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  1. Neoshaman

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Interesting this threads still going I haven't been on here for years, I decided I missed it too much anyway i'd be pretty keen to get a regular meet or something going if there are enough people still around
  2. For anyone in NSW interested in trading I have four large clumps of these each clump is approximately 25-30cm in across, going to de-clump them and put them in put the central part in bigger pots however I estimate I'll have around 50-100 in various sizes that I will pull off from the main clumps. My current collections a bit sad at the moment and looking to expand. I'll get some pics up in the morning. The benefit of this variety is you can avoid the whole painful experience of pollination to get new plants, as each plant should start producing clumping pups.
  3. Neoshaman

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Sorry guys had a few things come up ( again ) so I'll be struggling to get there as well Toast I'll inbox you my mobile number and I'll try to catch up with you in the near future
  4. Neoshaman

    Anxiety Reduction in reducing/quitting Cannabis

    ok so its all going good my mate is smoking once a week now which is a level he is quite happy with, however he said his it seems like his immune system has just gone to hell keeps breaking out in coldsores and these other weird massive blister things on his feet and just feels generally run down from a health perspective+ his sinus are acting up majorly blocked and stuffy
  5. Neoshaman

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    haha even less keen to camp now after that fella got stabbed that's a little hectic
  6. Neoshaman

    Good water filter that removes fluoride?

    Reverse Osmosis is the only way to remove fluoride as far as I'm aware so if that's your aim I don't think anything else is even worth consideration if yo0ur happy to buy bottled Purea is filtered this way prior to being bottled
  7. Neoshaman

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    I'll come along don't know if I'll camp ( I seem, to have misplaced my sleeping bag tent etc in our last move ) but I certainly want to catch up with everyone
  8. Neoshaman

    Wanted Ephedra and Khat Will Pay Good $

    The ban on ephedra is an absolute joke I wonder if the authorities realise the complexity and the cost of making substances direct from the plant, idiots all amphetamine manufacture is more than likely done via illegally imported pseudo-ephedrine a perfect example of idiot pollies banning something without the slightest understanding of science or chemistry -end rant lol
  9. Neoshaman

    Roadside Drug Swabs

    I think the whole problem with these tests is that they work on the premise that if the drug is in your system it effects your driving the fact that they are both lkpnown to record false positives and the secondary test is set at a level where the persons driving ability may be actually effected makes me think that they are more a drug war related ploy as oppose to keep road users safe if safety was the priority there would be no need for detection levels to be set so low
  10. Neoshaman

    25th Doof.

    I'll get in contact with a few mates on facebook who organise a lot of the ones up my way Victoria may be a bit of a mission but I'll definitely see what I can do
  11. Neoshaman

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    I'll vote Munmorah haven't really had a chance to explore up that way yet
  12. Neoshaman


    I did well not in as many words but I did say when we have a very similar product produced in Australia by a locally owned company why the hell are we trialling something by a bunch of multi-national crooks, hmmm don't seem to get as worked up and off track as when I used to smoke lmao http://www.disinfo.com/2011/04/will-big-pharma-take-over-the-american-market-for-medical-marijuana/ this article raises a few interesting questions though as I said it is marketed for many other applications overseas i remember eading a few things about tolarence issues and other problems but can't seem to lay my hands on the article
  13. Neoshaman

    Synaptolepis kirkii

    Interesting report Lofty keen to investigate this one myself
  14. Neoshaman


    yes but used for various purposes in other countries as well