants in open air spaces, far from his home. In this situation he takes a lot of risks, especially trying to transport his plants close to the hives during the necessary time so that the bees can take advantage of their new “pollen". His situation does not prevent him interacting with his followers over social networks, where he normally publishes lots of research studies that back the medical properties of cannabis that he himself experiments with. The photographs that he publishes speak for themselves; in them it is possible to see not only the plants accompanied by the bees, but also, for example, crepes created by him and served with his honey. Nicolas dedicates almost all of his time to this profession; therefore he has no website or blogs: “I work alone with my wife and I do not have time or money to do much else". Such attractive photos ensure that many users ask him endlessly when they will be able to get hold of the substance, although he admits that he still requires a more detailed analysis in order to determine all of its properties. Despite this, he states that three people with anxiety tried a few spoonfuls “and felt a lot better”. His progress is now an example to follow for many other beekeepers. Now, his main aim is to leave France in order to treat his illness legally and also to work with more freedom and get professionals in the sector to analyse his work. His next destination, if everything goes as he hopes, will be Spain. Source: https://www.dinafem.org/en/blog/trainerbees-beekeeper-honey-cannabis/
  11. Forum : http://www.mrnice.nl/forum/4-talk-shantibaba-mrnice/13789-therapy-high-5-8%25-cbd-0-35%25-thc-new-world-first-seed-strain-available-soon-cbd-crew.html CBD Therapy cannabis strain THC: 0,35% CBD: 8,32% CBG: 0,27% "CBD crew have a world first in releasing this long awaited low THC and high CBD strain in a stable seed form. While there are rumors of seed varieties originating out of hemp strains, the CBD Therapy is solely derived from recreational high THC cannabis strains and has taken some 4 years to stabilize and find with the use of science. Full lab tested in both USA (The WercShop) and Europe (Fundación CANNA, Spain ) the CBD Therapy will be revolutionary in treating people who do not wish to have high THC like those suffering with Dravets syndrome or Epilepsy or those who are susceptible to the psychotic effects of THC Cannabis. While it will not be something to cure cancer on its own, it provides a seed strain that can be controlled in one’s own grow room and further in one’s extraction making to mix together to create a best suited medicine for all types of illnesses and conditions. A master piece of scientific breeding that will allow the individual to take back control of his or hers life, supplement a person need for cannabinoids, and generally improve the welfare of those seeking to use it."
  12. From now until 24 August 2015 (edit: this has been extended until September 18 and beyond - see further down for more details), you can make submissions to An inquiry into measures introduced to restrict personal choice 'for the individual's own good'. Full terms of reference can be found here: http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/Economics/Personal_choice/Terms_of_Reference What’s most relevant is that this committee wants to know what you think about: The economic and social impact of legislation, policies or Commonwealth guidelines, with particular reference to: c.the sale and use of marijuana and associated products, including any impact on the health, enjoyment and finances of users and non-users; and f.any other measures introduced to restrict personal choice 'for the individual‘s own good‘. #C obviously covers recreational use, but maybe we could mention medicinal use too – not sure if we can stretch it to cover research, but it might be worth a try. Plenty to talk about, e.g: the cost of law enforcement, as well as personal choice, lower relative harm than other things, harm reduction and all that good stuff. Any ideas on how best to approach this would be appreciated. #F would allow a broader discussion of other the restriction of substances/sacraments etc, with a possible tie-in to (arguably) unwarranted government intervention into religious & spiritual practices. In my opinion, #F could possibly cover reference to relevant TGA schedules, or at least the power it has to make scheduling decisions. I'd be really interested to hear what others think about this. Personally, I just want to argue that adults should be treated like adults, especially in areas where my decisions have negligible effect on anyone else, and that what people can and can't grow and/or ingest should actually be backed up by good evidence. I’m not saying that this will magically lead to change. But I don’t know how often we will have a chance to get our opinions considered by a senate committee, especially one with the involvement of a supposedly pro-legalisation senator. We have (by my dodgy estimate) hundreds of members who drop in here at least every few weeks. If even 10% of these people write something then we will almost equal the anti-helmet campaign. If you haven’t made a submission to something like this before, http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/How_to_make_a_submission might be worth a read. Some things from that page that are worth mentioning are: 1. A submission may be as short or as long as you like. It may contain facts, opinions, arguments or recommendations. It may cover all the points in the terms of reference or only some of them, depending on what interests you. Supporting documents may be attached. 2. There is no prescribed format. However, to make submissions most useful we suggest: •the terms of reference of the inquiry can be a good guide to structuring a submission; •if the submission is longer than a few pages, please include a summary at the front; and •submissions published on the Senate website will be converted to pdf format and, therefore, may have a different appearance to the document that was submitted. Sensitive material and confidential information should not be sent via email because it is not a secure medium. 6 a. The majority of inquiries are now accepting submissions via the Make a submission to an Inquiry page. The online submission site is a secure site and is suitable for uploading sensitive and confidential material. 10. Making a submission is protected by parliamentary privilege. It is an offence for anyone to try to stop you from making a submission by threats or intimidation. It is an offence for anyone to harass you or discriminate against you because you have made a submission. The content of the submission is also protected but only after the committee has accepted it. This means that what you say in the submission, once the committee has accepted it, cannot be used in court against you or anyone else. More information is available in another brochure, entitled 'Procedures to be observed by Senate committees for the protection of witnesses'. 11. A committee may reject a submission that is not relevant to its inquiry. In that case the content of the submission is not protected by parliamentary privilege. (This is just one reason it’s important to actually address the terms of reference). Sorry to be so long-winded, I really want to emphasize that (if you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and are not currently in jail) you have a right to participate in this inquiry should you choose to do so. The other thing you can do is to spread the word through other forums and communities (online and IRL) to encourage others to contribute. You can also 'remind' relevant organisations and lobby groups that they ought to be involved. (I’m talking about: EGA, PRISM, Australia 21, HEMP Party, Sex Party etc.) The bottom line is this: If you're unhappy because you can't legally smoke some weed for the shear fun of it or maybe you can't get access to the medicinal cannabis products that could improve your quality of life; if you think it insane that you can buy tobacco and alcohol, but face jail time for collecting or growing your own 'shrooms; if you use ayahuasca or mescaline bearing cacti as a sacrament and feel that you are being criminalised for your spiritual beliefs; if you are incandescent that you can legally get addicted to codeine but can't buy kratom; in other words, if you think things could or should be better, then you should make your voice heard.
  13. HI all so i am doing this survey about cannabis use and their hilariously termed "Odd or Unusual Psychotic-Like Experiences" lol. Some of the questions are really funny. Like in a true or false It's definitely the most fully sick Also you go in draw to WIN DA IPAD!1 link: https://qualtricsasia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_6fXTjVKufoMHUoJ but like don't do it, i want to win, better odds.
  14. An interesting article titled "Entheogens of Africa" in Issue 2 Volume 3 of the Dragibus magazine lists a number of plant species that are used as "cannabis substitutes" (i.e. mixed with tobacco and smoked). These species and the parts used are: Cineraria aspera (?) Cullen obtusifolia (leaves and stems) Sutherlandia frutescens (seeds and leaves) Nenax microphylla (seed) Apart from the medicinal use of Sutherlandia frutescens (Wikipedia: An infusion made from the leaves is a traditional remedy for fever, chicken pox, flu, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, and stomach and liver problems), there doesn't appear to be much ethnobotanical information online about these plants. Does anyone have any experience with growing or using them? Cheers, ∂an
  15. Thought I'd try to get the word out about this feature documentary Marijuana Australiana. Check the link below for the crowdfunding trailer to get a feel for the production... the film takes heavy stylistic inspiration from the legendary Cane Toads docos.
  16. 4/20/2013 - Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell releases an Orangeburg man has been arrested and charged with trafficking marijuana. Ravenell explains "Federal officers and Investigators from the Sheriff's Office conducted an undercover investigation on Luis Tyler and observed him accept delivery of full-size video game with 55 pounds of marijuana hidden inside the machine on Tuesday, April 16. Officers conducted a traffic stop seizing the Pac-Man video game, the marijuana, and Tyler's vehicle." Ravenell continues "Our efforts to make Orangeburg safe will not stop. We are and will continue to investigate the criminals in our community and make arrests. You may be looking for a high score but what you'll get is game over!" Judge Derrick Dash set bond at $75,000 on Wednesday. http://www.orangeburgcounty.org/ocso/media_details.asp?nrID=252
  17. nagual78

    Sleep patterns

    Hi all, i just thought id start a topic that has been a common thread in my life , sleep and the lack of it!. For many years now i have had a great deal of trouble sleeping , in my youth i used to go to alotof rave parties and then on to clubs. all the while working as a chef (which does not lend itself to normal sleep patterns at the best of time) and i believe that through my consumption during these times i have done some sort of irreverseable damage to my sleep thingy. Any way for years cannabis worked for me but as i got older , had more responsibility i.e a family, higher roles in the restaurant industry it had become detremental. After quitting for a month my sleep was still broken and myself verging on insanity from sleep dep. I tried many things melatonin( just didnt seem to work), alcohol ( great but i would wake when it wore off, and is not a good long term solution), benzos ( worked but that shits just a trap), meditation and finally tryptophan as i have recently given up ciggies as well and let me tell you it worked an effin treat( good dreams not tiring nightmares as with all of the above and a great restful sleep, I took 200mg of l- tryptophan and i weigh about 75kg, I will try again tonight and let everyone know. I just thought this might help someone else out there. And would love to hear anyone elses thoughts You can only put up with no sleep for so long and this helped
  18. Hi SA readers Have you ever grown cannabis? We are conducting a survey of cannabis growers as part of an international collaboration and we'd love it if you could spare 15 minutes of your time to complete our anonymous online survey. I want to thank the Oz Stoners moderating group for working with me to pilot the questionnaire. The survey is much improved thanks to the input of the moderating team. Survey link: http://ndri.curtin.e.../research/grow/ And here is the participant information: Discussion and feedback are welcome - I'd love to hear what you think of the project. Any feedback will help us to interpret the data and to design better questionnaires next time. And if you have any questions, please ask! Thanks