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  1. It's been an odd thread! Hoping it comes back to life. Plenty of great questions going unanswered.
  2. acasshia


    If we are unable to remember dreams, it may be that the part of the brain which creates memories is impaired by the drug. It's not so much that you can't remember your dream because you didn't dream. Rather, you can't remember because your brain was not creating memories at the time. Think of "blackouts" when drinking. You were there but you can't remember anything afterwards. The alcohol was impairing your brain at the time.
  3. acasshia

    Idea from dream

    I would suggest sticking to the tried and true, boring old methods until you have some success. Do everything you can to prevent contamination. Build from there. @rottenjonny is right though...it should be possible to use the method in your dream!
  4. Hi there lostmypants, I am interested in your concept of a liberated being. Do these people live and work among the rest of us? Also, what is your view of a being without a body? I take it from your comments above that you include our "cloud of atoms" in your understanding of who we are. Do the liberated beings commune with each other and other not-so-liberated beings outside their bodies? Do they recognise a distinct spiritual being among the selves in each person? Is there such a thing as a spiritual body which appears very much like our own body but is, in fact, only real in the infinite spiritual realm? The "appearance" of this body is not necessarily qualitative, but it is distinct and personal. This would be the appearance of a spiritual being to other spiritual beings... occasionally glimpsed by us mere mortals.
  5. acasshia

    EGA's Psilocybe subaeruginosa Reference Guide + Videos

    Fascinating. Well worth reading through Good luck on your finds!
  6. acasshia

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    I've noticed the council signs at some walking tracks just outside Brisbane have now been updated to show the local mushrooms along with other flora and fauna. Good to see some public education and recognition, finally!
  7. acasshia

    Alcohol tinctures

    Never had success with this so very interested in Wile E's method. Have tried this- https://www.trufflemagic.com/simple-method-psilocybin-extraction/. Followed very closely and ended up with a greasy, pungent goo. Have tried this- https://www.amazon.com/Psilocybin-Mushroom-Bible-Definitive-Mushrooms/dp/1937866289. This is a good book but the alcohol extraction method is similar to the trufflemagic one above with similar results. CRYSTALS OF THE GODS is a good read. Gets technical. Left me a bit confused overall but I'm sure it makes sense to the more experienced out there. The entry by Solly the Printman seems promising and relatively simple.
  8. Just a quick note on the above contest of ideas, wherein the statement that it is a contest of ideas could be contested. It may be helpful, at times, to recall the distinction between contradiction and paradox. A contradiction in the QM numbers or the ideas presented above, for example, leads to revision. Should they be free of contradiction and yet diverge from one another to so great a degree that we are inexorably led into a paradox, then we are in the domain of a far greater and more encompassing truth. And this is where we find ourselves. One common mistake would be to put our own superlative interpretations and those of, say, pioneering QM theorists or the faceless millions of the faithful, into the wrong category. Once done, even the most obvious and profound truths can be plunged into contradiction, confusion and mutilation.
  9. acasshia

    The death thread

    I too am no sheep and was raised a catholic. Since my late teens I have struggled to free myself from religion and church. But I am not an atheist. Despite all my efforts, I have come to realise that all the exposure I have had to religion and spirituality since birth are like an interlocking pattern that forms the floor on which I walk. I can take it apart and peer through it like an Escher drawing or walk away from it. I have spent my life doing this and yet there is still this path. It is not a matter of belief but an experiential fact. I can't destroy it. But I can choose to learn from it. In a recent "holotropic" experience I became increasingly distracted by the sun nestled behind tree tops. This distraction became a focus which turned into a growing sense of anxiety as I realised the sun was god and he was calling me away to die. Basically, I panicked until I resolved to go. I left everything "as is" and walked into the bush toward the sun. As I walked closer to him, he seemed further away. The space between us was an ocean of peace and serenity. In this space I became aware of infinite beings moving around of their own free will. They communicated to me that I was once an infinite being but had chosen the ways of death. I chose to be incarnated to satisfy my own selfish desires. I was of low intelligence and this earthly existence was my karmic reward. My mind was filled with all the suffering and pain I had caused others throughout my life. I ended up on the ground, dragging my hands through the sticks and leaves and dirt in despair and frustration. I was overwhelmed with guilt, devastated by the strength of this comprehensive conviction. This experience taught me that we all play a part in our own death. Whether it be the alcoholic who drinks his way to death or the innocent victim of a tragic accident, merely going about their daily life who is unexpectedly taken. We are all making choices and decisions, doing certain things and not doing others, right up to our last moments. There can be no blame here. It just doesn't work that way. How do you feel about how you have lived your life so far, knowing that death is just around the corner? The extraordinary guilt of this experience broke me down, and then some. But no one can function under this sort of damnation, much less in a healthy way. The profound influences of religion are obvious here. And yet they are in no way an absolute truth of any sort. They are more like teachings which you only learn from when you experience them. I wouldn't bet everything I have on the reality of reincarnation or karma or that I am going to hell for my wrong doing, but I can appreciate the value of these teachings to some degree. And I accept that I had this experience because these teachings are relevant to me at this time. I have an opportunity to learn from it if I choose to. And isn't that the whole point? Having set myself against religion has made no difference to the meaning and value it has for me. I don't have to go to church to learn its teachings. But I would be a fool to reject those teachings simply because I don't want to go to church. @Glaukus What happens to you if you shun the last rites of the religion you were raised in? You will die, never the less. From one who has tried, the results can be mixed. I wish you well with this. As one who has gone through the excruciating pain of church being divided by family and family being divided by church, I would say that the most important thing about this "circle" is that your family and your own well being should always come first. If you are not a sheep, then you have no need of the flock and they have no need of you. You can only do what you think is best. So long as you are right with your loved ones and within yourself then you have lived well. And if you have lived well, then you can die well. Please don't take anything I have said to be judgemental or to be commenting on you and your path. Your post caught my attention and resonated with me. Respect.
  10. acasshia

    Day 5 cobweb mould :(

    Well done!
  11. acasshia

    Splitting monotub tek?

    Maybe it is more economical. I find it easier to prepare plenty of grain then grain to grain if you like. Rather than preparing all that bulk substrate. Its cheaper, easier and takes up less space to work with grain and spawn than the monotubs. I've found that colonising grain doesn't require the same sort of control and attention you need to put into monotubs. Another thing to consider is how much you want to grow. Multiple monotubs will give you huge yields!
  12. acasshia

    Splitting monotub tek?

    It will work. I"d recommend putting a decent casing layer over it to prevent pinning before its fully colonised
  13. acasshia

    Day 5 cobweb mould :(

    @TheMooseZeus How did you go with this one? Did you have any success?
  14. acasshia

    Best/Worst Coco Coir brands for bulk substrates?

    Critters Comfort @ Petbarn is a nice find, rottenjonny. That's worth an investigation