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  1. Meditator

    What is "me"?

    Same my bro, im gonna have dementia from the looks of things lol (on this note antipsychotics dont help.. brain atrophy) i just got out of a psych ward and a guy jumped the fence to get a feed, two days later i had tobacco in the place and then asked someone “wheres Will? He has my papers.” they replied that he jumped the fence two days ago… i actually saw him jump too.. after laughing at the situation and then myself it occured to me im going to have bad memory as its only getting worse. i can remember scientific and spiritual things well but damn everyday life must bore my selective attention/memory.. if the brain is a limiter and also the storage, the tomb/samadhi of death is going to liberate the ultimate essence once again. Traditions who believe in reincarnation and meditative trance talk of memory of remembering past lives. Thats beyond genetics and matter. I dont call bullshit. Or false memory. my kensho experience led to a ripple of another kensho.. i believed i was dying so intensely i felt the source of the consciousness. Intense power, yet my weak human nature couldnt handle the electricity.. was incredible to feel. Being electricuted by your own spirit. Kundalini phenomena? Either way my mind died 80 percent and i let my ego remain to feel the shock. what im getting at is the zero point is probably spirit so untapped by matter because this limited dimension cannot comprehend the power of what is beyond. We come from beyond. Id argue that till death. Ironically enough hahaha edit: in Alchemical knowledge (Kabbalah as well i would assume since theyre similar sciences..) they speak of the soul being destructible, while spirit is not.. now some say the ego (you could say your limited consciousness unaware of the majority of your spirit) is the soul. Some identify the soul as consciousness itself. My input is, Jewish Cabalists seem to say the ego is the soul. Spirit is not ego. What i experienced in my second kensho was much more powerful. No emotion. Spiritual electricity. fire/plasma is based off of electron activity.. fire is spirit usually. The egoic mind identifies emotions as inherently its own. Water is symbolic of emotion. So maybe this is why killing your ego makes spirit more powerful? different systems have different ideas, im just spamming what i feel is truely relevant here.
  2. Meditator

    What is "me"?

    Me exists in dreaming.. deep sleep does not imply annihilation. Death does not imply annihilation as we do not know that questions answer. Do you remember your first memory? I swear on my life i remember my first and it wasnt through my eyes. Looking down on who i was told to believe are my mum and dad… That’s superfluous before birth, we incarnate (science and spirituality aside) into this form. Whether the brain creates our perception of reality through generation of consciousness or as a lot of scientists believe now, the brain is a reciever, is besides the point and with mine here.. the brain might be a limiter as well as a reciever (or generator even.. just lowered state of consciousness through identifications ect) in that we forget who we truely are. Our essence. Maybe we are eternal and thats why a lot of savants generate mental phenomena (such as synesthesia as well) that are incredible on the processing level. Most savants aquired their gifts through brain damage lol if we are in this 3rd dimension of space, maybe we are limited by our human brain/mind. lets say flatlanders are actually us.. our minds simply cannot comprehend our ultimate truth so simply. What if its true that (hypothetical because i could counter this argument so many damn ways) there are infinite dimensions. Right now someone (myself which is kind of bent) might say: “well why isnt the sun turning green right now, maybe me saying it turned it green?” schizophreniclly talking back to myself id say: ”maybe it is green now. Maybe it always has been and our minds dont let us comprehend higher truth.” Now what im getting at is, maybe our individual higher internal dimensions are even beyond any simple idea of self. Maybe we are everything.. and nothing. Which could be too simple because those are both mental concepts. the truth of what a sentient being is would ultimately come down to the simple fact of what could be called “sentient nature”. if the brain implies your existence. Then it is a part of you. But whos to say before birth you were no more than a thought? Too damn simple. our ultimate nature might be infinite beyond the human mind. Artificial intelligence and mind seem too close. There is definitely more to the sentient mind. physicalism cannot explain time and colour perception.. any perception... Let alone what a sentient person is. if we knew the brain limited us from perception of infinity and whats beyond (psychedelics prove this quuiite well through inhibition of the default mode network ect..) in a much more realistic way, i think people would be a lot more enlightened so to speak….. Common beliefs in the collective unconscious may be a theory… theres truth to it. edit for elaboration: say we have more spacial dimensions.. we cannot percieve them. Our brain cannot comprehend them possibly. Thats why synchronicities happen lets say. Maybe weed is from a higher dimension slightly to a dimension curve we cannot comprehend.. and different strains have different curves… while LSD has a hypercube that warps in a different time dimension. Our sentient mind can grasp this essence of reality. Maybe the sharp hyperspacial corners cut our higher-mind and thats why we can have flashbacks…… food for thought
  3. Meditator

    What is "me"?

    My $0.02: physicalist philosophy is the dumbest thing ive heard in my entire life. although ive intentified as consciousness since i was in 5th grade.. it was clear as day to me. Not based on mind alone either. Theory is different from experience. These “scientists” are reductionists.
  4. Meditator

    In light of poetry

    They call me crazy, this psych ward doesnt even believe in the multiverse.. coming from another, am i blessed, a blessing, or a cursed curse.. i know the game, a shattered man is tame, but only a shattered man can be rebuilt.. the wizards all understand guilt.. and how its built to be redeemed to the gold… common gold isnt true Gold.. thats another mystery. or am I truely insane? Im certainly narcissistic, paranoid at times. But everyone knows time is bullshit. The bullseye is always hit when yang enters the room. Or am i just getting your hopes up?
  5. Meditator

    What is "me"?

    Is the clear light in the head you? The secret of the golden flower says that the heavenly heart is the “me” in the head where vision comes from. after focusing on this point for around 100 days you develop true yang. It awakens kundalini blah blah kundalini gives you self realisation.. according to yogas of India, union with the self is union with God. Ei you are God.. just bound by illusions youve set up yourself.. Sri Ramana Maharashi said this method will lead to samadhi (union with God) but.. you wont answer the question “Who am I?” Self enquiry/atman vichara is a different enlightenment i guess. Maharshi claimed to be in sahaja samadhi. The golden flower must only take one to the state of nirvikalpa which you must come down from. Sahaja is where you are always enlightened with bliss beyond human comprehension.. because you are God. Not just an ego feeling one with God. In alchemical terms, they speak of the body as part of the soul... so when you eat and then it leaves your body as waste.. time is an illusion right? Does that mean space is an illusion? i think the dimensions of “me” are limited by mind. The dimensions of true being arent graspable by human intelligent... so we must come to higher consciousness where mind is just a tool. if everything in reality is just what it is, reality, then... we are both in reality infinite and limited by our definitions we have of reality and especially ourselves. added edit: when you look at an object.. is that you?
  6. Meditator

    Lets talk metaphysics

    @fyzygy i didnt see your post until just now. i forgot about that (philosophers saying the absolute is unspeakable). Even the Kabbalistic masters said this.. they say entering the higher spiritual realms such as atziluth (where all polar opposites paradoxically become one, such as intensity and dullness become one. Pain and pleasure become one, love and hate..) is completely and utterly impossible to describe with language. Furthermore, upon realising oneness with God they describe his nature as “Love” and beyond that there’s absolutely NO way to articulate a description with mere language what its like to be at one.. lol talking metaphysical philosophy must include mysticism as a reference point it seems. describing consciousness to a computer generated chat bot.. AI cannot comprehend consciousness. Because to comprehend a reality such as consciousness, you have to experience it. The comprehension is experience. Experiencing experience itself. Which AI cannot do since its mind is fully physical, whereas human mind is part physical part energetic (mind consciousness and life). food for thought..
  7. Meditator

    Lets talk metaphysics

    @Pedro99 its not bad to talk about scripture as a reference point of thought here i guess. Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism so id be a hypocrite to be an ass ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and scriptures often do hold truth. Whether we understand them truely or not is the thing. When we look inward though, we may find different kinds of experience. Some just find the third eye (our visual ego point in the head) and see a bright as fuck flash of white light. Atleast that happened to me once while meditating. But then theres looking inward towards the levels of other layers of ourselves, such as emotions, the truth of how we think about ourselves, our inadequacy and short comings. the Hindus say that looking inward we find ourselves. We find the Self.. the Atman. Atman is Brahma. Atman/Brahma is pure consciousness. And turiya is the samadhi of pure consciousness. Turiya/samadhi is bliss... others describe the Self as peace.. even God as peace... but hey.. who is looking and how they are looking makes a difference.. if you look into the void and have a negative energy, youd probably think “this is boring and pointless.... fuck it im going to leave this state.” but if you look into the void in a happy state youd probably think “man this state of consciousness is quite interesting... im conscious, but of nothing at all.. except me.. ill stay here and see if something happens.” And being that you are happy, youll probably start to feel yourself in joy. And to enter the first jhana (Buddhist samadhis) you direct your (trained) attention to a pleasant sensation in your body. And it grows and you “explode” into bliss. So if you enter the void and are happy, sensing only yourself, in theory your happiness will grow into FULL euphoria. Christianity is very....... its a fucking guilt trip (pun intended) of a religion if you ask me. I dont believe it to be truth. All Abrahamic religions are fear and guilt and control it seems. So what im getting at is, maybe through the seeking (seeking is often seeking the self or inner divinity, “The seeker is the sought!”) Jesus was quoted saying, was just a part of his system of finding the truth. Looking deeply within can mean a lot of things. Maybe he was just speaking on psychological terms. Like if you look at yourself with objectivity, and are Christian, you could think of all kinds of negative shit (which makes you want to seek more) such as “I only want to know God because he will protect me, im selfish, i dont truely love my creator” as for what ruling over the all means, i dont know what it means. But “The All” is a hermetic reference for the mind that created reality. Reality is the all. And their belief in “Mentalism” states that Gods mind is “The All” The forces/mechanisms/systems within ourselves (all layers) reflect outwardly. The microcosm is reflected in the macrocosm. “As above, so below, as below, so above”. lol i never played lemmings though, i Wikipedia’d it and i couldnt really understand the gameplay. Edit: tell me more about this meditation experience though Edit 2: i just read up on the stuff about Thomas writting about what Jesus said. After the marvelling stage of seeking, comes rest. Rest with the Lord in the sense of “united with him, and him in you”... in biblical terms the wicked never enter Gods rest. And the gnostics believe that the rest is the true salvation..... hm.. sounds like being in eternal samadhi. Samadhi at its highest level (Nirvikalpa) is union with God. And the rest is described as “from now on” meaning forever. Sounds like “sahaja samadhi”. But nirvana is said to be the most blissful.. but most people never want to return from nirvana. Samadhis are distinguished from nirvana.. nirvana is described as the end of all concepts. but just like the scriptures, the true meanings have been Chinese whispered and even purposely twisted. So nirvana might just be a samadhi/union with God. And that samadhi is what they’re referring to as “rest”. i say this also because i have read of a master of yoga describing samadhi as “one second in samadhi is equal to 10,000 years of deeply restful sleep”.
  8. Meditator

    Lets talk metaphysics

    Yeah i didnt even want to mention gnosticism.. but if we were to interpret this religous belief as allegory, and see the creator (who is the son of sophia, a bastard child as he is described) of this universe (which scientists often think probably is a simulation, theres literal computer code in reality! But i found an arguement against this idea but it was too complex for me to understand honestly..) to be some kind of force beyond/above our universal laws and beyond human comprehension, then it makes more sense to me. Jesus told the serpent to tell Eve to eat the apple.. so Jesus could possibly be an entity/force/law above our world that induced a reaction to the force of Eve and Adam to go against their creator and become aware of the impurity of this creation. ive always seen the first man and woman to be akin to an allegorical reference (like a Kabbalistic text, speaking in code) to the forces that caused our existence. Pretty much metaphysical description, but thats not my belief, just a possibility. Genesis is told both dogmatically and allegorically. I have no firm beliefs around it.... edit: the ego and the world we are seemingly trapped in, would be our God makes sense. Satan means “the light bearer” so light is consciousness, and our consciousness is trapped in the ego.. we are all under Satans mercy until we can i dont know, liberate ourselves or something like that. Liberation and enlightenment are often used synonymously. And in advaita (nondual) vedanta, samadhi is a state of nondual awareness where the ego is no longer a thing. What the hell that feels like im at a loss to even think.. without a observer there is no ego. So to me being without ego means being without point of reference, and that means no sense of “i am conscious”... that post brings up good questions Pedro99 we are made in Gods image in the bible.. weve probably all seen the pictures of the universe and how our bodies are identical looking in structure to certain parts of galaxies.
  9. Meditator

    Lets talk metaphysics

    I dont want this debate to become useless point against point like arguing lol But you say things dont exist and therefore aren’t reasonable to believe. But we dont know the mechanics of reality itself. We have evidence and a lot of it, of the big bang. But we are fuqin rekt when trying to explain the creative force behind it! heres my theory though. Everything that’s possible to conceive, every possible thought, action, intent, situation, state of consciousness.. literally EVERYTHING POSSIBLE.. in its form of potentiality (potential existence) forms a reality. All that mental energy existed already. You cant say before the big bang nothing was possible without ignoring your own ignorance on the dimensions of what was before the big bang. But time itself is a way of these timeless essences (potential realities such as forms and shapes and consciousness) to exist. So the energy of reality is coming from a place of mind. And its evolving through the hand of consciousness. This is my theory. before the big bang was nothing? Nothing is the polar opposite of something. That something was every possibility! Before the big bang implies time. Time existed before the big bang? Well that implies mind. That implies consciousness. Yin and yang. They probably collapsed on eachother to create this universe. Only a theory to the riddle of existence. But, Ill just say look into Kabbalah and see for yourself, because its useless to talk or debate something which even i havent touched deeply enough to know enough to base anything off. Making a point beyond “well what about Kabbalah” is as far as i can reasonably mention it. That flash when contemplating the sephirot could have been psychological. I was thinking very hard lol.. but i cant visualise at all....... Im here just saying ideas. metaphysical dynamics. Sparking the light in the unknown.
  10. Meditator

    Lets talk metaphysics

    This is good, critical thinking and valid points against “magical thinking”. And that question about the tree falling making no sound, ive always had the same view. But i raised the question because when there is no observer, there is a difference in outcome. Consciousness (a conscious mind observing phenomena) affects reality. You say in the microcosm alone (which is debate-able, because we are both ignorant of the true nature of reality at this point) but what about doing telekinesis? I have done it. When i say i “identified” with the object, i meant that i literally felt it as a part of my energy/body. I felt the metallic texture of the aluminum. Now when i did this, i saw an aura around my hand that was green and i connected it to the object and felt its metallic nature, at which point i felt like i could move it as if it were my body. So i did move it exactly how i wanted and then i was a bit shocked that it worked so easily and the object actually fell off what it was standing on. It broke the connection between my mind and itself. The aura disappeared and i couldnt reconnect the same way. So youll have to take my word on it. I cannot visualise eyes closed or open, so when i made the auric feild i couldn’t possibly have made such a VIVID colour with eyes open and then manipulate it into going to the object, once it was connected and i was identifying with the object i moved it exactly as i wanted. Something metaphysical science could explain. Just science. now belief is a powerful thing. It is of the nature of mind and has the power of consciousness. I believed it was possible, but doubted i could do it honestly, was just screwing around and it happened. Once I identified with the object it was as easy and clenching a fist or opening it to move it. The fact that people have made handprints on the walls of caves and mountains is something we cant ignore. I have read a book by a scientist/doctor (Joe Dispenza) that was very very well educated. He said the handprints made by Milarepa (Tibetan yogi, very famous in Tibet) on the cave walls were definitely real because scientists have never found a way to replicate them. Hermetic science believes that everything is mental in nature. So im just postulating that if you can identify your mind with the mind of a physical object (with accuracy and not a mere delusional sense of it) then you can manipulate it. Whether its physically move it, or say make waters temperature change ect. To do these things though, you would need to have mental strength. No doubt, calm, and clear intent. Ive heard of a person having kundalini awakening and feeling like they could feel the couch they were on as a part of them. Literally like their body awareness had expanded past their body and started identifying with the couch as a part of them. This is different from “feeling one with everything”, but i believe that level of awareness would help to identify with a physical object. i dont know what youre trying to get across with the second point though, if you could elaborate that would be good. but with the first, thats a good thing to point out. Consciousness isnt a simple phenomena.. it implies mind, it implies a reality to be conscious of or in, it implies time and knowledge.. emotions, how conscious (like sleepy or alert). But like.... what do you have to say about the metaphysical science/system behind elevating consciousness to the spiritual worlds above the physical world in Kabbalah? If it didnt work, it wouldnt be in use. Its based on the idea that the creator of the universe is real. But thats not what im getting at, im just sayin, bruh this stuff is metaphysical and has been used since before the common era (ei before 1AD). If you look at the Kabbalistic tree of life, the complexity and knowledge it holds is a science. Disputing its credibility based on scientific facts after years of study (which is necessary to learn enough about it) is something id love to hear but have never found this. So i guess you cant do that. But if you want to look into it thats up to you. Debating its validity without studying it for years would be a bit laughable. Sort of how i would seem to you saying “bruh just identify with the wall, and tell it youre not there, you can jump through it” haha i even find that funny. but before you say anything about how Kabbalah has some “belief in God”, i will have to say that the Kabbalists idea of God isnt theistic. From what i know, the creator is more of a force. The creative force. i dont believe in God per se, just that there is something. And that something would probably be the “creative force”. And that to me is true metaphysics. All the other stuff ive said is tip toeing around the core idea of this. As for the last PS. Bit, i have heard about it. It ended years ago though. I just double checked and yes it ended in 2015. people who are enlightened dont show off power it is said. Im not enlightened so i just say what i say for mere fun/speculation. I havent managed to do telekinesis since so for all you know im just trying to make others believe me for some kind of attention. Which is fair, a lot of BS is spread on the internet.
  11. Meditator

    Did I trip from drying mugwort wtf

    Bro i threw out zyban.. made me feel HORRID.. dude one time i actually sat infront of a diffuser with atleast 30 drops of eucalyptus oil and i was just breathing mindfully staring at the vapours.. the smell was insane.. but i looked at my couch and had the full DMT style warping of my vision for about 30 seconds or so and it faded.. i did this atleast 5 times.. youve seen the “LSD visuals optical illusion” videos on youtube right? Nah man this was like an actual trip.. but my concentration and focus on my breathing combined with the eucalyptus might have added to it.. but ive stared at diffusers since then and have never been able to recreate the DMT effects lol mugwort has thujone in it tho.. but bro ive taken literally 30 drops of the SAB wormwood oil sublingually and felt next to nothing.. i still have the oil.
  12. Meditator

    Some psychedelic memes I made

    Haha “it was a difficult experience” that was my favourite so simple yet smooth, and a better way of trying to look at the dark side of psychedelia