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  1. Hey folks, Just looking for the right someone that has too many loph seeds and not enough time to sew them! Pass them my way if you want them to go to a good home. Im looking at buying any loph seeds you have.
  2. Awesome finally !! I actually just cant believe it! amazing! Please let forth your bounty upon us so that we may go forth and sew the seeds of awesomeness and bringeth unto the world the most bodacious seedlings that have ever been seen!
  3. NightBreed

    The Sowing Out Thread

    Lets see, pc x scop dan x rosei 1 = red flowers! yowie x scope yowie x pc T macro pc x peru ariocarpus fiss Lophs willi super pedro x open about 1000 lumberjack x juuls
  4. NightBreed

    Trichocereus peruvianus 'John'

    YO interbeing! Nice plants man Ill def take some seeds. Ive got those ones from last year doing real nice now.
  5. NightBreed

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    Hey thanks! Endorfinder
  6. NightBreed

    Incogsfukup comp

    damn im behind everyone by a week or two now that mine didnt come in the mail! We shall see what happens
  7. NightBreed

    Variegated pachanoi snub cutting

    I would love to graft some of the areolas but so far none of my grafts have taken and im afraid I would mess it up. If there was someone more experienced in Melbourne that could help me do this I could pay them for helping me or trade.
  8. NightBreed

    Variegated pachanoi snub cutting

    Thanks ive been hearing a lot about sand being the best substrate for rooting. Not sure why its better than soil but I can understand the heat pad. I have a heat pad for seedlings and as soon as this cut has healed up for a few days ill pop it in some sand on the heat mat with some rooting powder and just wait I guess.
  9. Hey guys I got this nice little peice of variegated Pachanoi and it has been in the ground for a while before I got it and sprouted no roots and it has shrunk up a lot so Im worried it wont make it long enough to root and grow new pups before it dries up all the way because its so small. So the other day I sliced off 1 cm of the bottom callus and tried to graft it to a meter tall super pedro but over night the flesh of the cactus shrank away leaving only the vascular rings sticking out and they pushed eachother apart. I had a lot of preasure on it to but it didnt stop them. It looked like the pach was so dried up that it just didnt want to graft because it just shrinks up to much for the connection to be good. So I decied to not take any more risk and just root it but given its size and the fact that I only want pups to come out of the variegated side do you think I sould lay it on its green side and let the ribs root or stand it in some soil about half an inch in, just enough to get some roots on it but leaving enough of the cacti out so pups can form? What would you do with such a rare but demenishing peice of cacti?
  10. NightBreed

    Spring cactus clean out

    Ill take a Mum n dad.
  11. NightBreed

    Bulk trichocereus seeds wanted

    Hey there lovely people, Im looking to buy some bulk tricho seeds. Pm me if you have some for sale in bulk prices. Bulk as in hundreds or a thousand. Thanks
  12. Ive seen these insects before during sessions and It was like they were there cleaning or eating dead soul matter that I didnt need so that I could be cleansed before I went to the next level. They are like the fish that clean sharks and whales in the ocean. It makes them happy to do their job because thats what they live off of.
  13. NightBreed

    Plant consciousness

    Planthunter your welcome, I think it is very liberating to talk about things that our society try to dismiss in all forms. My native American ancestors would have thought we were crazy for even having this discussion because OF COURSE plants can feel and comunicate! Thats why Terence mckenna says that our culture is our enemy. We have to change it and bring our kids up to see nature for what it really is and to see the machine of society for what it really is. Any ways sorry about that I always go on about soceity this and that. I have always been called to plants for some reason and I have lived in 35 cities in 5 different countries so it was hard to always have plants in my life. One time I travelled accros America in a 1980 chevy step van and had a potted bonsai jade tree that travelled 10,000 miles and got to see the whole country. I had to leave it with a friend in Portland Oregon and I told her its storey and that she had to take care of him because hes a speceial plant that loves to travel. But now im in Australia and have heard the calling again for plants and over the last couple years have grown quite the nice collection of medicinal ornamental and shamanic plants and in doing so I have grown within my self my marrage and my professional life. Leaps and bounds I would say. The more connected I get to my plants the more I see my own deepest problems in front of me for me to fix. I can see things clearer. I can slow down and appreciate my life and the simple things. I have been opening up to the plant consciousness in my garden a lot over the last few months more than ever. I have to say that there is something in the back of my mind pulling me towards what is good for me and my own evolution. I swear it has everything to do with my taking care of my plants. The more I open up to them and help them grow the more something in me opens up. Like a link or bond between me and my higher power. I believe that this is the link or bond that our Gov or what ever force you want to call it (capitalism) wants to distroy. If we have this bond like my native American ancestors used to have we become more powerfull than them and they dont want that. So you get what weve got here and that is a fear of the unknown in our society. Do plants feel? Are you crazy of course not! Go back to sleep!
  14. NightBreed

    Plant consciousness

    Wow thats an amzing story ghost cat! I think its all about freeing your mind or letting go of preconseptions and having no thoughts so you can connect. Its a subtle energy after all and you need to clear a space for that subtle energy to come through.