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  1. thoughts

    P. Viridis Help

    Hmm. Would you reccomend neem oil as a foliar spray or in the soil to help combat the problem? Are there any other preventative measures I can take to deter the buggers? Unfortunately I don't have any potatoes at the moment but next time I do I'll see if I can spot some...
  2. thoughts

    Is this what I think it is?

    Thanks guys I'll try that! I've not had much experience with this plant before and it seems like a lot of research is needed before hand... I'll root a few cuttings and maybe I can send a few out to other members if anyone is interested
  3. thoughts

    Is this what I think it is?

    Thanks again Glaukus! Beautiful it is. It's been putting on quite a show for a while now
  4. thoughts

    What is this bug???

    What is this ladybird looking bug? I can't find it anywhere online so far I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong... the past few days they have absolutely invaded my garden they are everywhere. It's hard to tell if they are damaging plants just yet but it looks like they are sucking the juices out of leaf veins. Fingers crossed they are good guys...
  5. Hey folks, found this guy growing in SE QLD. Looks like datura/brugmansia is anyone able to confirm and if so able to tell me what species of either it might be? Thanks
  6. thoughts

    P. Viridis Help

    Hey guys I'm wondering if you can give me a hand my p. viridis has started to develop brown patches and a yellowish fading of the leaves the past week. It is kept in a hot house (shaded area) and misted regularly for humidity. Any ideas what might be happening?
  7. thoughts

    Cacti I.D. please!

    Thanks Glaukus. Yeah I'm a bit lost when it comes to finding a definitive way to I.D a cuz. Very tricky... Anyone else have any ides re. the second cactus?
  8. thoughts

    Diagnosis Please

    What does the other scarring appear to be from? Might there be any form of pest control I need to undertake? I can't spot any critters crawling around on them
  9. great name! what a book...

  10. Hey folks, I have two queries one is a cactus growing in the ground down the road from where I live and I would love to know what species it is. The other is a cactus gifted to me by a friend who picked it up at the SAB nursery. It's an impressive looking thing and I'm wondering might it be a cuzcoensis? It is labelled "Echinopsis sp. SABO22" Let me know if any more pictures are needed. Your thoughts are much appreciated :-)
  11. thoughts

    Diagnosis Please

    Hi guys, I've finally joined these forums after lurking around unregistered for a long time. Hopefully I have some valuable insight to share somewhere along the way. Anyway... I've just returned to my cacti after a year away. A friend has been looking after them for me and two seem to have become very sickly... I haven't had anything like this happen to my cacti before and apart from the obvious sunburn and etoliation I'm a bit unsure as to what's going on and the best route of action to take. Hoping you guys can shed some light for me.