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  1. Not exhaustive but a start... https://www.ausbushfoods.com/bushfoodsonline/plants/acacias.htm
  2. Freakosystem

    covid 19 vaccination

    1. "A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infectious or malignant disease". This does imply full imunity and neither the Australian government nor the pharma companies involved were claiming total immunity when the first batch arrived in Australia. The claim was that the data showed they improve patient outcomes. This is still correct. 2. Are you misreading? No. You're drawing inferences which cannot be made from that data. There's insufficient data for your interpretation. You need to compensate for the fact that the very high risk population was the first to receive the vaccine. If you're many times more likely to die or be hospitalised from covid than the rest of the population and you take a vaccine which improves your likelihood of survival but not more than your pre-existing vulnerabilities, you're still far more likely to die from covid despite the vaccine. 3. You didn't address my point despite quoting it and numbering yours. Are you referring to side effects from all vaccines (notnjust covid ones) or are you referring to side effects caused by the spike protein which is present in orders of magnitude more abundance when infected by covid and therefore not attributable to the vaccine but rather the virus? *edit* Again, I'm stopping short of telling anybody what to do with their life. I don't want to do that. I couldn't deal with the burden of having to make decisions for others. I think that's wrong. But I'm equally unapologetic about what opinions I hold. I'm explaining me, what I believe and why I believe it. No harm or disrespect meant to anybody.
  3. Freakosystem

    covid 19 vaccination

    You disagree with points 2 and 3? To recap, my points 2 was: 2. Vaccinated people tend to have less severe symptoms and better outcomes If point 2 was wrong then the null hypothesis would be correct by definition. This would mean that vaccinated people would either have the same exact outcome as unvaccinated individuals or in fact have worse outcpmes that unvsccinated individuals. Broadly speaking, the constituents of the vaccine can be broken down into two categories; the stuff that's novel to vaccines and the stuff that isn't. The novel ingredient is the spike protein from the virus and the rest of the constituents are not novel. Everything other than the spike protein is used in other vaccines regularly so there's no logical way they would cause more harm in covid vaccines than other vaccines. Therefore, any additional harm is the result of the spike protein. For the null hypothesis to be true, there would either have to be no immune response (I.e. no change in outcomes for those vaccinated vs those who weren't) or the outcomes for individuals with covid would be worse amongst vaccinated than the unvaccinated. Given that the amount of spike protein supplied in a vaccine is tiny compared to the amount received when actually infected, how could it logically be that it is somehow more harmful? Is the spike protein somehow magically absolved of the dose/response curve that all other antigens adhere to? Point 3 was: 3. The reduction in harm from the virus has a greater effect size than the risk of the vaccines. Again, the amount of spike protein in thr vaccine is incredibly low compared to the amount of spike protein an infected individual has. Even the smallest of immune responses offsets this spike protein load. And we inownpeople have immune responses due to the localised muscle soreness and mild flue like symptoms which many experience the day after a vaccination. Plus, the virus has additional structures which also have biological effects beyond that of the spike protein. You have my sympathy for being ostracised. Many were ruthless and thats not acceptable. Nobody should be shamed into doing something they don't want to do or bullied for not doing so. It's both gross and counter productice. I wish you a full recovery.
  4. Freakosystem

    covid 19 vaccination

    The advice at the time the vaccines were first made available in Australia was: 1. They don't keep you from getting the virus 2. Vaccinated people tend to have less severe symptoms and better outcomes 3. The reduction in harm from the virus has a greater effect size than the risk of the vaccines The data show these all to be true. I got tinnitus about 2 years before the vaccines were available. If I got it 2 years later, would I blame them? Possibly.
  5. Freakosystem

    Sacred gardening in the media

    I think we're all critical of Prue rather than Liam. I know people who we're interviewed for the book and very little of what they said was applied appropriately. They claim a lot was taken out of context or altered significantly, sometimes beyond recognition. I'm sure Prue had good faith. I've met her. She strikes me as genuine and kind.
  6. Freakosystem

    Sacred gardening in the media

    It's conflicting. On one hand, the fundamental right to change one's own perceptions without harming others should be normalised. On the other it seems way to risky to publish a name attached to a crime in the media. Add that it's federal funded media which has a recent history of being raided by the Feds and I'm honestly baffled. Then again, EGA and APS are also more sharing than most. Maybe it is a good thing? I think increased exposure to cultural use, human rights perspectives, scientific literature and media all have a big part to play in convincing the powers that be that a change is what's wanted. But I read this as "look what people are doing" rather than "lets explore why people are doing this and what we can learn from it". It's not "wrong" so far as it goes, just not persuasive or nuanced enough to provide support for the community that is beyond the risk it attracts, in my opinion.
  7. Freakosystem


    Never seen it available in Aus but looks like a fantastic ornamental with some added benefits! I love Dioscoreaceae. ❤️
  8. Freakosystem

    Home Patch ID

  9. Nice to see a mention of one of our native species; Tetragonum tetragonioides. I was very surprised to see it growing in almost every vegie garden I spotted in France a few years ago. It seems a lot more popular there than here, although always exclusively for edible qualities. I've never heard of any antidepressant effects from it previously.
  10. Freakosystem

    sbs and the nazis eugenics

    To be fair to Darwin, most people don't understand what "fitness" means as a technical ecological term. It's very different to common usage. https://evolution.berkeley.edu/evolution-101/mechanisms-the-processes-of-evolution/evolutionary-fitness/#:~:text=Evolutionary biologists use the word,beetles had a higher fitness.
  11. Freakosystem

    Cheap Tricho hybrids sale (Cacti Guys)

    What an annoying website.
  12. Freakosystem

    Bulk Tricho for sale

    Message sent
  13. Freakosystem

    sbs and the nazis eugenics

    My predominant concern with misrepresentation of facts surrounding the nazi regime is that it gives credence to nazi sympathisers and undermines the genuine and disgusting atrocities that did occur. Morality may be a philosophy but facts are the foundation of the moral landscape that we must all agree upon or else we're simply having two different arguments.
  14. Freakosystem

    Secret acacia spp.

    Can we all take a moment to thank the National Herbarium of New South Wales for sharing so much highly important historical data? It's great to have people in the community really connect with scientific institutions and get valuable information back. This should be celebrated.
  15. Freakosystem

    Acacia courtii + obtusifolia + confusa et al.

    Size of wild plants doesn't relate to size of container grown plants with proper care. Some of the tallest plants in the world can be grown as a bonsai. A friend of mine has a bonsai Acacia howittii that is 35 years old. You won't find one that old in the wild.