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Found 19 results

  1. Hey folks, I bought this cactus a while ago from a private seller but at the time I didn't think to ask where it was sourced. Looking for any advice to see if it's an active species. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Some measurements I've taken to help ID: areoles: 3cm apart, prominent V shaped ridge above each, 3-7 spines in each. spines: base yellow-green and tips reddish brown when young, up to 4cm long body: 5-7 ribs
  2. Picard

    San Pedro cacti in Tasmania?

    Hi, I'm looking to buy some San Pedro cacti in Tasmania to grow in my garden at home. I can't seem to order it from anywhere because of the tight import restrictions in Tassie. Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  3. Two year old article on ancient trichocereus offering .. /click on the photos for better view/ https://www.ancient-origins.net/news-history-archaeology/surprising-offering-hallucinogenic-cactus-discovered-prehispanic-temple-020964 Chuquitanta or El Paraíso (The Paradise) are the modern names for a monumental archaeological complex located in the Chillon River valley, several kilometers north of downtown Lima and dated to the Late Archaic Period (3500-1800 BC). More specifically, different radiocarbon dates place the site to between the years 2300 and 1400 BC. Discovered in 1950 by Louis Stumer, it was Thomas C. Patterson and Edward P. Lanning who, in 1964, managed to identify about nine structures and labelled it as a preceramic site. A year later, in 1965, Frederic Engel conducted explorations and excavations at the site and identified another 8 buildings scattered over a large area, so he defined the site as a great architectural complex and one of the largest in ancient Peru. Subsequently, following neglect by authorities, the area began to be protected by nearby residents, although this was not enough to avoid destruction and the inevitable disappearance of the huacas. One of the pyramids of the El Paraíso or Chuquitanta complex. (Dibojutri/ CC BY-SA 3.0 ) It was precisely because of the insistence of these people that the state finally became interested in the site. The first public investment project began on December 24, 2012. The site was excavated in five sectors and the archaeologists found that the complex was composed of twelve pyramids in total, which were spread over a large area. On January 15, 2013 archaeologists discovered an architectural structure they called the Temple of Fire, which has similarities to buildings found in Caral and Kotosh (contemporary structures.) They now called the site the oldest architectural complex of the Lima coast and the first settlement where nomadic societies became sedentary through agriculture, 4,000 years ago. Now, experts know that the diet of the inhabitants consisted of a mixture of domesticated and gathered resources, in which wild plants could have represented a substantial part. But the cultivated plants supplemented the diet of the ancient people too. Some of the plants consumed in this period were amaranth, potato, pumpkin, carob, cotton, and cactus. And it is a cactus that is at least 4,000 years old which has now surprised Peruvian archaeologists after being discovered among Lima’s oldest prehistoric temples. As RPP Noticias reports, the cactus - possibly an example odf the hallucinogenic species San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) measures about 30 centimeters in length. It is in perfect condition and even still has some spikes, as it was dehydrated before being buried as part of an offering. Archaeologist Dayanna Carbonel, who discovered the plant, explained that she had never encountered such an old cactus in an archaeological dig, “and even less as a central part of an offering” - which reveals its importance. Meanwhile, Santiago Morales, curator of the area, has said that the cactus “could have been used in ceremonies and rituals” because it was found in an annex to a ceremonial room. Peruvian Prehispanic structures in the archaeological complex of El Paraíso ( RPP Noticias / EFE ) In addition, the cactus is also important for researchers because they have not found remains of pottery nearby (except for in later sites), forcing archaeologists to focus their research on the waste left by human activity to find out more on the way of life of the site’s inhabitants. In addition to the plant, the researchers have recovered other relevant objects in the same area. For example, they have found a sling constructed with plant material and a club or mace formed by a stick piercing a stone and tied to it with a rope - which could suggest some kind of combat in the area. Image of the club or mace found in the same area as the cactus. ( RPP News/EFE ) Finally, Morales noted that the archaeological complex has a dozen buildings in an area covering about sixty hectares, and so far, only four of them been excavated in part. So, there is still 95% of the site to be researched, which will surely reveal new and fascinating discoveries in the future. Top image: The recently discovered cactus, possibly belonging to the hallucinogenic species San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi).
  4. TheMooseZeus

    Please ID :)

    Hey! A friend of mine picked these up not long ago. Was just wondering what it is? -Thank you!
  5. Hello people of The Corroboree! I want to start by thanking the administrators for giving me access to this lovely forum. I have been searching for a specific thread for beginner questions but I have not found one, feel free to move this post if you want. I am a 26 year old student living in the cold north of Sweden that recently decided to try out cacti cultivation. English is not my first language, so I apologize in advance for grammatical errors. In order to start my cacti cultivation I started searching the internet and found some helpful guides and tips. I had trouble finding a forum to discuss this kind of cacti cultivation, which is why I am posting here (feeling hopeful). I found a desert plant company in Sweden which I contacted and purchased 20 seeds of Lophophora williamsii ("Peyote"), Trichocereus pachanoi ("San Pedro") and Trichocereus peruvianus ("Peruvian Torch"). I went and purchased cacti soil, a small greenhouse and a combined thermometer and hygrometer. As I am writing this, I put the seeds into the soil 36 days ago. Below you can see a few pictures of how the cacti are looking right now: The Greenhouse Pots Peyote. Also peyote. The only San Pedro The only Peruvian torch So, after 36 days, the 20 seeds of peyote resulted in 6 small cactuses, the 20 seeds of san pedro resulted in 1 small cactus and the 20 seeds of peruvian torch resulted in 1 small cactus. I feel like its a pretty bad outcome, but this is my first time trying this. At this point, I want to try and make the ones that made it grow large! As a complete beginner I would like to ask some questions about my cultivation: 1. So far I have watered the pots and let new air into the greenhouse daily. I have not yet put any lights into the greenhouse, because the guide I am reading suggests lights first when the little lives look like small cacti. I live in Sweden, which at this time of year has very few hours of sun, so the only light the cacti are getting at the moment is from the lamp in my ceiling. Do you think that its time to install some lights? 2. The seeds that has not produced a small cacti yet, do you think there is still a chance that they will pop up? I would also appreciate if you would have any general tips on how to get my cultivation to go further! Thanks very much in advance for answers! Stay humle!
  6. ElectricDawn

    Hefty 30-40cm chunk of Pachanoi

    Hey all, I'm searching for a good cutting of pachanoi, can be mid or tip.. hoping to get it shipped express from Australia.. PM if you can help!
  7. Shroomite

    Trichocereus Cuttings wanted

    looking to buy some trichocereus cuttings, please pm me with what you have. cheers
  8. Got some freshly cut, very healthy pachanoi cuttings available. From an original SAB stock purchased over ten years ago. Looking for $15 for the slightly scarred mid section piece (1), $20 for the cleaner mid cuts and $25 for the flawless tip. 24/01/2017: Only two mid sections still available... special price for SAB members: 2 for $25... All cuts are super chunky, a little dehydrated from the lack of rain but in great condition. Buyer pays postage of course.
  9. thoughts

    Diagnosis Please

    Hi guys, I've finally joined these forums after lurking around unregistered for a long time. Hopefully I have some valuable insight to share somewhere along the way. Anyway... I've just returned to my cacti after a year away. A friend has been looking after them for me and two seem to have become very sickly... I haven't had anything like this happen to my cacti before and apart from the obvious sunburn and etoliation I'm a bit unsure as to what's going on and the best route of action to take. Hoping you guys can shed some light for me.
  10. grafter

    Loph graft for sale

    Grafted Lophophora Button Cactus For Sale. Graft is approximately 65mm in diameter as you can see in the attached photos. There are 7 pups growing from the Button, some with their own small pups on them. There are also several others starting to emerge. There is a small blemish because a bird decided to try a little bit, it has completely healed and the Cactus is in excellent health. Plant Rootstock is a Trichocereus pachanoi. Graft is a Lophophora williamsi.var.caespitosa. The Catus has been organically grown outdoors so it is already hardened to outside conditions. Cactus will be sent bear rooted, using Registered Post, to the lucky recipient in a well padded tube to ensure it isn't damaged in transit. Price - $130 ono Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.
  11. The ongoing controversy of bunnings occasionally selling cacti such as T. Peruvianus and T. Pachanoi has been reported by a number of members on these forums, elsewhere on the internet and within some social networks I'm aware of. Would proof that Bunnings sells legally questionable cacti within Australia put a spanner in the works for future cases where individuals were being accused of possessing the same species? If so, and if it is is deemed an appropriate thing to do? I propose evidence of the availability of T. Peruvianus and T. Pachanoi be collated in this thread for future use of any individual/s facing unreasonable persecution for their gardening interests. If you have photographic evidence of said species being sold in Bunnings, please post them here along with the date and state where the photos were taken. Additionally if you know someone (who isn't you) that has purchased one of these cacti, please post a photograph of the receipt and the cacti together (cash receipts only or receipts where any personally identifiable information is obscured). I look forward to hearing your opinions on the matter and some substantiation of the numerous claims that have been thrown around over the years.
  12. New pics and prices in the post below.
  13. Maxuel Powers III

    Looking to buy seed

    hello Aussie friends, I'm trying to aquire a large amount of Trich seeds. I have stock to trade but because of shipping its probably better to just sell or swap seeds. I'm looking for rare hybids and seeds in low counts, or high counts of other strains. If intersted in my stock in trade for seeds, NP we can work it out. Please msg me if you have any left over seeds, bulk seed that isn't needed. I'm buyin! Some Yankee! maxpower097
  14. Hi, I've have recently gotten into collecting cacti. Looking to collect and grow a few more so I took a peak online to see what I could get. I love the idea of growing a San Pedro, just knowing the power it possesses is enough for me to feed off it's energy. I no longer take any mind altering substances and I no longer want to be doing anything I shouldn't so..... With the new laws that came in regarding the analogs of mescaline and the new RCs that are floating around, I wanted to make sure that if I order some San Pedro cuttings from WA and they are shipped to NSW that I won't get in trouble. I've been trying to stay on top of the law but it's somewhat confusing to me who doesn't understand all the terms! Any help is grately appreciated. EDIT: I wanted to edit the title as I spelt it wrong but I can't find out how!
  15. I managed to get ahold of st Peter, and butchered this cutting..... like stripped sides off it, and thought it was totally fingered, (had no idea what I was doing)... I chucked him in the dunes and thought that would be that... I went back later, a few weeks, and he had calloused up, and was still alive, though in pretty bad shape..... I thought, I will plonk him in the sand (Arid dune area) and see how he goes..... I went back a few weeks later, and no shit.... a big spurt on one side, like big enough to look like a "button" and another one on the other side...... Does this mean my st Peter is happy in the arid dune area? and he will grow there? Its almost miraculous.......
  16. Hi all, I've recently come by a few plants that look like they may need a little help, health wise... Hoping for some advice from those that have experience with whatever illness(es) these recent acquisitions may be suffering from....(rot/scale??) Best form of care/treatment I should be providing for these plants. Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks SlB Gallery here.... http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?app=gallery&album=601
  17. Hey everyone! This is my first sale/trade. I have decided to give my turbina corymbosa vine to a good home, as i have run out of room to grow it. It's a healthy specimen, over a metre long, quite thick with several young offshoots. It is currently on a trallice in a medium sized pot at the side of my garden, as stated above it is for brisbane pick up only, i will set the price at $40, or you can offer me a trade:) I also have a couple t pachanoi cuttings, 20cms, $20 dollars each. Peace and harmony true travellers.
  18. Hey everyone! This is my first sale/trade. I have decided to give my turbina corymbosa vine to a good home, as i have run out of room to grow it. It's a healthy specimen, over a metre long, quite thick with several young offshoots. It is currently on a trallice in a medium sized pot at the side of my garden, as stated above it is for brisbane pick up only, i will set the price at $40, or you can offer me a trade:) I also have a couple t pachanoi cuttings, 20cms, $20 dollars each. Peace and harmony true travellers.