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  1. I've done the research and know it's one of the best options, but I also have seen how hard it's going to be to get seeds or cuttings here in Aus for some Kratom. Wondering if there is a reliable way to get some to grow or if anyone else knows other plants that are good for pain relief, she doesn't want to be on opioids her whole life.
  2. As the title suggests. We moved house and my box was damaged with all my GT prints. Looking for Golden Teacher prints from Aus on foil to start again.
  3. I have some seeds: Acacia Acuminata Syrian Rue Blue Lotus Psychotria Virdis Dadonea Viscosa And 2 prints of Psilocybe subaeruginosa gone(swapped) Looking for simple swaps of something of interest. Not sure what, just seeing what people have that they want to swap for what I have.
  4. So I've got a few GT cube prints here, wanting to try and grow some other type of mushrooms as well. I only want to swap with someone else in Australia though, much easier for postage and whatnot.
  5. MushroomMan73

    Mimosa Hostilis

    Anywhere to get root bark or even just some seeds for growing in Australia?
  6. Hi mate. Do you have GT spores still? urgently needing some cube spores

  7. MushroomMan73

    Prints for microscopy

    @DarkSoul do you still have GT spores? I had some and was all prepared to start today, only to find out my wife had accidentally thrown my spore syringe away.... Urgently needing some spores and I don't want to wait 5 weeks for a print from Canada again.
  8. MushroomMan73

    Can someone help with spores please, urgent.

    I ordered a spore print from Canada, but my wife accidentally threw out my spore syringe. Does anyone in Australia have some cubensis spores or something similar for microscopy purposes? I don't want to wait over a month again for spores from overseas.