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  1. Horizon

    Have I struck Gold!?

    Freakosystem, I just reread your post and the gills on the ones that didn't bruise blue have gills that seem to more yellows than white.
  2. Horizon

    Have I struck Gold!?

    Well could have been an issue! But so interesting as the 2 groups are from different sections of the backyard. The kids on the left all seem to have bruised blue. And are from a spot that receives a bit more sun. Not sure how to proceed as they seem so similar.
  3. Horizon

    Have I struck Gold!?

    Thanks a lot for the responses. i have taken another shot of a few harvested ones just to be sure?
  4. Horizon

    Have I struck Gold!?

    It's been a while since I have been on the hunt. But I was rummaging in my garden in the ACT and I came across these. I have struggled for years to find them in mulch, as I'm used to fossicking amongst cow poo. So I'm not sure what the little cow poo cousins look like. The stems bruised blue and I have taken some prints. The prints seem to be more brown than purple. And they are missing their little nipple on top. Some experienced eyes will be very much appreciated.
  5. Horizon

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    I found a few sneaky ones, in the main ranges area last weekend!
  6. Horizon

    Lophs of sale ( pic heavy)

    Hey WT, Any more pics on your big ones with lots of pups? Im looking for a beauties to add to the collection. Cheers
  7. Horizon

    Meet up: Brisbane

    I would definitely be keen to join the next meet!
  8. Horizon

    Ground Orchids

    That Helmet Orchid is a beautiful flower and is showing up in a lot of other places around our area, though due to the climate where they are are only sending up the flower stem now as opposed to the ones in the photo which we took nearly a month ago. And you are right we have had an absolute bumper year this year for rain, coupled with a burn off in this particular park which cleared a lot of the bush leaf litter
  9. Horizon

    Ground Orchids

    Sorry the pics came out back to front The one on the far right is the helmut orchid Middle one is still the mosquito orchid And the one on the left is the nodding orchid Cheers
  10. Horizon

    Ground Orchids

    I have to share these. These are three awesome ground orchids found growing in the national park behind my mothers place. None of which have been seen in our area for a very long time. All three were found in a very small area. Not all of the orchids were flowering but there were thousands of them that have shot up their leaves. They are a deciduous plant that lives below the ground over the hotter months, that will send leaves above ground over the cooler months and when the conditions are right will send up flowers. The first one is a Helmet Orchid Corybus barbarae Mosquito Orchid Acianthus fornicatus Nodding Greenhood Pterostylis nutans Hope you enjoy
  11. Horizon

    Dream herb (Calea Z) experience

    Cheers NoThink, I have a couple of plants growing now but they are just not ready for harvesting. And I have read the flower buds and leaf tips should be used as feel
  12. Horizon

    Dream herb (Calea Z) experience

    Yeah I had to weigh it out as I only had 20g and wanted to see if I could stretch it out over 7 days and see if the effects got more profound the longer I used it. But in hindsiht I think single large doses would be more effective. Scarecrow, is there any chance you know where to source bulk material at a reasonable price?
  13. Horizon

    Lophophora williamsii illegal in W.A.

    Stillman what was the link?
  14. Horizon

    Dream herb (Calea Z) experience

    Thelma, Definitely interested if its available in Oz. Plant or dried. Scarecrow, What sort of dosage are you using? Im trying to find a bulk amount so I can try a solid amount a few nights in a row.