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  1. oriky

    the 'TPM' thread

    here mine, right now 4 different clones: 1. think it's the Altman/CCC/TPM1 of Sagi, from local supplier, he have very big crest plant, when i ask for cutting he bring me this plant 2. crest plant, i think it's TPM2 of sagi. 3.plant from the great Sagi sure it's tpm1 (am i right sagi?) 4. dunno what is it, nice monstrose, dosnt have any charters of knowen cutting. local grower 5. i think it's also TPM2 of sagi, from the same grower i get number 4. Sagi, what you thing? can you arrange my mind? Thanks :D
  2. oriky

    OSP Pach Comp giveaway

    13 december
  3. oriky

    Catha edulis - History, Cultivation and Use

    Hi there. usually the red color on the stem appreciate lately and not at the early stage of the plant, about the temperature - my kaht (it big plant and not a seedling) looking great at full sun, at the cold season (last winter it was cover with snow for 3 days)dropping all the leaves and look like it died, but when the spring back, she start growing again, and two weeks later she shiny again. my last seedling was died because i didn't acclimatize him to the sun - so i think the seedling is much more sensitive..
  4. oriky

    ariocarpus seeds

    hey guys, i'm looking for ariocarpus seeds, any var. if you have some spare please contact me thank you
  5. oriky

    Germinating Caapi

    Mate, your teks are amazing, and your plants too. I just sow the seeds on moist soil, keeo it moist, and even the temp are cold the germinate, (16-26 c).
  6. oriky

    Black dots on TBM?

    Thanks guys, i know is common, but is look this time i have too much black dots, i will add a photo next couple hours.
  7. oriky

    Black dots on TBM?

    hey guys, after my cuzco are almost died - overwaterd, and the tershcekii already died , the melted wax also going to die , i think is kind of fungi (small white dots all inside the cacti - on the "meat"). i see small black dots on my TBM, i know small dots are often on bridgesii, and they also sign of overfeeding, but i not use fertilizer... the TBM also dont like me? i try to upload images tommorow, do you guys any idea what append in my garden? im depressed on the last days because the cacti
  8. oriky

    bad roting cuzco help

    thanks for the tips guys, i just cut it, here picture of the cutting area, i put the cutting to dry and it will take some time, is almost 70CM cutting so it will take some weeks. i try to look for small spider or something else but didnt see noting.
  9. hey guys, today i just see this on my cuzco, is a plant i grow from seeds so i like it. i think its happend becuase i give to much water, something like this happend with my of my loph (and now is only half loph) i clean the rot area, and give it to dry couple days, there is small air root that you can see on some the picture, my quesition is if to put in on the ground lik it was before, same place, or give the rot area dry for couple days, and then put all the trich inside th soil till the air roots will be also on the soil? i plan to support it with a stick, it will not stand alone again it will be o.k or it better i will cut it now?
  10. oriky

    id help

    Are you sure?, it's not simaler to my cuzco...
  11. oriky

    id help

    hey guys, i got cutting from this plant, my cutting get darker green, and look quite good. someone know which thrichocereus is it?
  12. oriky

    TBM, short, medium and long forms?

    i dont think so, i already see some different plant of TBM short form that was quite bigger... zelly, you make me laugh i wish i have all the time to read all the threads, i cant find the time. and none of the threads is unequivocal... i will look on the thread you share, thx
  13. hey guys, i just talk with american guy, he told me he have medium and long forms of TBM,i know only the short form and the long one. when i ask him what is medium one he told me the is a around 7-8 inch for branch. so, here what im think. (all the picture from the net, if is a problem please let me know) Short form: medium form: and the long form: