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  1. Strontium Dawg


    I've had a month off weed and it's been the worst month of sleep I can ever remember. I did the first 6 nights almost totally sleepless, I was in hallucination territory on day 7. Following weeks I still couldn't get a good sleep. Maybe a couple of hours at a time if I was lucky. Yes, dreams are intense, but generally towards the morning and waking time. Had a pretty crazy lucid dream the other morning. I didn't feel like I was getting REM sleep at all. Normally after a week off I sleep like a log. Not any more. Maybe I'm just getting old and my parents always sod the older you get, the less you sleep. So I am back on the weed sleep and it's wonderful. I had a solid 6-8 hours last two nights and I don't care what anyone says, it's proper deep sleep. I feel refreshed.
  2. Strontium Dawg

    Post your track of the day

  3. Strontium Dawg

    Post a random picture thread

  4. Strontium Dawg

    Massive clearance of small cactus

    Here's some Terscheckii and similar crosses. Dawson's Terscheckii: Big blue x Banana Double header. $30 Peru/Macro "Gawler" x Dawson's short spine Terscheckii $25 Bridgesii Jeans x Dawson's short spine Terscheckii $25 Helon x Dawson's pasacana $25 Postage is additional at your preference of regular or express. Tas, WA and NT buyers note: shipping is at your risk, no liability if seized by quarantine, know your state rules also for legality. Let me know if you have my questions, these will all turn into gigantic spiny monsters in a few years.
  5. Strontium Dawg

    wanting Yowie and Eileen

    If you want big pieces let me know.
  6. Strontium Dawg

    Khat and road side drug tests?

    Don't know the answer to that one, but anyone who enjoys Kava should be aware it can trigger false positives for MDMA on cheap urinalysis tests. Not sure bout oral swabs yet.. Sorry for the post hijack...
  7. Strontium Dawg

    Guerilla mycology

    Possibly, but they need to compete with other fungi which can be much more aggressive. The benefit is you can get to fresh chips and start sub spawn before other species have a chance to dominate. Every bit helps.
  8. Strontium Dawg

    Massive clearance of small cactus

    I'll list some stuff this weekend, had a 4 day flurry of activity, listing, dealing with orders, picking and packing and posting and all cleared now so I'll give you cats the next shot before I do too many auctions. Watch this space.
  9. Strontium Dawg

    Massive clearance of small cactus

    When the dust settles from the initial flurry I'll probably list sales here for the gang with some good stuff too. Just got smashed with sales to deal with for now anyway...
  10. Strontium Dawg

    Massive clearance of small cactus

    Hi folks, for any of the Facebook inclined people, I have listed hundreds of small plants on this page linked below. There are tons of Terscheckii crosses, and all sorts of other things at very very cheap prices, lots of fatty genes and some varis amongst them too. I'll have loads of cheap cuts up soon too. When the dust settles I'll put up a bunch of sales here also, but the traffic is all on FB lately so here's the link... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02LceguRUkEYi2HdpQcNJMiWUc9a9mELYeEZgczyULVLrRwyaLKzGtrCnYQTTYuJaZl&id=100057478118119&mibextid=Nif5oz
  11. Strontium Dawg

    Post your track of the day

    My favourite song and clip at the moment, can't wait to see Kurt end of this month.
  12. Strontium Dawg

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    My dad always told me you won't find mushrooms in paddocks fertilised with superphosphate.
  13. Strontium Dawg

    Bulk Tricho for sale

    Trust me, these are big thick hefty and healthy cuts too.
  14. Strontium Dawg

    The Random Thread.

    Sometimes, the best you can do is eat a tablespoon of oil and make some bread.