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  1. MatthewWH

    Cubensis print wanted for microscopy ($)

    Any luck on this? I’m keen for a print
  2. MatthewWH

    Sydney experts and/or knowledgeable enthusiasts

    Hi Flux, I’m no professional, but I’m fascinated and learning always. I wouldn’t be knowledgeable enough to speak at the event but would love to join the community, I’m located on the central coast. I just asked to join the group on Facebook, look forward to connecting!
  3. MatthewWH

    Aus Mycology Study

    Where the heck can you study mycology in Aus? Or online maybe? I’ve been looking for months with no luck.. I would love to get my PhD. Do I have to study Botany and major in mycology or something I wonder... I say it’s time for an online school of Mycology! :-)
  4. MatthewWH

    Outdoor Grow

    Hi guys, I want to start a patch outside in the garden. I was wondering if I still need a pressure cooker.. or can I just mix a substrate with my Liquid Culture and set it up outside? Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated, there’s so much info out there on inside grows but next to nothing on outside growing. Thanks!
  5. MatthewWH

    BAP giveaway

    Never mind haha, got bap and ape confused
  6. MatthewWH

    BAP giveaway

    Hey any chance you’ve got any BAP prints left?