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  1. Terrapin

    Free Peres

    No, you re the first in. Pm me your details and I ll get them in the post this arvo.
  2. Terrapin

    Free Peres

    I had to trim off my pereskiopsis stocks yesterday and have a nice pile for the first in. About 20 unrooted sticks 15cm or so, mostly tips and some other scraggly bits. Grown under LEDs with plenty of humidity. Would be a great start to get an army going over winter or to replenish low stocks. Postage will be covered. First to pm or reply. Cheers
  3. Terrapin

    Old colour scheme!

    Haha, I thought the same thing godless. There is an option (on the mobile site anyway) to change between this and blue theme at the bottom of the page. Much prefer the old Corroboree colours though.
  4. Terrapin

    Ever adopted a dog? Pros/cons or stories?

    Hi d00d My parents have always adopted dogs from the rspca and they ve been great. When we got the last one, a labrador/kelpie cross, she was very wary of adults and would flinch if you put your hand out to pat her. She was about 18 months old and I remember it took a very long time, over a year, for her to feel safe and comfortable enough not to be scared by a hand coming towards her. She turned out to be a beautiful dog with a bulletproof temperament and lived to the ripe old age of 16. I wouldn t take the way she acts in the cage as too much of an indicator of how she ll behave in a home environment. The staff should be able to give you the best idea of her personality, especially as they ve tested her temperament. Sometimes small kids can trigger a dog with a high prey drive with a high pitched laugh or squeal. Not saying this is the case here, but it might be worth asking what she reacted to in the test. You may have to have a comfortable place for her to be tethered or a dog run like Amz said if you plan on having kids around. I d say they would be pretty clear if she was unsocial or aggressive to other dogs, an intro first situation is a good start to resocialising an unsure dog. Dont be too worried about sit/stay and walking on a lead, you ll be able to teach that relatively easily. In my experience its much harder trying to un-teach a behaviour or habit. She could be a barker, chewer or a digger. Will she be alone during the day? She sounds like she just craves human company and theres no reason she can t be the softy who sits with you and soaks up pats and cuddles. You ll probably have to work on a few things as she adjusts, especially socialising with other dogs if she s been in a few scraps, but you d have to do that anyway, wherever you got a dog from. At the end of the day all you can do is give her your love and a full belly, which by the sounds of it she hasn t had in the past. Dogs are awesome, they ll repay your love and loyalty in spades. Good luck with your decision.
  5. Terrapin

    Moonunit cacti seed auction

    ^Great work on your comp too, mate!
  6. Terrapin

    Moonunit cacti seed auction

    Thanks mate, and yeah, great work hillbilly and moonunit. Cant wait to see the funky one in the flesh, I remember you writing about boultwood in a thread, high praise.
  7. Terrapin

    Moonunit cacti seed auction

  8. Terrapin

    Any sailors is S.A.B

    House sitting might be something you could look at Hillbilly. I ve done it in Costa Rica and a few times in Panama and they ve been amazing experiences. I used this site for most of them and word of mouth for others http://www.mindmyhouse.com/homepage When I was looking there were plenty of rural and semi rural places to stay and even work for a bit of pocket money. Great way to experience living somewhere. Sorry for going off topic Bigred
  9. Terrapin

    Loph seed wanted

    ^ +1
  10. Wert, I have back pain from an injury that appears in similar situations, sleeping in awkward positions, even just on my side will set it off. It also left me with dodgy posture, so even standing or sitting for a while locked it up. Celebrex and nurofen or panadol helps once its aggravated, but the only thing thats actually improved the state of my back has been yoga and pilates. Like SJack said, strengthening everything around that core area takes all the pressure off. I never went to classes when I started either, just youtubed pilates for back pain. It made a huge difference for me after no time at all. Hope you find something that helps mate.
  11. Mine arrived yesterday, super quick, thanks mate. Love your work. And the generous extras!
  12. Terrapin

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    ^ Yep. ^ At close to a dollar a seed when you add postage, I d be interested to see if they get any takers. I really need to get myself an ss catalogue.