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  1. remember that party at my place before you left? you gave away all your plants at the end was a skinny seed grown tricho no one wanted?


    this is it now



  2. Love. Saturated. Death. There I was Inside my head Outside the sky Full of dread Here I am Inside your bar Outside my mind Memory scarred All I can remember Is dying, saturated in love All I can remember Is dying, saturated in love There I go Inside your head Outside destiny Am I dead? Because, All I can remember Is dying, saturated in love All I can remember Is my love. saturated. death.
  3. Roopey

    Rape - Rustica Snuff

    For all the non-oz members, this just popped up: http://katukina.com Haven't tried there stuff yet, but it looks legit and I'm going to be getting some in soon, I'll let you guys know how it goes, but I figured I'd post up the link for interested parties. Edit: I'm very unsure of how this ended up in this forum...if a mod could please move it...thanks.
  4. Roopey

    Hi (New Member Intro)

    I really like his theory that Jimi and Hunter would have been amazing artists without psychedelics. This is probably true, but would they have been the pop culture sensations that touched an entire generation? Not so sold on that. Here's a good one, what about the obvious affects of opiates on singing? Janis, Kurt, Amy; all good examples throughout time of people who quite clearly used heroine to become amazing vocalists. Now the question is simple, are amazing vocalists just attracted to heroine? Or does heroine make amazing vocalists? Also, and I'm really not trying to start a fight, I am just curious here, what about the theory that the Tibetan Book of the Dead is clearly a guidebook for shamanic psychedelic experiences? Where do you draw the line? Is putting your body through extensive fasting and lethargy (sitting around all day) not a method of affecting the mind through substances as you are releasing certain tryptamine compounds in your brain when you do this? If you eat an apple, and it makes you feel good, isn't that you altering your mind with a substance? There is no food that you can consume that will not affect your mind with a substance, everything you eat affects your mood and your body. So, where is the line? Is it based on how drastically it can affect your mind? How do you then determine which are OK and which are not?
  5. Roopey

    Yerba mate

    4 parts Mate 3 parts Mint 1 part Lemon Peel Oh, and when I say Lemonade I mean fresh lemonade, like we make over here in the States, not Sprite.
  6. Roopey

    Yerba mate

    One of my favorite cocktails is: Yerba Mate Mint Lemon Peel All brewed into a tea, sweetened with agave nectar, and chill. Then mix with lemonade and 100% agave tequila in equal parts. Garnish with lemon wedges and mint leaves. Great for parties, I just do up a big batch of it and people demolish it, and then it demolishes people.
  7. Roopey

    Smoking the Sacred Sage

    It's definitely active, in it's own way.
  8. I was actually veggo for years, and a potato, mushroom, bean version of Pepperpot is indeed delicious. It doesn't need to be cooked nearly as long, and in fact I would cook it for about an hour with the beans and mushrooms, then I would throw in some big chunks of potato and stopped it once they were tender. Easy done, and still yummy. The longer you let it sit, though, the more that flavor gets through all the potatoes and beans. Soo good. Cassareep can also be sourced online, although I think I may have had troubles getting it through customs when I lived over there. Well, at least my package never showed up, but I never got a letter from customs either, so who knows what happened. It is interesting to note how simple, yet almost exactly spot on this recipe is. Cinnamon, Clove, Mother-Of-Herbs (Which they call Guyanese Thyme, or just Thyme), Very Spicy Chilis (They usually either use Scotch Bonnet or Wiri-Wiri), Sugar, Meat, and a very thick and bitter starchy sauce (Cassareep). That's it. Some recipes add onion and garlic, which is ok, but I actually prefer it without them. Either way, it is the perfect way to start the day if you are about to go out and work the fields all day, or run around the jungle and hunt some boar or something. Especially when served with a fresh loaf of bread and a few different types of ciggies.
  9. So, my father and his family are actually from Guyana, so I've grown up with the tradition of going to grandma's house to eat Pepperpot for Christmas. It's an amazing beef stew that is made with Cassareep. Cassareep is a sauce made out of the cooked juice of cassava roots. The cool thing about all of this is that cassareep has some magical properties. It is a powerful antiseptic, powerful enough to preserve the meat inside the Pepperpot indefinitely, as long as it is brought to a boil for 3 minutes every day. http://www.food.com/recipe/cassareep-217563 So, Cassareep is the real point of this post. It is an awesome sauce that the native people of South America had come up with, in the northern parts of the Amazon rainforest, that you can make a magical pepper pot out of, that you just keep adding more water, meat, and cassareep to, and it just keeps building flavor and getting better and better!! I'm going to start an experiment here pretty soon where I try to keep a Pepperpot going for as long as I can, and I'll post updates and get all you guys's mouths drooling for some Pepperpot. http://www.gotoguyana.org/food-recipes/pepper-pot/
  10. Roopey

    Youtube vids

  11. 1. Choose to treat other humans and animals with respect, dignity and compassion. 2. Choose to treat yourself with respect, dignity, and compassion. 3. Choose to treat the Earth and the environment with respect, dignity, and compassion.
  12. Roopey

    Acorus Americanus / 'calamus, sweet flag'

    I was a big fan of taking little bumps of powdered calamus up the nose there for a little while. Takes a little while (like a week or two) before anything starts happening, some sort of weird reverse tolerance thing. Love this plant! I have a bag somewhere, I'll do some more experiments here in a bit and get back to you. I would like to do an ethanol extract on some and see where it gets me.
  13. Roopey

    What's the TOP #3 animals?

    Cicada Frogs Crickets A good camping night is just not the same without em.
  14. Roopey

    Top ten plantz

    Easy. 1. Cannabis 2. Rustica 3. Bridgesii Monstrose 4. Acacia Confusa 5. Poppy 6. Agave 7. Chili 8. Coca 9. Saffron 10. Cinnamon 11. Cacao Along with plenty of cows.
  15. Roopey


    It's probably subby.