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  1. Flux


    It's coming up to that time where The Australian Psychedelic Society - Sydney celebrates Aldous Huxley's seminal Doors of Perception experience on Sunday May 23rd with a day devoted to psychedelic Cactus. Rather than covering all psychoactive cacti, this year we are choosing to focus on celebrating all things San Pedro/Huachuma in keeping with the more prevalent Australian species. We are super excited to be able to host full capacity events again and as such, we expect tickets for this to sell fast so get in while you can ! We will be screening the Aubrey Marcus’ film Huachuma directed by Mitch Schultz. The film is a 45 minute excursion deep into the heart of the Peruvian rainforest to experience the magic of the 3000 year old plant medicine: Huachuma. We will then speak to Mike Jay author of 'Mescaline: A Global History of The First Psychedelic’ about the traditions, customs and rituals of Huachuma culture, Chavin De Huantar, the Western discovery of San Pedro and the cultural implications and consequences for the Indigenous people and preservation of these customs to this day. To complete the day, we are privileged to have an SAB elder many of you may know Tony Davey, presenting a hand-ons demonstration of how to cultivate Trichocereus cacti from tip-cuttings, trunks and seed. Tony will demonstrate the basics of cactus cultivation using different methods and answer any questions the community may have about starting their collection or enhancing their existing gardens. WHEN: Sunday May, 23rd, 13:00-16:00 WHERE: Giant Dwarf Theatre, 280 Cleveland St, Surry Hills NSW 2010 (please note Giant Drwarf have moved a few blocks up since we were there last time) TICKETS: www.giantdwarf.com.au/events/APS FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/events/168999428458131
  2. Flux

    Coupla TBMs

    I'd be keen for 2 of them Waterboy 2.0... the bottom two if still available ?
  3. Hi All, The Australian Psychedelic Society is in the process of launching a program called Psychedelic Creatives. I'm posting here in hopes (and assurity) that we have a bunch of really amazing artists of all kinds in the SAB community here (remember the term artist broadly applies to all creative expressions). That you all may be able to suggest some great local artists that we could showcase too. So if you'd like to get involved, contact us through the new APS website link below - or drop the contact details and examples of an artist you admire in the thread here. The Psychedelic Creatives project will focus on those working as an amateur, semi or semi-professional creatives in order to support those making, or attempting to make an income in the creative arts within our community with a notable 'body of work' to demonstrate. Psychedelic inspiration can be explicit or implicit, but there needs to be a link that we can demonstrate. The project will take the form of an interview/article (either video or text) where we pose a series of questions to an artist in order to tease out their psychedelic influence and resonance, interspersed with pieces of the artist's work with links to their various project sites and platforms where others can support them in their work We are therefore calling for submissions from the creatives within our communities so that we can provide a window of support and exposure for the independent artists out there...be they visual artists/musicians/creative writers/poets/sculptors/film-makers/comedians/graffiti artists/performance artists/etc Below you can register your interest, and we will be in touch regarding your submission. We really look forward to seeing what this amazing community can do! https://www.psychedelicsociety.org.au/psychedelic-creatives
  5. Flux

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    I hope some of you managed to make it to the gardens. We usually start with a meeting point and post our final location (on the grass nearby) to the Facebook pages, but in future I'll try and remember to post final location details here too. We had a great turnout with about 20-30 people and it was super chill and a really nice day for it. It was good to see the cactus gardens again but the poor old Scop there just doesn't get a chance to grow coz of unscrupulous a-holes stealing pups and branches...given its age it should be a massive stand by now, but it's the same size as it was 5 years ago !!! Now that venues are open to full capacity again, the APS have a bunch of bigger events coming up - Including CACTUS DAY on May 23rd & MUSHROOM DAY on June 20th which will both be huge !!! We also have a special FREE Bicycle Day LIVE STREAM interview and Q&A with Paul Daley - one of the main Shulgin Archivists at 3:00pm THIS ARVO on the APS Youtube channel:
  6. Also while y'all are there on APS Youtube, check out our other videos from past events if you haven't seen them already - some great interviews and recordings of APS events over the last several years...there's even some talks from members of the forum here
  7. This is the Youtube link to join in: You can post questions about the Shulgins, their archives , history and compounds in the chat section to the side when the event goes live at 3:00pm today
  8. Join the Australian Psychedelic Society TOMORROW at 3:00pm for this special live Bicycle Day Q&A event with Paul Daley curator of The Shulgin Archives https://fb.me/e/50mTp5NcT
  9. Flux

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Hi Raver Buddy & Thanks Wile E. The next Sydney APS meet up is our Bicycle Day Picnic this Sunday at the Royal Botanic Gardens 11:00 - 15:00 (we''ll meet at the cactus gardens and then move somewhere more comfy and private form there but will mark our spot with Purple Flags). Keep an eye on the Facebook event Page https://www.facebook.com/events/885955698866240 We'll also be having an event for Cactus Day (May 23rd) with a film, workshop and speaker... then there's Mushroom Day on the 20th June To stay up to date with APS events, sign up to the Sydney Newsletter https://psychedelicsociety.us14.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=543c0c0d6e31f0f994a287a84&id=89e3b156a8&fbclid=IwAR26x_kBwTb-7Uq5mhG5UVKYo0tupLwygDDp1mF0xgX99T1XeXqu8FjtK4k cheers, Flux
  10. Thought y’all might enjoy this interesting conversation that James W. Jesso hosted with a few of us about where the Australian psychoactive Acacia species fit into the local psychedelic scene here, and how our interactions with these species connect us to a deeper connection with the spirit of the land: https://www.jameswjesso.com/drinking-the-psychedelic-acacia-trees-of-australia-psychedelic-cafe-5/?fbclid=IwAR1goTSu03e3fP0QGs_DjGLAL3fC62K8nBkYv3Pu4MgmfLJV6CA5RqG2uv0
  11. Flux

    Sydney Bicycle Day !!!

    DON'T MISS THE APS-SYDNEY BICYCLE DAY PICNIC - coming up real soon CACTUS GARDENS, ROYAL BOTANIC GARDENS APRIL 19th 11:00 - 15:00 https://fb.me/e/1mK5WDWwv
  13. PLEASE NOTE ! the location for the APS-Canberra chapters' inaugural meet-up this Sunday has been changed due to predicted rain ! The event will now be at Weston Park, Weston Park Rd, Yarralumla ACT 2600. Details on the new Canberra page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/apscanberra https://visitcanberra.com.au/attractions/56b23b3ed5f1565045d8004c/weston-park
  14. PLEASE NOTE ! the location for the APS-Canberra chapters' inaugural meet-up this Sunday has been changed due to predicted rain ! The event will now be at Weston Park, Weston Park Rd, Yarralumla ACT 2600. Details on the new Canberra page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/apscanberra https://visitcanberra.com.au/attractions/56b23b3ed5f1565045d8004c/weston-park
  15. Flux

    After wild A. floribunda seeds!

    There are generally noted to be 2 quite different forms of Floribunda - domestic and wild both quite different on form and desired properties. The common, domestic, garden store type has short thin phyllodes with short orange flowers. 
 The rarer-seen, wild bush type has long broad phyllodes with large bushy white flowers (the contrast is not really noticeable in these photos): There are obviously a number of forms that fall somewhere in between which are no doubt the result of hybridisation. The MooseZeus- I do have some seeds that are from a type with long phyllodes but quiet orange flowers grown on a friends property from SAB seed I believe