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  1. drpotato

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    Hey, im looking for some winecap prints or cultures, even dirty prints, i would be willing to pay, or trade some interesting species or strains. Please drop me a PM
  2. drpotato

    Mycology discord chat rooms

    *Bump* Also, anyone whos been over, got any recommendations for other topics you'd like to see on there? Chats just starting to catch on i think, at least during aussie daylight hours Also i want to mention, the server currently does not require discord registration/signup to access for the time being, so, if you havent signed up at all, youll be allowed to use the chat immediately anyway on a temporary account that dissapears as soon as you close the browser tab.
  3. drpotato

    Peroxide agar in kitchen tek- huge success!

    I had a 110% success rate adding 2ml during the open air boil (in a flask tho) then 3ml (both instances 6%) right before pouring. By 110% i mean that it was so effective that a couple cultures didnt even grow, they got killed by the shock, though i later discovered my oyster was actually fast growing mold. My cubensis however grew really slow. but a couple covered the plate which was neat. I tried again without using a SAB for the pour, half contaminated by germinating and expanding from the sides of the lid. it wont germinate off the agar but it can still colonize it
  4. drpotato

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    a ring of cinctulus, ill have confirmed soon
  5. drpotato

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    Probably panaeolus cinctulus, havent confirmed with any bluing. In sarina area today, at a cow pasture
  6. drpotato

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    the trippers have begun picking here in central, i think we got a bunch of cinctulus, unless of course all the cyans got picked, i got to the spot the day after it was picked.
  7. i was referring to the chemical method, using hydrated lime and detergent, im not sure anyone actually uses pascalication for mycology. hydrated lime is only usable for substrates your going to spawn to heavily or colonize with very fast growing mushrooms like oyster because it causes a PH shock which only temporarily inhibits many microorganisms which arent outright killed.
  8. not straw, mulch, as in partially composted leftovers that have been run through a sugar mill several times. How do i go about cold pasteurizing it for use as a substrate for oyster?
  9. added a news and music channel, naturally also we got a voice and images channel already
  10. made a SAB discord now, discuss plants, mushrooms, cacti, whichever https://discord.gg/UYaH6QT
  11. if nobody else will, ill set up a SAB discord, what channels should it have?
  12. btw, to avoid further confusion, dont call this forum SAB, that acronym is reserved for still air box, call it SA forums, or shaman forums, everyone will know what your talking about. Also, theres been some talks about making a shaman australis discord server, if nobody else wants to, ill take it upon myself to make an unofficial server for this place
  13. anyone joining up should mention if they are comming from here, or if you are aussie, its nice to know how many fellow australians are in chat.
  14. Discussion is mostly cultivation of mushrooms, so basically cubes, pan cyans, and talks about wild psilocybes, but most are knowledgeable about a great many non actives, and it usually comes up once a week or so. https://discord.gg/Qh2V2rK Its called fungus amongus Shaman Australis Botanicals discord https://discord.gg/UYaH6QT discussion of mushrooms, plants, etc, any kind, active or non active, edible, etc Also has a picture gallery like tripteam There is also a sister server called tripteam https://discord.gg/PUvEpH6 Despite the name its serious discussions almost entirely about cubensis and nothing else as most of the users there are just starting out, fungus amongus has more educated or serious members, they do however share about 50% of their users, but no more than that because tripteam is quite tolerant of innovation, improvisation, creativity and in general deviating from the teks. In other words its a less serious otherwise identical server. Both are active all the time with at least 2-3 users actively talking somewhere, and tripteams gallery is full of grow pics entirely by the members, nobody really chats on voice chat in either. Also users are from all corners of the world so, theres generally no sleep periods. In perticular theres a good handful of australian members (including myself) who came over from shaman australis forums, if anyone wants to ask about locating resources in australia. So far ive found nearly everyone in either server who is growing from grain is willing to give anyone else a free print now and again to help them get started, though trades are more common (for prints or anything except money) everyone is really helpful. since the start of the year both servers have only been getting more members. Theres no signup requirements and no nsfw stuff outside the nsfw channels, actually everyone is pretty well mannered, i dont think the mods have ever had to kick anyone.