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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all, A friend recently expressed concern about their relationship with alcohol (Not frequent but self medicated) Their issue stems from mental health problems mainly their inability to reach certain emotions and feelings that they once could (Feelings they feel while intoxicated) ANYWAY I told her about natural MAOIs and she was interested, first with Syrian Rue and thought maybe Passiflora Incarnata would be a milder (Easier to grow and ingest) approach. How would alcohol react with the MAOIs in P. Incarnata if she were to drink with the medicine in her system? I would love to hear stories of people using incarnata to help remedy mental health issues Thank you all so much for your time - it means a lot
  2. TheMooseZeus

    Alcohol, bars and drinking culture...

    Australia is pretty well known for it's drinking culture. Alcohol is a weird one too. The world health organisation recently changed the "Safe" dosage of alcohol from 3 standard drinks to 0... It's pretty well known for it's poison to both the biological body, the mind and society. Bars are interesting - Take the alcohol out of the equation and there's not a lot left. making bars by nature a toxic environment. A friend recently pointed out that if a berry had the same effect as a high dosage of alcohol - The plant would immediately be classified toxic and no one would bother with it again... This to be fair isn't enough to stop her from drinking. I know many people who detest alcohol for it's negative qualities yet in a social situation fall back on it. I've become increasingly confused as to where the appeal in "going out Friday nights" lies, in the social environment or the substance. I occasionally have a few drinks to make things bearable when around others in such a lowered state of consciousness and it sure works a treat. I am able to join in on half assed conversation surrounding and praising the ego. More importantly - what are your thoughts on the topic? (This comes from a point of fear of becoming an outcast in society. This fear further proving how huge of an impact alcohol has on us as a society)
  3. Hi all, Has anyone had any experience soaking your acacia (or otherwise) plant matter in high proof alcohol or iso for extended periods of time. For making soaps? I hear once evaporated it can form interesting crystals. - Thank you all!
  4. I am no puritan, and have drunk a shitload in my life. People often think I am anti-alcohol because of my website, but I'm not. I believe any adult should be able to use any drug they like. Do what you want as long as nobody else gets hurt. I am a teacher and therefore I think people need to be educated about alcohol, particularly in Australia, because my observations and experience has shown that we have no fucking idea what it does to you, in terms of harm, and we have been seduced into not even caring that we don't. Dr Alex Wodak is no puritan either. In fact he's got to be one of the most sensible, pro harm-reduction docs out there. Here's what he reckons about grog: What we now know is that alcohol consumption can never be justified on health grounds. Our understanding of its harms is all too clear — it is not a question of 'if' but a question of 'how much'. "The relationship between how much alcohol and how much harm differs for different kinds of harm," Dr Wodak said. "In some cases it seems to be linear, that is 'x' amount of drinking equals 'y' amount of harm, '2x' amount of drinking equals '2y' amount of harm." But in other cases, particularly heart disease, the risk associated with alcohol increases exponentially, so doubling your alcohol intake does a far greater amount of damage to the heart. Similarly for the liver — which the French are credited with abusing by steady, regular alcohol intake — alcohol-induced cirrhosis, or scarring of the liver, cannot be undone and eventually leads to liver failure. Long-term heavy alcohol consumption is also linked to an increased risk of cancer of the mouth, bowel, liver, prostate and breast. The brain also suffers from heavy regular alcohol consumption, although it can be difficult to separate the harm caused by alcohol from the harm caused by other behaviours and lifestyle factors that often go hand-in-hand with regular excessive drinking. http://www.abc.net.au/news/health/2015-12-01/is-binge-drinking-worse-for-your-health-than-drinking-every-day/6986912?section=health Heading into the festive season maybe stop and have a think about what's so festive about hangovers and liver failure aye? It's not a question of if it will happen, but when you've killed of heaps of brain cells you ostensibly will find it difficult to ask any questions any more. Just because loads of people will want YOU to drink because they are doesn't mean you have to, and just because there is a celebration going on doesn't mean you need to get shit-faced because you're an Aussie and it's "What we do!". Going 'slow' doesn't matter to your organs either, they're still getting smashed.. Enjoy your christmas, and any bevvies, but if you read this, try and remember. You know now, so use your education wisely. Love, your Nanny, RC.
  5. I wonder how much alcohol one can consume without, ever experiencing alcohol cravings or withdrawls? I stopped drinking for sometimes up to 7 or more years, but alcohol is the only medication, I feel save with, regarding all my disorders. the side effects, and the effects of all prescription drugs I tried, stop me from ever going down this route again... I want sometime though a break from all the suffering, and alc does that for me. I could never have just a few drinks, like 3 can's of full strength, or to just drink once a week... my question, if I have 7 full strength beers one day, and than two day's without a drink, will I develop withdrawls or cravings over time?? i'm on this regime, since my last alc break, which was for 6 months or close to. but had only 3 drinking day's so far, and I don't want to get hooked on alc again....
  6. nagual78

    Sleep patterns

    Hi all, i just thought id start a topic that has been a common thread in my life , sleep and the lack of it!. For many years now i have had a great deal of trouble sleeping , in my youth i used to go to alotof rave parties and then on to clubs. all the while working as a chef (which does not lend itself to normal sleep patterns at the best of time) and i believe that through my consumption during these times i have done some sort of irreverseable damage to my sleep thingy. Any way for years cannabis worked for me but as i got older , had more responsibility i.e a family, higher roles in the restaurant industry it had become detremental. After quitting for a month my sleep was still broken and myself verging on insanity from sleep dep. I tried many things melatonin( just didnt seem to work), alcohol ( great but i would wake when it wore off, and is not a good long term solution), benzos ( worked but that shits just a trap), meditation and finally tryptophan as i have recently given up ciggies as well and let me tell you it worked an effin treat( good dreams not tiring nightmares as with all of the above and a great restful sleep, I took 200mg of l- tryptophan and i weigh about 75kg, I will try again tonight and let everyone know. I just thought this might help someone else out there. And would love to hear anyone elses thoughts You can only put up with no sleep for so long and this helped
  7. http://www.theage.co...1203-2ar04.html i really can't copy and paste the article, the formatting keeps going wrong...
  8. whitewind

    Keep It Legal !

    Our society has an obsession with the legal drug, alcohol. I think it's about time we highlighted just how dangerous this fully legal psycho-active drug can be. In my opinion, the effects are far worse than most other drugs. In fact, I wanted to call this thread "You would never see a stoner do that!" Daily Heil (UK)