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  1. ElectricDawn

    Lophophora: sunburn or mites?

    Thanks guys, I’ve stopped treating them with sulphur over the past week and I’ve been using this stuff (pictured). i haven’t repotted anything though. I’m hoping they all pull through
  2. ElectricDawn

    Lophophora: sunburn or mites?

    Haha I couldn’t! I’ve tried sulphur.. I’ll keep applying over the next week.
  3. ElectricDawn

    Lophophora: sunburn or mites?

    So I think it is mites, I found another plant that had some on it! Any suggestions ons on the best way to treat them??
  4. ElectricDawn

    Lophophora: sunburn or mites?

    I’ve looked with a maginifier and couldn’t see any signs of movement?
  5. Hey, I’ve got one pot out of about 8 that has this. I can’t see any mites with the naked eye and I’m not great at recognising sunburn yet. one is worse that the rest, the others just have some whiteness on the base of the button.. Any help would be great aswell as any tips to remedy this!
  6. ElectricDawn

    Cresting Loph? What’s going on here....

    Hey guys, sorry for the late response.. here are some more photos. It has mint grown that much, but the pup definitely looks like it’s cresting but I’m still unsure about the main button..
  7. ElectricDawn

    Cresting Loph? What’s going on here....

    Thanks for the responses! Here’s another pic..
  8. Hey, can anyone tell me what this one is doing? Seems like a cresting loph with another cresting pup?
  9. Interesting! and it is very similar indeed but mine does have more spines than that one pictured aswell, I have some other mid cuts that show more spikes than the ones I posted! here is a pup from the exact same plant!
  10. Thanks evil genius.. looks very similar but mine is a bit more Glaucus! It’s chunky indeed!
  11. Hey! I got these cuttings and I was told they are a pachanoi.. just wanting to get some confirmation!
  12. Thanks inyan. I completely get that and I’ve already got some on the go from seed.. I just wanted to get some cool Pachanois that are getting around.. I ended up finding some, so all is well. cheers!
  13. If anyone has any 15-30cm pups of some non-pc pachanois like yowie, Rod, NZ (even any other ones with different names that I’m not aware of) please PM, I’m happy to compensate.. I’m trying to get a nice collection going.. send me some pics if you like!