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  1. zelly

    Black rot & Trichocerei

    in most cases black rot can be totally prevented / eliminated by adding copious amounts of garden lime to the soil
  2. zelly

    Peyote Porn in Melbourne (or greater vic)

    first video- i had to stop watching at the 5 minute mark why everyone should grow san pedro,,,,,,,why of course explicitly for the illegal drug content of mescaline!!
  3. zelly

    Interesting podcast I had missed

    listen anytime... https://plantsofthegods.libsyn.com/plants-of-the-gods-0
  4. zelly

    spider mites

    diatomaceous earth is your friend......cover the entire plant & soil in DE for a few days or a week. yrs ago i had a serious bug infection in my arios....plants with many crevices for critters to hide in.....DE to the rescue
  5. zelly

    Spontaneous variegation?

    to answer your question, yes its possible for variegation to express itself spontaneously
  6. pretty damn hard to become a member here when the sole Admin to approve new accounts spends all his time posting mindless drivel on facebook
  7. zelly

    Loph appearance

    what do you suppose happens when you force a plant to grow faster than mother nature intended? plain & simple, grafting forces abnormal growth
  8. I uses a glass dish (wine glass) & an old toothbrush to beat the hell out of the stamens & collecting the pollen in the glass dish.......quite often included are some stamen's and or filaments. Then i grab the q-tips and roll them thru the pollen, swabbing up as much per q-tip as possible....making damn sure not to include any filament or stamen stragglers. q-tips go into a zip lock baggie thats never quite zipped shut...and date labeled, then stuck in the fridge.
  9. I'm curious if anyone has tried a brew of fresh vine & fresh tree bark? Seems I have plenty on hand of both. withdrawal clinic would be proud of the tree that's grown from his seed
  10. If a person uses a free online photo editor program does the person retain full ownership / copyright protections of the photo? Even though it may permanently exist on the cloud? Do these editors also strip out the GPS data embedding in the picture?
  11. zelly

    Chasing bulk trich pollen

    are you looking for columnar trich pollens or colored flower types (mostly zelly's)? i've arse loads of both
  12. zelly

    Matucana Pachanoi seeds and clones

    plus ogunbodede x lima1 (not seen in pic)
  13. zelly

    Chasing Stenocereus.

    would love to gift you with the few i have, eruca & griseus, shipping could be a bitch tho...
  14. live & learn...... https://time.com/doomsday-vault/