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  1. Master B

    Forum Fund Raiser!!! Variegated TBM graft

    No worries T! Thanks for the site!
  2. Master B

    Whiora x (scop &J2) seed giveaway.

    Got all but two in the post tonight.. still waiting on squidgygoanna and IssaMel77 for an addy? Sorry it has all taken so long to post..
  3. Master B

    Forum Fund Raiser!!! Variegated TBM graft

    Holy shit balls!!! Darklight. Its yours alright. Nice work for the forum! Mate i have to double check? you do realize its for the graft in the very first two pictures? But if your happy and all is sorted i will hook you up with a couple of other nice bits. B
  4. Master B

    Forum Fund Raiser!!! Variegated TBM graft

    Last minute picture of what this graft should look like if grown in full sun..... with the nice mottling. Sorry about the old phone shot.
  5. Master B

    Whiora x (scop &J2) seed giveaway.

    Sorry Peoples I am a bit preoccupied with work of late.... I have the seed packs packed and ready to go. Looks like i will be sending on saturday morning at this stage.... I was hoping on the last couple of stragglers to give me their addys before the weekend so i could do it all at once? It just might be another week before i can send yours if i dont see your addy before tomorrow night? There were a couple of people that sent me messages confirming their win but zero address? If you want me to guess i can try....But I cant be sure they will get there?LOL Thanks everyone and check out the thread variegated TBM raising money for the forum in the sale thread. Cheers B
  6. Master B

    Whiora x (scop &J2) seed giveaway.

    20 -taken 9- squidgygoanna 1- N/A 18- taken 5 - matt1208 18- taken 6 - taken 7- smithy So smithy , matt1208 and squidgygoanna are the last three tto make up the 10 different people. Send your addys Thanks everybody!
  7. Master B

    Whiora x (scop &J2) seed giveaway.

    Sorry just looking at this i will draw a few more so they go to different people. So the peoples that got doubles sorry to say will be getting one share. Hope thats ok...would nust like to share the love a bit more....
  8. Master B

    Whiora x (scop &J2) seed giveaway.

    Congratulations people.... And thanks to my brother from another mother EG for helping! Please send me your addys and i will endeavour to get them out in the next couple of days. If anybody needs some pere or grafting help to get them started please mention that in the message. Cheers B
  9. Master B

    Whiora x (scop &J2) seed giveaway.

    I have contacted EG and he will draw this later today. Thanks
  10. Master B

    Forum Fund Raiser!!! Variegated TBM graft

    The scion comes grafted to that stock. Im sorry im not sure what the stock is but it is a seed grown plant.
  11. Hey Ladies and Gents Short story i love this Forum. But have been really busy with work lately. I would like to help support its success.... So im donating a graft of a Variegated Trichocereus Bridgesii monstrose (aka variegated penis cactus) This is located in oz but if its ok to send to your country quite happy to send it? I will cover registed post. Please note these are being propagated under lights and that is why it appears lime green. Trust me grow this in full sun and all the new offsets will get beautiful mottled variegation. With the green even going blue. This is the plant for donation ( note there are 4 good areoles and the tip will still grow) The bidding will end Sunday the 13th of August 2017 at 8pm est... Graft will be sent after screen shot of payment has been shown to me and confirmed! Happy bidding!!! Here is a shot of the plant i took the graft from. Again it has been under lights so thats why its yellow and lime green. They love being in full sun though! Not for sale just for show
  12. Hey good people... This Forum is one of the best cactus/info resources on the web.... sorry to say with little contribution from me. So i feel its only right that I would like to give a bit back . ( I will be also doing some server money raising Auctions starting over the weekend so keep your eye out. This is a giveaway of 10 separate packs of seed containing around 30+ Whiora x ( MB scop and J2 pollen, almost 99.9% sure its Mb scop as the dad as i had no luck with the j2 on many other occasions)\ I would prefer this to go to people that i already haven't sent this particular Whiora cross to this "season"( If your a mate and need more just ask happy to send you more.....Really want to give this to new growers....) Now Im not going to lie you will need your grafting skills for this one and i recomend onto pere in the 2-4 week mark? But diving in head first is the best way.... trust me . I will cover post anywhere in the world for the seeds but if your in oz and if you ask nicely i could even help with a few nice ready to go pere if your a winner?... I will also offer support or grafting advice of needed to help you on you way. These seeds produce many variegates and around 3-5% Monstrose and at very worst you may get a pretty flower in a very short few years . If your really lucky and skillful you may even get a Vari/crest/Monstrose This is open to everybody the world over !!!everyone loves a game.... But if you already have these seeds and win please pass them on to a newer? grower as a gift! So post and say your number in succession please... if you need/want a particular number please wait to post on that number. Sorry EG havent asked yet.... but do you mind drawing this with a random number gen after say Sunday the 6th 8pm ozzy time... If EG cant do it i will organize another trusted member to do it. Good luck Here are a couple of grafts of this cross
  13. Master B

    Show off your freaks

    Couple of some what?.... monsters and varie’s? I was picking for variegates but got a couple of monstose...Names under each pic. I must admit the largest amount of variegated trichs in my last couple of years has come from Misplant seed..... Red grandi x clyde(misplant seed) Whiora x (Scop & J2) Whiora x (Scop & J2) Whiora x (Scop & J2) Whiora x (Scop & J2) Whiora x (Scop & J2) Whiora x (Scop & J2) Whiora x (Scop & J2) From memory.... Dawsons short spine T x scop..( Brew seeds) Check the trade thread as im giving away some whiora x seeds as of now
  14. Master B

    Show off your freaks

    Ha must admit im thinking more inanimate... Really get moist over German and Japanese tools.... They are just the beez neez. I have a couple of memorably painful Bavarians. But i have worked with painful people of every heritage... Im very sure many people in my industry/in general think im hard work. Glaukus i have that graft for you just waiting to pup and i will send. Back on track..........
  15. Master B

    Show off your freaks

    All good mate! I think you might be mixing something up though. Dr Snuggles lives Germany and i know he has a very unique job that enables him to collect plants from pretty much anywhere and completely legal and above board. Hes also a pretty dam good grower for seed as well and would have one of the best collections going... In my industry the best of everything is german....Festool, Fein and Haberle etc. So i was infering that Dr Snuggles collection was top shelf like other German products. Sorry if i offended you in any way?