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  1. Xenodimensional

    Corpus Illuminata

    Insights to the human condition as viewed in the ever present now.
  2. Xenodimensional

    The Cool Tripper Toys Thread

    Dood those marbles are off their lid, I've showed everyone. So good. I have a giant one of those decorative glass balls that is like a coral reef and it is glow in the dark and probably UV reactive too.
  3. Xenodimensional

    A meet in Endrofinder's honour

    Is it the same park as always?
  4. Xenodimensional

    Some modular techno

    Nice! Gotta love the Mutable stuff ay. Incidentally I do free testing of modular syntesisers ;-)
  5. Xenodimensional

    Post your track of the day

  6. Xenodimensional

    Where did we come from?

    The past. Bonus answer: the Earth.
  7. Xenodimensional

    Why are we here?

    We're here to do stuff.
  8. Xenodimensional

    Inceptionism: Trippy output from Googles neural neworks

    that Xenodimensional guy has run a few of his artworks through the google dream machine. Here's a random assortment of results. http://imgur.com/a/RfJrV
  9. Xenodimensional

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Clarence. That's what I would name it.
  10. Insignificant? Roger. Got that. I'll have mission control pass your message onto the appropriate entities. Over.
  11. Nice one, it sounds very lush. After reading the bio on the Souncloud page I realised I have met you before and that we have some friends in common :-)
  12. Xenodimensional

    Meet up: Brisbane

    I raise your jumping castle by a jumping castle with 15-20 burlesque girls in it.