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    Salvia d. mechanism of infertility

    Hi all, Wondering if anybody knows the reason for SD's low fertility. Is it pre or post zygotic? Does it produce viable pollen? Has it played with itself so much it's gone blind? It's approaching flowering time so it could be time to rule out some of the options and home in on what might be the driver of it's reluctance to self pollinate/fertilise as well as understand whether there is outcrossing or hybridisation potential. If anybody is aware of any literature on the driver of infertility in this species, I'd love to know. Cheers, Freako
  2. Freakosystem

    Salvia d. mechanism of infertility

    Keep in mind you don't want to conaume any part of the next few generations after treatment. In the case of Cannabis with its visual trichomes, you can select individuals you expect to be potent and cross them with others of similar traits. But if working woth species which require bioassays, consuming mutagens is best avoided. It's also worth noting that polyploids generally only reproduce successfully with individuals of the same ploidy level as they are, and this may be hard to assess without a flow cytometer. So you've got some work cut of for you if you do success. By the way, the reason polyploids are useful for breeding is that they have two of more cookies of their genome. I.e. triploids have 3, tetraploids have four, hexaploids have five etc. This is useful because you could have a mutation if an essential gene on one copy but still preserve the essential gene on another. So where as that mutation in a diploid would result in the death of the plant as the essential function isn't filled, the polyploid allows for novel gene expression without sacrificing essential processes which would kill the plant. Very cool stuff!
  3. Hi all, I've got about 100 seedgrown cacti I'd like to chuck into the ground and forget about for 5 to 10 years. I'm very much interested in seeing adult phenotypes for future breeding programs. If you own suitable land somewhere in NSW and think it highly likely you'll still own that land in 10 years time, I'd love to visit, plant out a whole bunch if cacti (well spaced) and come back in the future. I realise it's a big ask so I've been thinking about what I could offer in return. Perhaps naming rights for plants you like the most? I'd also be willing to cull half the plants after 4 years of growth in which case you'd have around 50 cacti to do whatever you'd like with. Or feel free to pitch me any other requests you have in exchange. Whatever seems reasonable to you. If interested, please let me know rough location and whether or not it's protected from goats etc. I can provide photos of my seedgrown cacti and we can take it from there! There's no reason they have to all go to one place either. I'd be happy to wet up a few stands in different places too. Cheers, Freeko
  4. Freakosystem

    All members with zero posts will be deleted

    I always feel like if it's taken me more than a few seconds to come up with a joke, nobody will find it funny any more and I don't say it. But you took 13 years and I still found it funny!
  5. Freakosystem

    Air Still

    Does anybody here have experience using an air still to distill alcohol for plant extracts, tinctures or essential oils? I understand the limitations of these kits are that they're only capable of distilling small amounts which aren't considered particularly practical for producing spirits for consumption but the smaller amounts needed for tinctures seem to make this a worthwhile thing, particularly given how difficult it is to otherwise obtain high proof without methanol contaminants. Anybody ventured down this road?
  6. Freakosystem

    What is your least favourite plant?

    It has to be cotton for me. Why? Insane water requirements Insane pesticide usage Devastating land use Fertiliser run off It's an ecocidal plight of this country. Furthermore, the world would be unable to deny the requirement for other organic fibres such as hemp if we weren't being propped up by this terrible crop.
  7. Freakosystem

    Wagga Wagga

    The post before yours was 18 years ago. I'm not sure how far west they occur. Wouod be nice to know!
  8. AI maps psychedelic ‘trip’ experiences to regions of the brain – opening new route to psychiatric treatments https://theconversation.com/ai-maps-psychedelic-trip-experiences-to-regions-of-the-brain-opening-new-route-to-psychiatric-treatments-179263 Studying the relationship of language used in trip reports from erowid and the receptor sites targeted by drugs in association with known neural networks. Amazing stuff!
  9. Freakosystem

    Creating an Outdoor Patch for Woodlovers or Subs

    The mycelium in my patch has woken up this week and is surprisingly aggressive given the time of the year. Fancy Pants, I've found subs at 38 different locations throughout NSW and only once would I say there was a considerable number of Acacias around. I'd go so far as to say that avoiding looking in Acacia rich habitat would be a useful beginner tip. The place I found them in association was highly disturbed/unnatural. I have nondoubt they'd thrive beneath Acacia in planted beds though. All bets are off when growing in wood chip.
  10. Freakosystem

    Protecting Acacia Courtii

    PM sent
  11. Freakosystem

    Harvest Ethics

    There are publicly accessible mature Acacia courtii in cultivation which produce seed and were obtained originally under licence, for what it's worth. In saying that, I'd think a seed orcharding collection for the purpose of destroying the black market incentive and for the protection of wild plants should be a priority for the threatened species officers in charge of this species. I also think it's worth writing an email to Botanical Gardens to request they release rare species via their plant sales. List a bunch of species, don't make it too specific.
  12. Freakosystem

    Ethnobotanical literature sale

    Message sent!
  13. Freakosystem

    Alistair McTaggart + Caine Barlow on Australian Psilocybe

    How do we view this? The link I received is to an old YouTube video from them.
  14. Freakosystem

    EGA: Call for Bulk Seed Donations - Seed Care Package

    Hi Ronny, I wasn't calling into question the genuine and kind motivation behind this all. I think very highly of all that EGA does. In fact, it's the strength of organisation's genuine capacity and motivation to share and build a community that could cause a simple oversight of environmental impact to occur. I'm just an environmentalist and couldn't help but feel concerned if seeds like Acacia longifolia or Acacia saligna were to be sent across the country. Perhaps you have already thought about it and decided that the risk to the environment is worth the benefit to the people. That's fine too. Just wanted to make sure it's not overlooked. Cheers
  15. Freakosystem

    EGA: Call for Bulk Seed Donations - Seed Care Package

    Is there a list of accepted species anywhere? Also, have you implemented a protocol to ensure environmental weed species aren't being shared? I reckon I could get some bulk collections in before cut off.
  16. Freakosystem

    Cymbopogon ambiguus & C. bombycinus

    I've seen C. ambiguus sold through the Tucker Bush range at Bunnings and chain nurseries.
  17. Freakosystem

    Coming soon

    More Shulgin goodness!
  18. Freakosystem

    Large Bridgesii Plant

    Tripple checked the map but not even close to 10ks for me. Somebody should grab this bargain!
  19. Freakosystem

    covid 19 vaccination

    I can't wait to get a jab. Any of them. Personally I consider myself a logical person and read everything I can in the subject at hand. I compare the hazard x likelihood of occurrence of taking the vaccine vs the same in remaining unvaccinated. It really is a no-brainer. I'm not pro-big-pharma. I don't like their immunity to consequences. I don't think they act in the best interest of public health. I do believe their motivations are purely monetary. I do think these vaccines were rushed and I do think there's propaganda on pro-vaccine as well as anti-vac sides of the argument. But the maths still checks out and that's the bottom line.
  20. Freakosystem

    M.speciosa leaf cutting

    Many species contain puritonic stem cells which are capable of differentiating into root tissue but not apical meristems. When you attempt tissue culture with species not capable of forming apical meristems, you get callus formation and roots but they never develop beyond this. Some can be stimulated beyond this with the application of hormones. This might be the case here. I would have thought that leaf cutting propagation of Mitragyna would be well documented if easy due to it's popularity and the horticultural expertise the locals have where it originates.
  21. Freakosystem

    Sydney siders any hunting tips?

    They're literally everywhere. Have seen some at 1,200m this week and 2m altitude last week. Personally I'd say They're peaking at Illawara Escarpment right now but everywhere is an option if wood chip is around. Near some of the train stations can be good. Look for darker soils. Kuringai area is predominantly sandstone. It's not a nutritious substrate so they are less common (again, except if there's woodchip).
  22. Freakosystem

    Pseudolithos grafting stock

    A friend has successfully grafted to Stapelia gigantea before.
  23. Freakosystem

    six years later and i'm back

    Hi fydesvindico, Noob here! Been hanging about for maybe a couple of years and trying to help out where I can, mostly with plant IDs and sending people seeds/plants. Mostly for selfish reasons though since I suffer from OCP (obsessive compulsive propagation) and need more bench space! Come to think about it, anybody want some Mentha australis - Native River Mint? There's been a bunch of posts from longer members that are in a similar vein to yours. I'd be keen to see the forum return to it's hay days but don't really know what that looked like. Any chance you or any other members can describe it? It's difficult as a noob to regularly read about the decline of the forum but whilst lacking a vision of what to strive for. I must say though, in my limited time I've had very positive experiences here. People use my return address to send me mystery plants all the time despite my offerings being gifts, not trades. Everybody has been very kind and forthcoming with information. I'm not sure how it used to be but I'm quite impressed by the conservation concerns expressed here too, particularly regarding natives including Acacia spp. Unfortunately, I think a lot of information is being shared via PM rather than the forum, perhaps due to privacy concerns. Lovely photos. Hope your Trichocereus recover. Please let me know if you'd like some 3 year old named Trich seedlings to help get you back in the game. Cheers, Freako
  24. Freakosystem

    I'd please is it edible

    Self praise is no praise.