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  1. Freakosystem

    All members with zero posts will be deleted

    I always feel like if it's taken me more than a few seconds to come up with a joke, nobody will find it funny any more and I don't say it. But you took 13 years and I still found it funny!
  2. Freakosystem

    What is your least favourite plant?

    It has to be cotton for me. Why? Insane water requirements Insane pesticide usage Devastating land use Fertiliser run off It's an ecocidal plight of this country. Furthermore, the world would be unable to deny the requirement for other organic fibres such as hemp if we weren't being propped up by this terrible crop.
  3. Freakosystem

    Wagga Wagga

    The post before yours was 18 years ago. I'm not sure how far west they occur. Wouod be nice to know!
  4. AI maps psychedelic ‘trip’ experiences to regions of the brain – opening new route to psychiatric treatments https://theconversation.com/ai-maps-psychedelic-trip-experiences-to-regions-of-the-brain-opening-new-route-to-psychiatric-treatments-179263 Studying the relationship of language used in trip reports from erowid and the receptor sites targeted by drugs in association with known neural networks. Amazing stuff!
  5. Freakosystem

    Creating an Outdoor Patch for Woodlovers or Subs

    The mycelium in my patch has woken up this week and is surprisingly aggressive given the time of the year. Fancy Pants, I've found subs at 38 different locations throughout NSW and only once would I say there was a considerable number of Acacias around. I'd go so far as to say that avoiding looking in Acacia rich habitat would be a useful beginner tip. The place I found them in association was highly disturbed/unnatural. I have nondoubt they'd thrive beneath Acacia in planted beds though. All bets are off when growing in wood chip.
  6. Freakosystem

    Protecting Acacia Courtii

    PM sent
  7. Freakosystem

    Harvest Ethics

    There are publicly accessible mature Acacia courtii in cultivation which produce seed and were obtained originally under licence, for what it's worth. In saying that, I'd think a seed orcharding collection for the purpose of destroying the black market incentive and for the protection of wild plants should be a priority for the threatened species officers in charge of this species. I also think it's worth writing an email to Botanical Gardens to request they release rare species via their plant sales. List a bunch of species, don't make it too specific.
  8. Freakosystem

    Ethnobotanical literature sale

    Message sent!
  9. Freakosystem

    Alistair McTaggart + Caine Barlow on Australian Psilocybe

    How do we view this? The link I received is to an old YouTube video from them.
  10. Freakosystem

    Air Still

    Does anybody here have experience using an air still to distill alcohol for plant extracts, tinctures or essential oils? I understand the limitations of these kits are that they're only capable of distilling small amounts which aren't considered particularly practical for producing spirits for consumption but the smaller amounts needed for tinctures seem to make this a worthwhile thing, particularly given how difficult it is to otherwise obtain high proof without methanol contaminants. Anybody ventured down this road?
  11. Freakosystem

    EGA: Call for Bulk Seed Donations - Seed Care Package

    Hi Ronny, I wasn't calling into question the genuine and kind motivation behind this all. I think very highly of all that EGA does. In fact, it's the strength of organisation's genuine capacity and motivation to share and build a community that could cause a simple oversight of environmental impact to occur. I'm just an environmentalist and couldn't help but feel concerned if seeds like Acacia longifolia or Acacia saligna were to be sent across the country. Perhaps you have already thought about it and decided that the risk to the environment is worth the benefit to the people. That's fine too. Just wanted to make sure it's not overlooked. Cheers
  12. Freakosystem

    EGA: Call for Bulk Seed Donations - Seed Care Package

    Is there a list of accepted species anywhere? Also, have you implemented a protocol to ensure environmental weed species aren't being shared? I reckon I could get some bulk collections in before cut off.
  13. Freakosystem

    Cymbopogon ambiguus & C. bombycinus

    I've seen C. ambiguus sold through the Tucker Bush range at Bunnings and chain nurseries.
  14. Freakosystem

    Coming soon

    More Shulgin goodness!