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  1. Hi guys, Chasing a clean cubensis print for microscopy purposes, ideally for the weekend. Happy to pay for item and express postage Cheers
  2. soma_seeker

    Cube print required for microscopy. Happy to pay :)

    Sorted Thanks.
  3. soma_seeker

    Cube print required for microscopy. Happy to pay :)

    An express envelope should reach SE QLD from most areas Friday if sent tomorrow.. Cheers anyway though
  4. Hi all Found myself in a bind and need a fresh cube print for the weekend for microscopy purposes. Will happily reimburse nicely anyone who could express mail me a recently acquired print tomorrow for overnight to SE QLD so that I'll have it for the w'end. Cheers
  5. soma_seeker

    Cubensis print required for microscopy. PESA would be great :)

    Yeah I did mate Hasn't gotten back to me yet. I got one off him previously that I was very happy with. Cheers
  6. Hi people So, through a series of foolish acts I've found myself without a viable cubensis print for my microscopy work... If anyone could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it. I've sent them out for free in the past but am happy to pay as I unfortunately have nothing to trade. I would be particularly interested if someone has a recently prepared PESA print they are willing to sell! :D Cheers
  7. soma_seeker

    Psilocybe Galindoi (ATL7) print (microscopy use only)

    After not being able to find a print of this species I purchased one. If anyone is interested in purchasing half of this print (large, aseptic and for microscopy purposes only), please contact me
  8. * PRINT NOW AVAILABLE FOR SALE/TRADE. PM ME * Hi all So I know this might be a long-shot, but I was wondering if anyone in the community might have a Psilocybe Galindoi (ATL7) print that they would be willing to sell me for my microscopy studies? I had one in the past, but after not needing it for the past 3 years it seems to have disappeared... Cheers!
  9. soma_seeker

    Spawn bags. Best source in Aus?

    Nice store. Will give him some business I think
  10. soma_seeker

    Electric roaster for horse poo pasteurisation?

    Oven bags in the oven, pot on the stove, or in an esky with heated water?
  11. soma_seeker

    Electric roaster for horse poo pasteurisation?

    Righto, cheers The oven method is looking good to me at the moment...
  12. soma_seeker

    Electric roaster for horse poo pasteurisation?

    Thanks I hadn't heard of that approach. Would be much safer for me too since I have a gas oven (would avoid the risk of putting flammable oven/spawn bags in an oven that has a naked flame). I also have a digital thermometer with a wired probe. Whatever approach I go for I was planning on having the probe in the centre of one of the containers of material. That way I can start my timer when the temp. reads 65 C. What do you think?
  13. soma_seeker

    Electric roaster for horse poo pasteurisation?

    Nice. A good friend of mine did his PhD at Penn State. I actually just spent the past year of mine in the US too. I'd thought that the oven might be a viable option, but then I thought that your standard kitchen oven might struggle to maintain a constant and precise temp. within that low a range... A lab oven however
  14. soma_seeker

    Electric roaster for horse poo pasteurisation?

    Cheers This is shameful as an Aussie but I don't actually own an esky! (been living abroad the last couple of years) Think this would suffice? I'll be prep'ing substrate for 1 50L monotub at a time. http://www.kmart.com.au/product/table-top-cooler/819333
  15. soma_seeker

    Electric roaster for horse poo pasteurisation?

    Fair enough, scrap that idea I guess. It did just seem quite effective and easy, figured it would be worth it in the long run if I could pick one up for $100 or less... Which of these methods would the community recommend? 1. Heating water to temp and transferring to an esky 2. Heating water and sealed bags in a large pot over a gas stove with thermometer and close observation/flame adjustment Cheers