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  1. bullit

    bye bye

    hey u lot, its time for me to hang up my boots and say cya laterz!!!! Ive meet some really cool people and have traded some really cool plants. ive been abit of a cunt on here coz i am a cunt lol nar for real if u have met me in the real world , i m a good 1 .. I have asked the mods to delete my account . I HAVE MADE MY MIND UP AND ITS FINAL cya u guys later!!!! cheeers jef
  2. bullit

    Tips - Photo Heavy

    fuck me fuck me good,, gotta love the spring air..
  3. bullit

    The Federal Government are dogs!!!

    the gov pays for u to have children so USA have more for war lol . but for real the dogs [gov] might pay a little bit of coin for kids but raising the ferals are a lot more than a dog eats...
  4. bullit

    Miracle Fruit

    did u miss my giveaway??? i f u have only a few of them growing they produce loads of fruit all year round. the only thing they are very very slow growing but they fruit after a couple of years from seed. we grow around 100 + seedlings and have about 10 mother plants. no 1 farms the fruit that i know of cause they are shit taste like shit lol
  5. bullit

    Rye Grass Seed or Rye Grain in Brisbane

    any farmbarn / rural farm supplies
  6. bullit

    Rum give away

    rum i love
  7. bullit

    My random garden pics.

    well well well the ''bug '' is catching on , AgaiN this is why this joint is cool , fucken awesome pics of your life , mr gash spider? ladder caapi
  8. bullit

    Rehab is making me crazy (crazier....)

    fuck they suck balls, we have the giant red cunts , redneck fucken ants , i have them tatted under my armpit and that stung like shit too
  9. bullit

    Duboisa myoporoides industry?

    GERMANS OWN it all , they run the largest duboisa farms in oz and manufacture buscopan . and in my experince the drug doesnt fucken work. the elders should control burn them to the ground.. lol
  10. bullit

    Rehab is making me crazy (crazier....)

    the nanny dog aye , if thats your nanna shes a beauty, the starting of the ''BULL '' BREED
  11. bullit

    Spring garden

    holly fucken awesome, this again is why i like this forum , peoples passion ''the garden''' . i love the couch , amstaff and the tatts the most lol u 2 bastards[waterboi 666] live soo far away its sucks, i wanna sit under that bottle tree and have many jugs .. cant wait till the weather warms ..
  12. bullit

    Rehab is making me crazy (crazier....)

    wish i was in rehab nar i dont . i just love your surroundings which makes the real rehabs look like jail lol, the beauty of the bush will amend any fork . good to c u post pics m8 its 1 of the reasons i joined to c heavenly home/garden pics and grow logs from the best , not to biatch like skool gurls hahahah