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  1. GoopGuzzler

    Khat in Perth..

    I know where the spikes are.... how big are the clones??? I wanna companion for the spikes.... should make a good duo 'in my garden'
  2. GoopGuzzler

    Khat in Perth..

    Hey, I am looking for some Khat... anybody know where I might find a lil fella? Perth W.A
  3. GoopGuzzler

    catha edulis red caramel tip

    Where the hell can I find this tree..... Anyone in Perth with one?
  4. I managed to get ahold of st Peter, and butchered this cutting..... like stripped sides off it, and thought it was totally fingered, (had no idea what I was doing)... I chucked him in the dunes and thought that would be that... I went back later, a few weeks, and he had calloused up, and was still alive, though in pretty bad shape..... I thought, I will plonk him in the sand (Arid dune area) and see how he goes..... I went back a few weeks later, and no shit.... a big spurt on one side, like big enough to look like a "button" and another one on the other side...... Does this mean my st Peter is happy in the arid dune area? and he will grow there? Its almost miraculous.......
  5. GoopGuzzler

    Lophophora williamsii illegal in W.A.

    only just read this.... spewing.. you should have fought it..... and appealed.... next time.... we all need to stand up together..... WE ARE THE LAW....
  6. GoopGuzzler

    Lophophora williamsii illegal in W.A.

    Hey mate, I would be fighting this one, and would love to help you to get your defence going.... I know law yers will tell you that you have no case, but there are sections in the criminal responsibilty, namely s. 22 of the state criminal code..... and cases that date back cenuries with regards to property... I am fighting my own battle at the moment, not for "drugs" but the right to peaceful possession of any place, been a long fight... and I will keep fighting.... fuck them, and their illegal occupation of our freedoms eh? We kind of need to stand strong.... no man has the right to make any plant illegal.... especially while they synthesise toxic poison to the entire population, and you can just walk into the chemist and get your "meth" over the counter.... My next challenge was actually going to be possessing some weed, and fighting the right to possess it, and smoke it under s.22, you see, the belief that we are allowed to have access to Gods plants needs only to be honest...... Its a long story, and I have gone through shitloads of law crap.... The main case is Walden v Hensler, where an aboriginal man hunted on a mans land, who he got permission from, and got a bustard turkey, and a small chick for his son or something.... anyway, he breached some environmental act.... that act is no different from any other act,.... they are all just acts.... and since a drug possession charge would be directly related to property, being the "offending property" being in possession of.... the defence would apply.... The problem many of us face, is the fact, that we are always single in teh court, and unless teh charge is serious enough to warrant a Jury, its pretty much never a fair hearing anyway... and the fight... is always fucking long and arduous.... they expect you to give up.... My charge of "obstructing a public officer" was march 2012... and only now is the appeal being heard in teh Supreme Court 22 october.... And then if I fail there, its the Court of Appeal, and then the Hight Court, and I will fight it all the way....If you believe in something you will endure and fight nomatter what, so as I said, if your case is still active, I would love to help you, and if you have the names of the Police who raided your house, give me their numbers.... I would like to know exactly what provisions they have used in order to do this etc.... and see if it was all done legit.... Aint nobody making any more of Gods stuff illegal.... NOBODY!!