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  1. MrDoRight

    brugmansia sanguinea seed

    Oh, sorry i forgot to mention i'm a u.s resident
  2. MrDoRight

    brugmansia sanguinea seed

    Bogfrog, sorry to threadjack but I have some brugmansia sanguniea seeds for those interested of a red variety .All 20 sowed germinated and are growing cotyledons. One died because the sun was to intense so they'v been moved indoor under cfl's. I've got about 50 seeds left.
  3. MrDoRight

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    I tried to graft a Copipoa Cinera to a T.pAchanoi but the toothpicks keep snapping , im wondering should i attempt another graft or leave the scion as is and hope it attaches.
  4. MrDoRight

    Going to church tomorrow for the first time

    The best thing about church IMO was the music - the morals about compassion , paitience, honesty, ect. were all qualities I've had as a kid. What I think religion does is reinforce qualities in people , but if you need reinforcement - are you truly a good person , or is it a show ? I told them I think people are what ever we think we are , if we think we are bad people , we are bad. it doesn't matter what somebody says in the bible , its all about our own judgement. I showed up to chirch today and met a bunch of nice people who kept me from wanting retaliation on the group of puds that keep harassing me , with pepper spray , guns, stealing , threats , Ect . I asked the group when the topic of homosexuality was brought up as being disgusting -I asked what about lady bugs -they uhh have sex with other lady bugs. I was complimented on being courageous because most first timers are usually shy.
  5. MrDoRight

    Going to church tomorrow for the first time

    The morning started off great with some digging -planning a new garden bed. But from out of nowhere, a cultist group , Seperate from the "witnesses" ..a cult of tweakers who harass my garden and I, came over asking for drugs.Which is another reason why I'm interested in meeting "different" people, I've got a sketchy vibe off everybody Ive met in te mountains, Even the religious ones hehe. Reminds me of children of the corn up here -how people obviously fuck their relatives and are a tad behind the rest of the world. When asking for drugs i told him to get drugs from his friends, then he Pepper sprayed me in the face and proceeding to yell dont fuck with Tyler lol Tyler was fucking with me .. The only issue i think they have with me is jealousy ,I've got stuff they want and are always trying to "come up" off me Im Lightweight nervous to walk to the church now because I'm thinking these kids will attempt to run me over. Wtf is people's problem. I'll post an update if I decide to leave my house, jehova might have stuff I want too and there's only one way to find out , but I'd be all about respect. Damn I'm sounding like a SUCKA , getting bit by the bigger fish lol
  6. Well, I've been to church with fiends before but that was when I was 12 and living in the city. i never payed attention , church never spoke my laungage , it wasnt because they spoke spanish , and other asian tounges , but yeah I'd only go for friends and now, hot girls.. Wow that sounds immature, like I don't care about spirituality lol .since moving to the rural community I've felt a bit isolated. last week these jehova witness (yeah I know great souls) came to my house with thier agenda pamphlets and the only reason Im interested is because the girl was hot but before talking she introduced her husband by name but not herself , I asked for her name and she told me. That's bad huh. I find it weird since jehova witness's don't recognize woman as holding power , she seemed very assertive and would interrupt her husband while he tried to talk. She played with her hair a lot and laughed at my remarks like when I told her suffering is desire" and if desires made her suffer that she should free herself from desire. I asked for an example of desires , she couldn't think of one but I told her about eating a box of cookies all at once and getting sick afterwards , but if the box was eaten in a span of days it would be easier to stomach. When I said I'd check out church if I had time she said you can sit with us if you'd like and her husband looked at her like wtf lol. Idk if I should go sit with them m or just go sit someplace else. These peop,e look about my age(early 20's) and are just as likely to slip up as anybody else and I just want them to question their doctrine. I'm going to give them bernie sander pamphlets and talk to them About democratic politics to see how they differ from the watchtower lol
  7. Can we get a free porn site to upload some of these videos so those who just J-0 can watch them without needing a webcam for those sexy ladies-im talking about cacti
  8. Last night i had a dream about the sterotypical question" where do you see yourself in 5 years?" , i was drinking orange juice. i fuckin hate orange juice, unless its mixed with other fruit lol. Zombies were eating my flesh.. Maybe i was smoking krokodile -can somebody please give my flesh back and ill provide real heroin? There was fire and- i used the OJ to put the flames out, apparently OJ simpson is on fire with the media but TV had nothing to do with my dream.. Prehaps im wrong and OJ was the fire- the wife and other victims were the zombies and im fighting fire with fire. Gotta cool down.
  9. MrDoRight

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    This came from a varigated pachanoi and Iam wondering if it too is varigated , the light blotches do remind me of varigation but I'm not sure.
  10. MrDoRight

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Here's a tip shot of the cactus
  11. MrDoRight

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Potted up some T.Pascana and what was labled as T.Validus although I'm suspecting they're probablly closer relatives to the taquiernsis or weirdimanius(sp) these are about 8 years old
  12. MrDoRight

    Browningia hertlingiana show off and discussion

    Man , I really regret not buying one of these . I think I saw one in the depot store
  13. MrDoRight

    Euphorbia I.D

    This sucker reminds me of some sort of coral from underneath the sea, I like the way how it looks like it grows in clumps
  14. To me it looks like a pineapple but its definitely a cacti.. The spines will age white , just like our hair , but that's besides the point , I was wondering if anybody could help me I.d the complex this trichocereus is part of.. It grew in clumps so I was guess a grandiflourus hybrid with terscheckii or another beastly columnar