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  1. Thanks for advice. Will check them all out. can trade with tricho pach cross seedlings and cuts
  2. Hi Guys After being passionate gardener and corroboree member for several years and now as part of my evolution I taken then initiative to take a step into the world of Mycology. And have entered the "mycology" part of the forum. I just completed a Mycology course past weekeend with "Forestfungi" with Will & Dan. It was great. I learn the art of tissue culture. Now I need to get my equipment to get started. If anyone is selling gear second hand I would be interested. (large pressure cooker!) & any many other things. If you have anything good for a neewbie let me know plz. Also I am after Agar dishes of mycelium ... I can pay $$ or trade tricho cacti seedlings or cuts. Also i am after some agar of various psilocybe species for microscopic purposes only. Thanks everyone Inti
  3. inti

    Brumansia, Ephedra Viridis legal or not?

    yea in queensland everything is illegal now .,...even riding motorbikes ! ;-) go newman
  4. inti


    yea will do bro. I will wait for it to get a bit bigger and get brown wood cutting. yes i laid out the cash for it...But it trully is the healthiest brug in my garden. Unfortunately the cuttings I got from you didnt make it.. I will share this baby around the community in time as she grows. I will get cuttings going.
  5. inti


    Hey Bullit ! Yes i bought a cutting from ; http://www.sacredgardenfrangipanis.com/angels-trumpets/02-angels_trumpets.php early this year...started as a 6 inch cutting with roots. Now its bloody huge and flowering. When it gets a bit bigger i will do a cutting and attempt to root a few. When I get success I will contact you and send one off as a trade. This one is amazing. Its so healthy too. I bought a few from this supplier in autumn. They are all so healthy and pest resistant. Dwarf Pink'n'Green Gorgeous flowers. Strong crisp pink with lime green and white throat. Sometimes the flower tentacles are also lime green. A very special variety. Smaller nodding flowers. Well suited to growing in large pots. One of our favourite cultivars. $54.00 bloody expensive but bloody good quality hey
  6. inti


    Hey Bullit Nice Brugs ! just got my first trumpet flower too Pink - green dwarf. got a nice fragrance too !
  7. I bought in during august 2013...$117...sold $630 a few days ago....it was going crazy..unsustainable.....I didnt want to be holding them when they crashed... a got a nice profit i wonder how they will go...they seem to be settling around 600-700 today.
  8. i second that Curious. Awesome ! great garden to come home to everyday
  9. inti

    removed post. apologies.

    yea its a load of shit... i read abit..all mumbo jumbo to me i just wanted post it up to share it incase people want to know about it.
  10. inti

    removed post. apologies.

    removed post. apologies.
  11. Hi found these growing. Curious if they are edible or if you id species. Thnx
  12. inti

    4 x free tool tickets for tonight

    Ah yea ... cool Saw tool last night ...wanted to go again tonight. First saw them at horden in 95 ...they still do a good show. Last night was mind blowing
  13. inti

    4 x free tool tickets for tonight

    Female voc..tool... In teresting...how about maynard and a women I duet style.. Kind of nick cave and kylie hahah
  14. inti

    4 x free tool tickets for tonight

    Ah just realised that was last nights gig not tonights....