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  1. All good Fancy I look forward to hearing back from you also keen to hear some answers from the bros. I appreciate your help ❤️
  2. As many as possible whatever resonates
  3. What place does plant medicine and MDMA (so I can presume psychedelics? Or just entheogens specifically?) play in attaining and/or maintaining this state of Nirvana? Just attaining not maintaining, they are rafts to get us to where we want and work to be. To me they are allies and aligned with true nature in this universe. Connected to it all, as is everything. They can communicate with us on a level we rarely get to experience mostly due to our current culture and beliefs. But they are sacred and old and can't be fucked with, they will literally own you. They are truth with love. Even MDMA is old because for it to exist, it has to have always existed in some form. It is a crystal and resonates a frequency today from its ancient past. They are old and wise and understand us. Parts of us think that to them we are like babies and so they nurse us and teach us aand parts of us think we are weak but they show us our strength, they are our teacher, as is everything. They do this so that we can be helpful to those around us and serve the world from love. Because we are loved. Just ask the plants if it is so. We get to love them back. We honour our teachers in all forms.
  4. Amazing thanks for all your awesome questions FancyPants they're great and I'm gonna share a couple with the BroHood and get their answers. To answer your last first question first. Please define mental illness. Also we realise that our anxiety is a part of us, a part that is protecting us from perceived danger, as is depression and/or team depression made up of multiple parts ie. Mr sad and Mr unworthy or Mr victim. These are not only primal intense feeling parts of us, they also have language and can communicate with us if we address them as they deserve with unconditional love. We go back to their source in the darkness inside of us to our original wound, bringing with us the light of love and compassion. After a while we can and do free that part of us and releive it of the suffering it experiences each time it comes up and brings to life a painful moment again in the hopes of us avoiding or navigating more safely this time. Safely but not always more happily. It's about us serving our parts and letting them relax and showing them that they can trust that we are taking care of things on their behalf. Then they can retire and live in complete peace. Peace inside creates a peaceful world. Men become kings of peace Women become more magical I'll get back to more questions soon thanks so much Fancy you're a legend ❤️
  5. We come home to ourself by healing our own tramas we all have trama from our childhoods and teen years no matter where you are from and we carry those as lessons to navigate the world, and it's determined by the choices we make in those moments whether it feels good or bad, we can choose different in the future but the wound was created. If it's created by a parent it is a generational trauma because of the suffering that our parents endure and fund hard to contain within themselves, probably due to their parents and so on. We are all recovering from the world wars still. We go inwards and heal these parts of us that are still experiencing and remembering with felt emotion of the pain of those moments we help them heal and come home to themselves, our parts are all noble protectors and guides for our existence on this part of the spectrum of all existence, remember people we are all a cloud of atoms and you never actually touch anything so what really is possible with all this energy?
  6. Nice saguaro Thanks man I appreciate you trusting me that I feel how I feel, I'm really working to trust them myself. because that means I have to trust myself fully. I want to do this because I feel it's good to have these conversations too and there could be something here for me and hopefully other people to learn and at least for myself. even if that is selfish, fuck it man. maybe it'll help someone you never know. I feel like my life has definitely improved since and people who know me mention it so that tells me something's happening I guess lol. Yeah Cubism dude I want to be challenged by friends and explorers such as yourself, you seem like a nice person, you nearly wrote me a challenge reply, I want people.like you bro people with questions, we gotta start banding together and working together to take power back for ourselves and it starts in our own life we take the power back within and we get the power in the external it's how it's always worked, we must come home to ourselves and be united again as people and work together. If we love ourselves unconditionally we will love everyone else the same it just naturally happens, our culture has made it somewhat difficult to love ourselves because of the influences in our life and the constant struggle for money. The people with the money have the highest self esteem in this system and and you can understand why because they are super effective in the world the rest of us have lower images of ourselves and our effectiveness in the world we are automatically lower but together we are everything, unless we break from this pattern and get people working together with love for each other unless we do that we will never solve all the problems, because there will always be this fundimental one which is the structure to maintain the status quo. anyway I love you and I want to hear back from you please with opinions because I feel like they'll be good ones xx
  7. https://www.thepeaceeffort.com/
  8. If you look up what a cult is you'll get your answer for that one, the point of this thing is to be decentralised. It's kinda the opposite of a cult. Yeah we pay for the programs atm but we are paying for the future, we are paying until such time as it can be given away for free. I had a lot of shit come up around the fact that it works like a business, but then I looked at at the world and could see that the only people with any influence in the world are businesses, if you want to have a say in the world and reach as many people as possible you need to be a business. That's just the way it is inside a capitalist system. Look I understand that the Dalai Lama doesn't run a business but he is part of a thousands year old lineage of teachers. We don't have that yet so we need this way of getting noticed. On the 3 day program you will learn that how you thought your mind worked was wrong and you don't just exist inside of your head, fact is that your thinking mind permeates your entire body and has parts to it that have their own existence and personality, your heart is a mind and so is your gut. I know it's confronting when someone says they are liberated, it even says in spiritual texts that someone who claims to be liberated is probably full of shit. But look at the times we are in, we need someone to shake shit up. Matt is open to being challenged about it he wants to be debated. This is 2022 if we think that some liberated being is going to be exactly like the Buddha was back then, then we're not really thinking very clearly, he was appropriate for then. It looks very different these days. We need something different.
  9. So many crickets.... Haha, it's all good I'll still be here waiting.
  10. First things first I will acknowledge the traditional owners of this land we call home and it's elders past present and emerging, this land is and always will be theirs. I am currently getting deeper in with a group of what was originally men, but now women as well who have started to and been successful in liberating themselves from all suffering. There are 9 now who are fully liberated, and so what that means is they no longer suffer no matter what happens, they completely fully love themselves and everyone else, they live in bliss all the time not just when sitting in meditation. We are starting a movement of epic proportions that will shape this planets future, it has begun already. The peace effort has begun and it is spearheaded by the first westerner in history to liberate himself fully and then be able to teach it to other people and have them liberate themselves as well. 9 liberated beings and more coming. We are The Peace Timeline and we know how to actually help, we're starting a new culture based on unconditional love for ourselves and everyone else, we've already started it actually there's around 500 powerful humans doing the work to heal their trauma, and also these people are healing all generational trauma for their ancestral line as well. We end the trauma here. All plant medicines are welcome and MDMA. We're here to heal everything we touch. I'm a white Australian hetero male, typical right, I spent 15 years as a digger operator until I stumbled across these fellas, I can't believe I'm here writing this shit, but I am and it's real, I'm happy as fuck to answer any questions you might have about them and I'll tell you what I know. I'm learning to welcome my emotions and allow things to come up and I embrace them with love and an open ear. I'm a student of theirs and don't fully represent the work that they do but I'm getting there, I'm 2 years in and things are very different but I'm a bit of a lazy student tbh, our mate Higgy liberated himself in 186 days but he lived with a liberated being so he kinda cheated.. Yeah like I said hit me with Q's and I'll get back to as many as I can, sorry if I don't get back straight away I sometimes forget I have a phone. I love all you motherfuckers for real and I want to help so let's spread that shit around, fuck all war fuck all violence peace is the only way forward or we die. https://www.thepeacetimeline.com
  11. lostmypants

    Psychedelic library for sale

    Hey Ayjay, Finally got down to my parents place to pick up the book, thanks brother, so stoked can't wait to get into it. Take care bruz.
  12. lostmypants

    Psychedelic library for sale

    Dude it's a bloody bargain! So stoked
  13. lostmypants

    Psychedelic library for sale

    Hey dude do you still have The brotherhood of the screaming abyss? If so i would love to buy it from you. cheers
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    Belangalo state Forest ID

    Beautiful thank you very much guys, I'll check the thread and cheers for the edible tip. :-)