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  1. he gigi ;)



  2. I don't think that's necessary @Torsten Fuck me, I get upset that newbie wannabies want to go to the camp you set up specifically for people that couldn't make Christian's actual memorial for whatever reason and I'm crucified. Have fun. I just wanted to say goodbye to Christian. Whatever huh?
  3. Thanks @Bigred - I tried. I'm fucking beyond upset that I can't go. Say a little prayer for me? (I'm not at all religious but you know, just... wish I could have been there to say my goodbyes.)
  4. Get ready for a rant kids. First up Caleb... I definitely remember you from EGA last year - the first date coinciding with Christian's death. Yeah you were fun, quite the social butterfly but @Quasi-J ''the guy'' in your post has a fucking name. Don't be so disrespectful and treat this as some ordinary SAB camp to socialise. @Torsten organised this meet for people that couldn't attend Christian's memorial - whether financial or just because they didn't think they'd be welcome at his parent's organised memorial. IDGAF what your Vipassana bollocks 'told you' but this wasn't set up as a social event. I have been planning and looking forward (? looking forward - I know, strange) to a chance to say my goodbye to Christian. I loved him so much. I also was looking forward to catching up with friends I made at EGA - I don't know everyone's alias but I hope you all know who I mean - there's @OpticalLight, @watertrade, @Anodyne, @Halcyon Daze, @etherealdrifter, @El Presidente Hillbillios and a bunch of people I didn't know their SAB names (and don't want to name real names, I'll probably come back and edit this.) This is my second attempt at typing this, I wanted to say how much I appreciated sharxx101 (couldn't find your username, sorry mate) and others who have thrown in some extra towards T organising this event. Massive love to @StRaNgEdAyS and @El Presidente Hillbillios and @OpticalLight for your offers to help me get from Brisbane to T's property for the camp. I'm utterly crushed but I really don't feel I'd be welcome there - what with what I've heard of the gossip and shit.
  5. gem

    Post your track of the day

    I tried ringing his mum to say sorry... mesagebank. Probably the last person she wanted to speak to.
  6. gem

    Post your track of the day

    Sometime soon I hope to catch up with member's YT links. I'm sure you guys have great taste. Sorry/not sorry, another:
  7. gem

    Post your track of the day

    Too fucking apt and damn Kate Moss is gorgeous.
  8. SAB FRIENDS! I cannot apologise enough, seriously. BEYOND slack. I feel fucking AWFUL. The caapi is still on offer, no $ or trade required (although I can never have enough lophs, just sayin'.) Honestly folks - enough to share with everyone. To be clear we're on the same page, I'm talking cuts of caapi that I can send to out for you to root (either in water or soil, I've done both easily) or give me a wee bit and I'll get some cuts into some soil for peeps who'd prefer rooted cuttings. Seriously if you could see the side of my house... the caapi is up past the guttering and well, I really do need to cut it back! There's probably a fair amount of decent thick vine for tea but I've already fallen well behind on just the cuts. Baby steps. I've just IDK, turned into a vampire. I honestly cannot sleep at night (gotta love NQ and the lack of green, where I live is called Brownsville for more then one reason I guess) so I sleep all day. I digress (other things on my mind.) Sincere apologies to everyone that has PM'd me. I WILL get to you all just not tonight... Hope you guys understand.
  9. @Torsten - if you like I can contribute some kambo (there's enough on the stick I have for the whole of Mullumbimby and it's just well, sitting in the freezer.) I love that @sharxx101 has donated towards this event. I wish I could throw in extra - perhaps closer to the time. Fucking so many bills!!! Timing couldn't be worse but I'll get there somehow. Today would have been Christian's 39th birthday (for those who had him on FB, yes he purposefully put his DOB as 25/3, it's actually 26/3.) I would have been giving him shit about getting old (he was younger then me, always a fun contentious point.) Fucking onions! Who's cutting onions? Damnit...
  10. OH MY GRACIOUS... Everyone I am SO sorry for not checking out my PMs to date etc. FARK, if I was any slacker, I'd be comatose! LOADS of caapi cuttings for anyone interested - whether you'd like them pre-rooted (just give me a few weeks) if you're in a cold climate or if not and would like a few cuttings sent out to root yourself, caapi is ridiculously hardy... well it seems to love the conditions in NQ and I DON'T water my plants. So this isn't really actually much more than an acknowledgement that I realise I've dropped the ball and I apologise I haven't replied to my messages just yet. I still want to upload a photo so you can see how that random cutting is now thriving. Thank you for your lovely comment @Xperiment - I have a couple of varieties of caapi dotted around the garden and definitely won't hurt my vine to cut some back! @El Presidente Hillbillios *sigh* I suppose we can come to some sort of arrangement Cheers all, again, I apologise to everyone who has messaged me. I WILL get around to reading your messages and responding. Seriously, loads of caapi cuttings, it's all good, it's just me. And somehow I've managed to go from bold to normal font or is it just me? Ok, time to crash. Night kids. Edit: words, couldn't be arsed fixing the font, sorry
  11. gem

    Post your track of the day

    This one is for Disco Stu - I don't know why (probably because he's the most prolific poster in this thread?) but yeah, I think YT vids and I think Disco Stu. After meeting him in person at EGA 2012 I think this song suits him (meant as a compliment Stu!!! Hope you like!)
  12. MrDuke

    hello there would def be interested in some caapi.I was wondering if caapi would strike roots after been sent through the post as a cutting? as it would cut down the time and energy on your end?