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  1. eYann

    People between sydney and coffs

    Hey is anybody selling anything unusual or special (not seeds) between Sydney and Coffs area? Please send me a message and pictures/prices/trade offers. Looking to bulk up the collection over the winter now. I can drive to you most likely.
  2. If anybody is looking to get rid of some larger pieces or any specialties if you live in between sydney and brisbane send me a message. Will be on a road trip and would like to pick up some new things for the collection!
  3. eYann

    whats up for sale in sydney area?

    stocks to be used for grafting. smooth(er) trichs. anything unusual. lops maybe. looking to expand my collection and get some grafting down pat
  4. Hey all, anybody selling anything interesting in the Sydney area at the moment?
  5. Hello, this is the first cactus I've had that has flowered. I currently have all my cacti in a hothouse (enclosed) but a few are beginning to flower, as this loph here. My question is, should it be outside to fruit, or do I have to cross-pollinate it on my own to make it fruit, or will it just do it on its own?
  6. eYann

    Grafting Book

    does anybody know the password so that i can print the book?
  7. eYann

    Coca Leaf Liqueur (Agwa)

    They sell Agwa Blue now special order from dan murphs website but it carries a pretty hefty pricetag
  8. Hello, I was curious if anybody knew of anywhere around Sydney to purchase a larger greenhouse (up to 3x5m). I have also been looking in to purchasing one of the Maze greenhouses from Bunnings. http://www.mazeproducts.com.au/ , does anybody have any feedback on theses? Also if you have something for sale that is a substantial size, please send me some info!
  9. Hello, I just thought I'd put it out there to anybody in the Sydney area (and north, south or west up to 4ish hours). I'm looking for a site to hold a doof on. It would be a full weekend party, which has been fully planned besides the site at the moment. If you or anybody you know has a large chunk of land where we could pump some psy music, I would be happy to get in touch with you or them. Message me here and I can speak here or on the phone! We will get insurance and can also pay for the site! Cheers
  10. Well it has been outdoors and there has been a few storms lately, I havent watered it otherwise. I live in Sydney so we have been having those few big storms, but none of the other peyotes in other pots are effected. maybe ill try taking it out of its pot and letting the root mass dry up for the next two days and repot in fresh soil
  11. Hey i noticed this Peyote was getting very soft and squishy and turning purple, does anybody know what to do about this? Also it seems there are a lot of small sand flies or something crawling around through it for some reason.