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  1. sundrop

    Winter Excess Tricho Seed Givaway

    sweet 16~ bring me the goods!
  2. sundrop

    I am a better zodiac sign than you are

    hahaha. i love you
  3. sundrop

    Pricing Lophs

    Seems like $1.50 a mm is the average price going outside of this website, and around $1 per mm on here ..but that is really only for more smaller specimens. Larger ones with multiple heads and advanced roots definitely go for much more than that.
  4. sundrop

    Mayan Mushroom Stones

  5. I definitely agree with the criticisms. What stands out most to me is that the people behind this, bar one womyn who was born in Peru, are all coming to this issue from a primarily Western American worldview.... which is really problematic when they are attempting to dictate the way ceremonies are conducted. Honestly just seems like another group of people out to make money...
  6. sundrop

    Nahko & medicine for the people

    I love Nahko & MTFP! definitely listen to all of their work. i really love nahko's friend and support act too, dustin thomas! he's amazing
  7. sundrop

    What chemicals does my body release when I look at Plants that I think look good?

    its also the colours that affect our brains. the green from plants is very soothing and calming, i think due to our historical connection to plants as a food/medicine/ source, but moreso our reaction to the green light, as well as all the other colours plants produce. plus when you just really love plants, caring for them makes you happy. me personally i feel so grateful and mystified by their beauty, geometric patterns, and healing properties
  8. How much water do you drink on a daily basis?
  9. sundrop

    santas xxx mas presents/comp

    Haha, just saw this. good one
  10. i'm not really a fan of hiphop ... aussie or otherwise... but that was pretty cool man! can definitely appreciate it
  11. sundrop

    Trichocereus scopulicola

    Looking for a rooted scop! any and all sizes considered, though a smaller one is more within my price range
  12. sundrop

    My Garden

    if none of the above works you may have to resort to netting the moths have ruined my brussels sprouts and i am really considering it myself for all future brassicas
  13. sundrop

    World Jade Symposium

    Voted for you! amazing
  14. sundrop

    the ? artifical evolution of processed foods.

    especially when you think about how australia has one of the highest rates of emissions per capita, and with such a small population already its only going to get worse. the disadvantaged feel the brunt of climate change far more... we as a rich nation are shitting into the mouths of the global poor. and that is just considering the effect of man-made climate change alone....
  15. sundrop

    the ? artifical evolution of processed foods.

    this world is so sick.