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  1. Drildo

    Post a random picture thread

    ^ Gazing it, through a hair balaclava & 6 sets of eyeballs
  2. Drildo

    Post a random picture thread

    I know what you did last summer
  3. Drildo

    Introducing: "SAINT PAUL"

    Thats all we're allowed to grow for these days, 'aesthetics' and your rare peru find (St Paul) is one of the loveliest looking Blue Peru's I've seen floating around. I will pay $1 per cm man, set its value at a decent standard from the beginning, charge other SABers what you wish, from me I will pay $1 per cm (for your effort & I am particularly attracted to it). I will PM you later on tonight anyway regarding the caccy mate, thank you! Thank you for the kind words HD, means a lot. I'd rather write (speak) from the heart, I'm open with everyone about what I get up to. I get help when I need it and these days try to keep myself in-check somewhat and responsible with my indulgences along with straight up refusing to consume a certain class anymore (big for me).... Things are good nowadays mate, the garden is thriving, relations are improving, meeting new people, etc etc... Time for some mycology now its getting cold, woot woot. Mate, I'll upload some pix later on tonight. I've just gotten 24 immaculate pieces in-ground within the last 3ish months (last 8 went in a week ago). I'm frothing more than I've ever frothed before. Even more frothy than when I first discovered how clear the 'Internet History' as a wee young lad. Things are well and truly off their heads, when you see it you'll know I am not just decaying here like a leech on the system. I am doing epic things! Cheers! Expect some pix here in the next few hrs, and a PM from me later on tonight. Lots 'o LOVEEE ~Skel
  4. Drildo

    Introducing: "SAINT PAUL"

    ^ Its been quickly brought to my attention that I maybe should not of posted her name & website etc for fear of her job being a government employee was the individuals concern. She is in fact a private mental health contractor to my particular job agency (one of dozens available to choose from when u sign up for centrelink as a jobseeker). Her website is the face of her business, shes open and hands business cards out to every client and leaves them with the job agency. She only works for one, they love her, an employee of the agency recommended her as an onboard Councillor for this particular mob to have ondeck every Tuesday. Shes got a good contract, does good work, and is honest about what she does. She works in Aus most of the year and facilitates healing trips to Peru. If any of my little ramble was not above board please scrub/edit it. But I think its OK - Her job is not at risk, if anything its like advertising (in the right place, right circles) for a mental health professional with her kind of perspective, probably what a lot of us need to be honest. Anyways scrub it if it needs scrubbing. I'm ratshit & crashing out - its a heinous time of the morning. Peace out & good vibes to all. ~Skel.
  5. Drildo

    Introducing: "SAINT PAUL"

    Epic fucking competition and gorgeous new Peruvianus clone @Halcyon Daze Congrats to; @Horus and to @freakazoid ^ Very lucky boys. I was meaning to write a short story of my Centrelink debauchery, public wig outs, claims of heavy drug dependency and playing the game hardout. I do it all for the cactus, for the spare time to cultivate. My job providers ceased all job searching requirements at the start of the year shortly before I was due to enter into a 'work for the dole phase' whilst still injecting me with maximum dole money each week ever since. I just had to lose my shit in the office and start screaming like a spastic, and everything worked out. I turned blue (an understatement) during new years celebrations snorting U47 (aka U-47700), It killed Prince back 2016 (was amoungst the cocktail he was on) & nearly me too early Jan this year. I've now got a script for Naloxone that I have not, nor will ever need to use I don't imagine. I haven't dabbled in that class of 'comforters' since my blue lipped eye opener at the start of the year. Got 5 months of Mirtazapine 30mg untouched too (a medical record if you will, that plus the nax = good on paper if you're trying to get written off). Anyway after this 20+ months of serious grubbery (all for the cactus mainly - but I do hate work & bosses) Centrelink have put me in contact with a free government subsidized drug and alcohol Councillor (psychologist?). Muriel spent a fucking decade in Peru under the guidance of a shaman training in the practice of Huachuma ceremonies mainly, and aya to a lesser degree also. Retrained in late life (her mid 40's) in psychology, then went to peru for a decade, and is back now helping turds like myself at the job provider office. Anyway, I cant face her fuck-eyed (cooked/sizzled/whacked) any more, the guilt is overbearing, we share a genuine contact and froth together over garden photos. She wants to take me to Peru for medicine, she facilitates annual trips over there for interested/suffering punters looking for relief. She also sort of alludes to having facilities in Aus to provide the same thing, but definitely isn't 100% open with cenno referred 'loose-units' like myself... Anyway, the rort, the game, the bludge, its all coming undone, but in a good way though. All roads/arrows/indicators are telling me that I need to experience the caccy, sooner rather than later. IT'S CALLING ME! - IT'S WHAT I NEED! Shes met Darpan and Julian Palmer, has links to EGA on her website (Suchhh a fkn trip out & small world & awesomely cool). The universe is trying to tell me something here I am getting the feeling. ''I need Brew, and I need Peru''. Heres her website: http://www.seekingselfhappiness.com.au/services-huachuma-consultancy.php She probably even lurks on these forums. Trades as 'Huachuma Consultancy' aka 'Seeking self Happiness'. Does anyone know her or have heard of her, maybe from past EGA's? Anyways, I'm glad I held off, my story wouldn't of won anyway, but I'd rather not put my hand out for more 'hand outs' these days, tax payers fund my free quality counselor's & pocket money. I'd rather pay if the possibility is open HD? I'm looking for 2 primo fattt "St Paul" tip cuts to start my collection if at all possible Hal? I will/can pay & pay handsomely (tis a gorgeous clone that I'd like to see many SABers start growing/propagating). Congrats on the once in a lifetime find mate & congrats again to the winners of this comp. Lucky lucky mongrels with awesome, funny, honest, clever and entertaining short tales. Has been a wicked thread. Stay safe & love your life. Practiced harm minimization always. ... And don't be afraid to lose your shit publicly sometimes. Everything in moderation - even intoxicated belligerence every now and then Kindest regards to all the readers, ~Skellum (The Southern Grub) EDIT: This is her, younger, and knackered after a night on the aya I think a bit airy. But shes good (for me at least). Again, it was centrelink who put me onto her for free and is promoting these kinds of thoughts/beliefs for current drug addicts. Maybe the whole systems bout to shift boys 'n girls. Maybe the plant teachers will get the recognition, the law reform and the scientific study that is so duly needed (one day lets hope...):
  6. Two weeks or less and ill see how I'm going, Able. I'd have to see family near Miami Beach (Goldcoast, QLD), and Grassy Head (Midnorthcoast, NSW) on the way through. So you driving your Van would be best, as to not hold u up. Maybe getting like 20-50litre plant bags and semi potting our shit up would see them better traveling too (providing rootstock is attached). We can dig together, I have performance enhancers for the day (should our host allow, and if I drive). Probably touch base in Sydney on our way up. Drive separately. Stop at Grassy (my joint) if you need to piss and shit and eat and medicate, then continue north on our venture (another 5ish hrs). I guess its free reign till then. Epic fkn vines! good luck ladies and gents. P.S. Three Brother Mountains (Acacia Courtii native microclimate) is on our way. A little bo-peed and a quick seed collection sesh might be cool?
  7. Yeah bro (fully, fulllllly fucked...), entirely intolerable & totally unbearable, lol you must of been off your head... Pick up some early NIN albums, melodic industrial, not just static interference, you can actually recognize the sounds of some real instruments in there. Bro u should of signed a record deal deal with Bush, he could of played that to Iraqi PoW's on loop for weeks on end just to see what would happen, no water boarding needed.
  8. Shizen! That is a rare offer! Ah, some sense (good to see). Top tricho clones go for $2 per cm, not caapi. But I guess its been nearly a decade since 09, much more caapi available nowadays at realistic prices (especially here on SAB). I'm in the Shoalhaven (South coast NSW) - 13ish hrs drive south of you. I'm tempted to drive to Sydney park at the airport, fly up, hire a ute in brissy, buy the plants, drive back to Sydney and dump the ute, load my own ute up and drive back down south. I have a 2 door hylux with a huge tray though, probably silly flying up and hiring a ute, i'd spend 4 hrs driving to sydney and 1 hour waiting for the plane, then an hour fucking around getting picked up at the other end/getting a hire car... Driving is probably not much more time consuming & likely cheaper $$ too. Hmm, going to be hard to orchestrate as I'm busy, hosting guests for the next 10 days. Some local will pick them up (the vines & others) for sure before then I reckon... Fkn spewing! I'd be looking to grab the root mass of the 2x 10 year old Caapis + 6-8foot of attached vine, on every shooting limb growing from the root masses (dozen(s) feet per rootmass I estimate judging by photos). I want fatttt established plants I can plant down here (in a non ideal climate, compared to yours) so hopefully they can take off with some resilience and establish themselves, settle in & survive. I'd be looking for maybe a viridis bush or two as well, but dug up and chucked in the ute for 1-2 days, then brought down here into brutal cold, might just see them fail hard & perish, wasting my time? I think P.Nexus and P.Cartha are more cold resilient vs P.Viridis, from what I've head. I've got nice Courtii growing at the moment, so I am not entirely without. Anyway I will keep an eye on this plant sale thread of yours over the next fortnight. And once my guests leave I will assess funds & seriously consider the pilgrimage up north if those two root masses haven't sold by then, I don't like my odds though. This is a great sale that will fly out the door I reckon. Hope the house sale/move goes well & your health improves sketchykid. Make la medicina with your garden before u move & sell it all, maybe it will provide some much needed healing. Kindest regards, Skel.
  9. ^ Boi you're making my knickers sticky. What is that munted unit - a TBM also? or no EDIT: Guessing not a TBM spines & colour don't look right & the tip of the nuggets look different Is that, the seed grown 1 ribbed 'skellum' from your gallery a few months back? noice.
  10. What tricho do u see there SayN, is it just that TBM? Is someone driving around actually bothering to enter a 3 segment TBM in a cactus expo/competition(?)... Christ... These clowns need the corroboree to come crash their next expo. Looks pretty disappointing overall dude (not that id really know). Where the fuck was it held, Rooty Hill RSL(?) Looks like a budget venue, sporting an anti-climatic display. I reckon more than half the cacti SABers could put on a better/more impressive show than that (maybe I'm being harsh). Is this a regular thing you go to, or a first & last time thing, lol? I can't visibly ID your photos though (lack of knowledge), maybe they're rare as fuck... Some of them look like Bunnings Multicoloured graft specials (e.g. cheap n' nasty). I'd take fat TBM bushes and huge tricho stands, crests and lophs anyday over those rock melon looking bulbous grafts entered there, I'm probably just somewhat ignorant, and bias toward what i like though. Cheers for sharing though mate.
  11. Drildo

    The Random Thread.

    Its 45 minutes into winter here on the east coast and I've already had a gut full.
  12. Drildo

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    ^ yes except the 2nd last row, which I think may of been something that was tested recently. refer to his DNA testing of subs thread where they (he / pablo) found a 99% dna similarity to cyanscens in regards to the visually questionable specimens (2nd last row). winter man.... jesus i get a stiffy every year.
  13. Drildo

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    rumor has it hes turned legit i dont believe rumors