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  1. Francois le Danque

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I just wanted to add for those interested a few of us from the Australian Psychedelic Society will be in attendance. I will be wearing my distinctive t shirt if anyone wants to come say heyheyhey. re: APS, soon we will make a thread detailing our activities and involvement we would like from the SAB. for now, this is the activity! be there AND be square. if you are into that sort of thing.
  2. Francois le Danque

    Just say "no" to sniffer dogs

    the coppers searched me illegally when i was 16 (theyre not allowed to search minors without parent consent). they took my vodka (which i acquired to make tinctures...) and my pocket knife (which was legal to carry at the time) ! See above.
  3. Francois le Danque

    Just say "no" to sniffer dogs

    Damn fucken 'straight' RC ^This is referred to as Miller's Harm Principle. If it does not harm, then it is not bad! I live my life by this credo. "One way" streets and "No Entry" signs look the fuck out!
  4. Francois le Danque

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Definitely same bat time, same bat place, yeah? Tea-coma. that's my kind of coma!
  5. Francois le Danque

    Meet up: Melbourne

    All of me will be there man
  6. Francois le Danque

    Meet up: Melbourne

    what she said, 100% and far kyeah karode, saturday is WHERE IT"S AT. sunday is too hard
  7. Francois le Danque

    Meet up: Melbourne

    K-rode, I agree with the don'tfix/notbroke mentality, but i also like trying new things. I think we should spread it around, and the gardens DO get somewhat tiresome eventually...at some of these suburban options we would literally be the only folks there and have the place to ourselves. I always feel a tiny bit like the botguards will come at the botgards... i vote we keep the seasonal Teacoma meetups as-is, but also add more frequent meets at chill suburban locales. Who is with me??
  8. Francois le Danque

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Damn right Obtuse, that was supposed to be my job (letting APS know what is going on SABwise) but I am not usually in the know myself so...we will see. making more of an effort to log on. I definitely second Carl's suggestion for that park in Kew, i have often trammed past there and thought it was a good spot. Another good potential in that area is Hawthorn Bridge. At the intersection of the 48/109 and 75 trams (Bridge road x church street KEW not nearby church street richmond..stupid town planners). It's about a mile south of Carl's suggestion, in the "old English". Nice and spacious, with less rich people around. And a nice view of the city, which you can see on Gargle street view. Give it your serious consideration!~ as for the dates, whenever is good for me. Carl how long until you move? i will definitely take some of the plants off your hands...but i too am moving and it would be better not to move them twice.
  9. Francois le Danque

    "Long time no see so hello" thread

    hahaha gemmy! so true. you nailed it, luv. ;) ...might wanna work on that punctuality though..i was absent for a while and i am glad i got back into school, so to speak. drop me a pm if you survived ega. i'm truly sorry if you didn;t because i hoped we could catch up in future. peace!
  10. Francois le Danque

    HAMILTON’S PHARMACOPEIA (Season 2 Trailer)

    Oi skel you are very right about hamo and his long hair days...he used to be a little bastard with no respect for local customs or people. he would rock up in the rainforest and be all "ewwww this place is dirty" to the locals. what a prick. I'm glad he at least now pretends to have humility and respect. The sage episode is seminal. so awesome. really shows how to use the plant properly. the american't way of smoking powerful extracts is disrespectful and dangerous. the traditional methods shown on the show produce life affirming and grand experiences. i'm glad, ultimately, that hamo is getting the message/s out. addendum: is he actually gay or are you joking about him and his boyfriend? just curious that's not a way iiii swing darling
  11. Stonewolf: FUCK YEAH i resonate HARD with that man. what you said, 100%. we should chat about our expos with that incense man. gooood smell. Home - Resonance (simpsonswave video. it tells a gripping story of cannabis medicalegalisation. check it) dank puft https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGkQdoG-7zw TLDR : RIP when sensibility was not prohibited :P/frankout
  12. Francois le Danque

    Um...wtf happened to chat?

    Hey team, howzit goen? hope y'all had a good solstmas or Misrule or whatever the hell you are into.t i just couldnt sleep, never can in summer, came on here to look for the old Chat function. did i miss it's funeral like 5 years ago? if so then gods rest it. ...maybe i will try stoner roullette or whatever the fuck it's called... lol? merry tidings again to all Real Humans. drop me a line. Especially if we met at EGA. Haven't yet made my "Did i meet you there?" thread but will soon. PEACE
  13. Francois le Danque

    EGA ticket for trade

    GO GO GO ..sorry i left this hanging, i thought I posted that i got a ticket already. shiiiit see you guys soon, good luck CT :D
  14. Francois le Danque

    EGA Ticket for sale $350

    I definitely intend to. the last one was AWESOME and i have been waiting for the next one ever since! anyone still got a tickey let me know!