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  1. Hi y'all I'm after Banesteriopsis caapi. I have the other compenents for the medicinal brew but am lacking the vine. Was hoping some kind Aussies would help their brothers and sisters across the water. I have fresh ephedra sinica seed (50) various prints of mushrooms both edible and a few Psilocybe prints and about 200 fresh Lophophora williamsii var texensis seeds. I need fairly fresh seeds but even 6months to a years would be great if it's been stored well. If you were in NZ I could also send live cuttings of various ethnobotanicals. Pm only please Thank you
  2. Amylase

    NZ Trichocereus Clones

    Very appropriate name, Props to the person who raised 'em from seeds, a champion! Good steal Centipede, I am truly jealous, doesn't happen too often . How big was the plant and have you considered grafting the tip to a bigger tricho?
  3. Amylase

    WTB Kratom plants or seeds in New Zealand

    Heya Paradoxical, I haven't heard of anyone with it here on the South Island. I'd love some seeds but I think I've already overdone it space wise for tree ethnos .
  4. Amylase

    a few azurescens prints to sell

    Heya Jamison, Are these prints sterile or taken from wild specimens?
  5. Amylase

    Possible P. alba seedling?

    Heya guys, I got some P.viridis seeds ages ago and none germinated within the first month so I took the soil and used it for my Psychotria cuttings, impatient I know. Now I'm questioning if these wee seedlings are the survivor that went on to germinate. I've just increased temps int he chamber they are contained in by wrapping a jersey around so it insulates against heat loss. Heres the alba in question: Don't be fooled this is a seedling coming up underneath the P. viridis. What do ya reckon?
  6. Heya guys/gals, Im looking for 2 mature (already-flowered) Lophophora sp. specimens in reasonable hardgrown condition. Up for trade is a rooted Psychotria viridis cutting starting to produce small shoots and a Pereskiopsis cutting that is the result of micropropagation (So its small but well rooted and growing), I'll throw in plenty of 'Persian white' P. somniferum and Tobacco seeds too. Also have a Salvia divinorum cutting that is available. If anyone is keen, PM, driving a hard bargain indeed but I've traded away too many of my nice looking seed grown Lophophora williamsii.
  7. Amylase

    NZ Trichocereus Clones

    Alright sorry for the teasing, heres the money shot
  8. Amylase

    NZ Trichocereus Clones

    Can pachanoi form spines longer than 5cm? I didn't think they could, The spines were up to 5-6cm long on the mature specimens making me think it was peruvian. We'll see, I'll hunt that photo down....Found it. and heres a pup:
  9. Amylase

    NZ Trichocereus Clones

    Nice bogfrog!, That Tricho in the 4th picture down on the far right, in the front looks the same as a cutting I got from a huge 7m high in Blenheim that had been growing there for ~40-50 years. I think its mostly peruvianoid and looks damn glaucacous. Do you know the origin of that one?
  10. Amylase

    pedro loph graft

    I've been ghetto tekking it and use band-aids that are stuck end on end haha, looks pretty ironic but does the trick
  11. Amylase

    Fruiting Chambers

    migraineur, I spawn to bulk in front of a HEPA, the inside of the tub is sterile, well not if you pasteurize because of the beneficial microbes still present but yea pretty close to it. I've tried both an I gotta say im a convert...dont even need marthas or fanning, the tyvek allows the sterile air exchange but I guess sterilisation is broken when you open it up to harvest/dunk. I use Coir+Hpoo+verm mixes so it holds moisture really well but oysters just dont seem to do that well in it . Yea I've seen those cultures around but I'll probably just make an LC and clone a supermarket specimen .
  12. Amylase

    Fruiting Chambers

    Hey guys, I use monotubs usually with the holes filled on each side with tyvek. Only problem I had with this is that the bulk substrate level must be at the same level as the holes otherwise FAE is hindered due to the Carbon dioxide being heavier than air. For P. ostreatus I just fruit them from the bag normally. Its normal for the fruiting culture to crap out after a few flushes (my third flushed start looking a bit iffy and the fruits are few and less meaty). If you want to fruit them in open air then make sure your spraying regularly to keep the substrate moisture levels up. The first couple times I tried to grow mushrooms they stalled out and contam'd during bulk colonisation....lesson learnt, Mycelium need air exchange when colonising substrates . Also, I tried shotgun FC but it required alot of maintainence and resources (Perlite +spraying time). In addition its not sterile, theres more chance of a contam in a shotgun FC than a completely sealed chamber. For Pleurotus sp. though the shotgun is definitely the way to go, they require more FAE in my experience, anyone else find this? Whatcha talking about migraineur I looooovvvveee Portabellos, pity I haven't gotten my hands on the culture/had time to innoculate some more jars. Anyways, happy myco endeavors!
  13. Amylase

    Plants for trade

    Hey guys/gals, it appears very little Pereskiopsis spathulata is floating around NZ, if anyone wants cuttings just give me a holla. Heres my tradelist Haves: -Psilocybe cubensis ‘cambodia’ prints – Nice thick print formation to study under the ‘scope, sterile too. -Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium seeds -Withiana Somnifera seeds -Echinacea purpurea seeds -Sceletium tortusom cuttings (non rooted but plenty available) -Valerian Officinalis seeds -Skullcap seeds -Wormwood seeds -Pereskiopsis spathulata cuttings (New Zealanders only, sorry peoples, there plenty in the land of Aus anyway :-P) -16 gauge needles -Tobbaco seeds -Nepeta cataria seeds -Coleus blumei seeds -Salvia divinorum rooted cutting Would like :-): -Tabernanthe iboga -Rare/ cool cacti seeds -Just PM me Don't be scetched out by my post count, others here can vouch for me
  14. Amylase

    seedlings dying do i need some fungicide?

    Personally, I would not take the heat pad away. I know what the weather is like there , if you take them off while their roots are wet and they're in damp, cold soil then your inviting mold and bacterial contam's to take over. I would exchange the soil and allow more gas exchange, providing it is just rot and theres no gnats or mites making holes in your babies allowing further infection. I have had the same thing happen, I usually eliminate any mites, gnats with pyrethrum insecticide and then allow more fresh air exchange. Good luck and let us know how it goes .